No, not the kind where I am off my meds, but more of the kind where I am thinking WTF?!  So here are some things that made say WTF recently.

1.  Candy Crowley on her execrable show on CNN called State of the Union had a segment this past Sunday where she used the segue of “Is the President bad for business?” She didn’t use a neutral segue such as “How has the President affected business?”, which would have made one think that actual journalism was going to occur.  And she didn’t use the liberal phrasing, which would have been “Is the President good for business?” No, she used the conservative (Fox  News) phrasing1.  So any viewer who might already be thinking that about the President needed nothing more than to hear the segue before nodding their heads and changing the channel to something equally informative like The Kardashians or NASCAR2.

2. If you were unfortunate enough to continue watching Crowley as I was, you would have seen Carly Fiorina, former failed Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate and failed business executive of Lucent Technologies, being presented as an expert on the economy. Really Candy!? Why for the love of all that is holy can’t you have a REAL expert? One who hasn’t failed in everything they’ve done3, or one who wasn’t given everything they have or one who wasn’t given a really good head start and then vulturizedTM healthy companies to gain profits….you see where I am going with this, right? How about have a REAL FRIGGING economic expert with both experience, education and a historical track record of being right?! The reason Fiorina was on was for the sake of faux balance. She was the only Republican financial-sort of person that Crowley could find in her incredibly limited contact list. The truth is Crowley couldn’t find very many REAL economic experts who wanted to come on TV and peddle GOP bullshit so she had to rely on somebody like a Fiorina. Trump was probably her next in line if Fiorina said no.

2.  Several Governors are refusing to implement, and several more are considering refusal of, the expansion of Medicaid enacted by the ACA in their state  in spite of the fact that the first three years they would receive 100% reimbursement from the Federal Government.  Mainly because a) the Supreme Court said they could, b) thumbing their noses at President Obama is oh so much fun, and c) because campaigning against non-existent welfare queens is so much more newsworthy than campaigning on behalf of real people with real problems.  The whole welfare queen argument is a dog whistle so Why TF are we still seeing this crap in 2012?

3.  Probably because asshats like Mitt “vote for me because I am as white as Karl Rove’s shiny bare ass” Romney keeps putting out ads that say things like,

Under Obama’s plan you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job.  They just send you a welfare check.

This ad is based on a blatant lie that you won’t see anyone in the MSM actually call him on because evidently the establishment media must have had to turn in their testicles  (or ovaries as the case may be) when they signed a contract to work for a major television news channel.  The truth is that the President granted an exception to two Republican Governors who requested the exception4.  Yeah, this is a definite WTF moment.  So do me a favor, count and make note of the number of times you see anyone in the MSM mention the fact that Mitt Romney is a lying sack of pooh on this issue, and send me an email or comment.  I’m betting the wires will be very, very silent.

4.  Another thought on current news….let the example of Lt. Brian Murphy serve as the ultimate cautionary tale. Lt. Murphy is a 21-year law enforcement veteran who was the first to arrive at the Sikh Temple this weekend. He was and is highly trained for just such situations, and of course, he was armed. Lt. Murphy ended up being shot 8 or 9 times and remains in critical condition. It wasn’t until reinforcements showed up that the perpetrator was killed. So to all those online conservative posters who were SO certain that if THEY or SOMEONE had been in the movie theater in Aurora, Colorado and had a weapon they would have been able to stop the full body-armored perpetrator in the midst of a dark, tear gas-filled theater full of the noise of the movie soundtrack and screaming, scrambling moviegoers, I say bullcrap.  You would have a) crapped your pants, b) run for the hills or cowered on the floor c) shot more innocents, d) made yourself a really fine target by your own muzzle flash, and/or e) ended up full of lead like Lt. Murphy.  The perp always has the  advantage of surprise and the confusion that results in any crowded area5.  If you don’t know that, you shouldn’t be allowed to wear in a gun in public because you’re an untrained, dangerously overconfident braggart.

5. And finally, Pat Robertson, the Christian televangelist that had the nerve to say that 9/11 happened because we tolerated homosexuals had to put his two cents in this weekend and say that the perp who killed many innocents over the weekend at a Sikh Temