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I have been asking myself what has happened to journalism in this country for a few years now. I heard two stories on NPR recently where they spent less than 5 seconds on the fact that the Planned Parenthood videos are less than honest and really didn’t address the origin and veracity of the videos. I was and am still so incensed I felt like writing an email to NPR (see said email to NPR at bottom.)

Matt Taibbi’s tweeted something that was very on point today. Glenn Greenwald first tweeted this:

On the ludicrous conceit of “objective, opinion-free journalism

with a link to an article. Someone named The Meteor Guy tweeted back to him and another person:

@ggreenwald @JulianPhilosphy keep separate the facts from the opinions is one of the basic rule of journalism.

And then Matt Taibbi responded:

That couldn’t be more incorrect. Which facts you choose to present IS an opinion.

I think it comes down to them, NPR and the rest of the media, being terrified of the “liberal bias” label. Their fear makes them leave out key facts in almost every single controversial story. And as such are, inadvertently I think, presenting an opinion. An opinion that will affect national opinion, which will in turn affect support for Planned Parenthood. The end result is that they are carrying water for the conservative agenda. Inadvertent or not, it’s just flat out wrong and it’s piss poor journalism. I for one am sick of it.


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Yesterday morning I listened to an NPR report on the latest sting video of Planned Parenthood. The reporter (sorry don’t remember her name) spent less than 5 seconds on its questionable nature. She characterized it, downplayed it, so that it came off as “excuse making” by Planned Parenthood. For example, she said something like ‘Planned Parenthood as part of their defense pointed to statements that had been edited out of the video’. That is VASTLY different from the truth. The guy making the video had an agenda and he significantly altered the video in order to make it look as if Planned Parenthood was guilty of committing a crime. That needed to be said but it simply wasn’t. In the real world that’s called framing. Instead the story came across as one of the “poor optics” for Planned Parenthood. This is the exact same thing that happened to Acorn and they are now defunct.

In addition other reports and opinions expressed on NPR’s other shows has been about the optics as well. I don’t want to hear about optics in the news. I want to hear as many facts as you can put into the time slot. NPR used to be the one news source I could go to to get some semblance of reality and avoid the horse race reporting and biased news presented by the rest of the media. But over the last year that has been disappearing. Sadly it seems NPR has bowed to political pressure not to appear as “liberally biased”. NPR is over correcting and it means you are leaving out facts that are vital to understanding a story and presenting it fairly. If the reality has a liberal bias, report it and let the chips fall where they may. And vice versa, if the reality has a conservative bias, then report it and don’t worry about the shrilling of the right or the left.

That does not mean, however, that I only want a centrist view. A variety of opinion is desperately needed and is lacking on all the political shows that I have listened to to include Diane Rehm’s and This Week in Politics. “This Week in Politics” is supposed to present two opposing sides to the political debate. Instead you have E.J. Dionne for the left. He’s more of a Democratic Party supporter….which does not necessarily make him a liberal. He, more often than not, presents mild and ineffectual retorts (if given the time) to snide, condescending rhetoric from David Brooks. David Brooks is a conservative masking himself as a centrist and he does not represent the conservative base in America. Even these two gentlemen, supposedly from opposing sides, took the centrist view on the Planned Parenthood story and the conversation hinged on the bad optics. It shouldn’t be about bad optics and by making it so you feed into those bad optics and as a result carry water for a political agenda. This has been happening with increasing frequency over the last few years.

And finally, while I can see plenty of facts online in NPR articles about the veracity of the videos and how government money to Planned Parenthood is really spent and how they provide crucial healthcare to millions of women, I have yet to hear that on any of the radio shows, which is where most people are exposed to NPR. Like most people, I listen on my way to/from work. Since the radio is how most of your listeners will hear the news, the articles online are of little use in affecting the current national conversation. And make no mistake about it, you are affecting national opinion. If that opinion turns against Planned Parenthood and they lose funding, tens of thousands of women will suffer.

I’m sad to report that NPR has now become the best of the bad and that decline will ensure that I do not rely on NPR for news or anything else in the future.

The online version of the major state paper,, did a little fact check on the following statement by State Rep. Adam Kwasman (R-Oro Valley):

This (Senate Bill 1062) is not a discrimination bill. It makes no mention of sexual orientation.

At first they decided it was “True” then they revised their decision to say it is “somewhat true, somewhat false”. What they’re really doing is trying to be balanced to avoid being labeled as biased as either too conservative or too liberal. So they hemmed and hawed and still haven’t gotten it right.

If they take the literal meaning of what he said in the second half–no mention of sexual orientation, then yes, it’s true. BUT the first part that says it’s not a “discrimination bill”? Is patently false. Which makes the entire thing false. Just because a bill doesn’t use an exact phrase doesn’t mean that the intention and effect of the bill wasn’t to violate the Civil Rights of American citizens.

Discrimination in the U.S. often takes the form of Civil Rights violations. Refusing to serve someone on the grounds of her race, color, religion, sex, age, national origin, and in some states sexual orientation, would be a civil rights violation. Arizona does not prohibit discrimination against LGBTQIA. However, if it went up through the Federal Courts I can guarantee you that they would uphold it as discriminatory regardless of what state law says. Even if they didn’t, it’s still discrimination based on religion. For example, a business person saying “I won’t serve you because you’re gay and my religion says that’s evil” is the same as saying, “You believe that being gay is okay, so your religion allows it. That is different than my religion, so I am not going to not serve you.” Still discrimination.

So no matter how you slice it the paper got it flat out wrong–their “fact checker” sucks and it’s because they’re so scared of the “bias” criticism that they’ll bend over backward to make both sides happy. They’ve forgotten that journalism is about pleasing the politically motivated. It’s the report the objective truth–sometimes that truth is a conservative thing and sometimes it’s a liberal thing. But it’s still the truth and should be reported as such. This is precisely why our entire MSM (with the exception of Fox News who is clearly conservatively biased and makes no apologies for it) is quickly becoming useless.

Who knew that Big Bird was the real source of our economic problems in the U.S.?  I certainly didn’t.  I mean, after all, I was a big fan of the large, mild yellow bird as a child.  As a poor latch key kid Sesame Street was a lifeline–a safe place to escape and learn something new every day.  I have a picture of me sleeping in a crib when I was 3 years old* with a large Big Bird doll next me. He’s on his side and my head is turned to face him….his beak and my nose almost touching.  Who would have thought that Big Bird was such a profligate spender?  Next thing you know we’ll start hearing about how he is gay and his relationship with Snuffaluffagus was much more than a bromance.  Will he be pilloried by the right for secret orgies with that other gay pair, Sponge Bob and Patrick?  Who knows?  After all, it seems that just about anything can come out of Romney’s mouth, other than actual facts that is.

PS:  Loved this response by Neil DeGrasse Tyson via Twitter

Neil Degrasse Tyson Tweet about Big Bird



* we didn’t have enough beds, there were 7 of us in a three bedroom house, so I had to sleep in a crib for a little longer than is typical

Show me a single instance of this kind of thing from the left. I have never heard or seen a single Liberal say anything about eliminating the GOP nominee, much less advertise it on a frickin billboard. Both sides don’t do it and the level of vitriol and hate is in no way shape or form equal. Ever since Obama was a candidate in 2008, this kind of “eliminationist” talk has surfaced and become more and more blatant. This is dangerous and morally reprehensible.

You call this civil?

ht Bob Cesca

No, not the kind where I am off my meds, but more of the kind where I am thinking WTF?!  So here are some things that made say WTF recently.

1.  Candy Crowley on her execrable show on CNN called State of the Union had a segment this past Sunday where she used the segue of “Is the President bad for business?” She didn’t use a neutral segue such as “How has the President affected business?”, which would have made one think that actual journalism was going to occur.  And she didn’t use the liberal phrasing, which would have been “Is the President good for business?” No, she used the conservative (Fox  News) phrasing1.  So any viewer who might already be thinking that about the President needed nothing more than to hear the segue before nodding their heads and changing the channel to something equally informative like The Kardashians or NASCAR2.

2. If you were unfortunate enough to continue watching Crowley as I was, you would have seen Carly Fiorina, former failed Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate and failed business executive of Lucent Technologies, being presented as an expert on the economy. Really Candy!? Why for the love of all that is holy can’t you have a REAL expert? One who hasn’t failed in everything they’ve done3, or one who wasn’t given everything they have or one who wasn’t given a really good head start and then vulturizedTM healthy companies to gain profits….you see where I am going with this, right? How about have a REAL FRIGGING economic expert with both experience, education and a historical track record of being right?! The reason Fiorina was on was for the sake of faux balance. She was the only Republican financial-sort of person that Crowley could find in her incredibly limited contact list. The truth is Crowley couldn’t find very many REAL economic experts who wanted to come on TV and peddle GOP bullshit so she had to rely on somebody like a Fiorina. Trump was probably her next in line if Fiorina said no.

2.  Several Governors are refusing to implement, and several more are considering refusal of, the expansion of Medicaid enacted by the ACA in their state  in spite of the fact that the first three years they would receive 100% reimbursement from the Federal Government.  Mainly because a) the Supreme Court said they could, b) thumbing their noses at President Obama is oh so much fun, and c) because campaigning against non-existent welfare queens is so much more newsworthy than campaigning on behalf of real people with real problems.  The whole welfare queen argument is a dog whistle so Why TF are we still seeing this crap in 2012?

3.  Probably because asshats like Mitt “vote for me because I am as white as Karl Rove’s shiny bare ass” Romney keeps putting out ads that say things like,

Under Obama’s plan you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job.  They just send you a welfare check.

This ad is based on a blatant lie that you won’t see anyone in the MSM actually call him on because evidently the establishment media must have had to turn in their testicles  (or ovaries as the case may be) when they signed a contract to work for a major television news channel.  The truth is that the President granted an exception to two Republican Governors who requested the exception4.  Yeah, this is a definite WTF moment.  So do me a favor, count and make note of the number of times you see anyone in the MSM mention the fact that Mitt Romney is a lying sack of pooh on this issue, and send me an email or comment.  I’m betting the wires will be very, very silent.

4.  Another thought on current news….let the example of Lt. Brian Murphy serve as the ultimate cautionary tale. Lt. Murphy is a 21-year law enforcement veteran who was the first to arrive at the Sikh Temple this weekend. He was and is highly trained for just such situations, and of course, he was armed. Lt. Murphy ended up being shot 8 or 9 times and remains in critical condition. It wasn’t until reinforcements showed up that the perpetrator was killed. So to all those online conservative posters who were SO certain that if THEY or SOMEONE had been in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and had a weapon they would have been able to stop the full body-armored perpetrator in the midst of a dark, tear gas-filled theater full of the noise of the movie soundtrack and screaming, scrambling moviegoers, I say bullcrap.  You would have a) crapped your pants, b) run for the hills or cowered on the floor c) shot more innocents, d) made yourself a really fine target by your own muzzle flash, and/or e) ended up full of lead like Lt. Murphy.  The perp always has the  advantage of surprise and the confusion that results in any crowded area5.  If you don’t know that, you shouldn’t be allowed to wear in a gun in public because you’re an untrained, dangerously overconfident braggart.

5. And finally, Pat Robertson, the Christian televangelist that had the nerve to say that 9/11 happened because we tolerated homosexuals had to put his two cents in this weekend and say that the perp who killed many innocents over the weekend at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin was an atheist who hated God.  No, no, no, no!  You stupid, ignorant, blind idiot!  The perp was a Christian, specifically a White Supremacist.  You know those Aryan lovin’ brothers who all claim to be Christians?  Robertson, just shut up, really…..if you’re going to say anything at all, pray for the victims. Otherwise, just shut up.


1.  Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Race to the bottom”, as in ratings CNN.

2. Not that reality TV or NASCAR or any other popular television phenomena isn’t informative, it just isn’t all that informative about what really matters….like choosing the Leader of the supposedly Free World.

3. And no, Fiorina managing to stay rich in the face of failure isn’t a qualification of an economic expert. Once you’re rich it’s pretty damn hard not to continue to be rich. Hell, all you have to do is invest your money at a relatively low-level of risk, sit back, and watch it grow. My 9-year old could do that. The point is, you can destroy a company, hell even an economy, and still keep your personal wealth. After that, everything else is a cakewalk. But that hardly makes you an economic expert. Still not convinced that if you have money, you can make more than enough money to stay rich even though you have no worth as a human being whatsoever? Two words–Paris Hilton.

4.  BTW this is one of the many compromises the President has made that the MSM loves to ignore while the other party NEVER EVER compromises in any way shape or form but somehow it’s the President’s fault he hasn’t changed the climate in Washington.   For the love of God people, get  a clue!  Candy Crowley, I’m looking at you, you over-privileged useless excuse for a journalist.

5. You have to go down to the comments to see my back and forth with at least one of the braggarts.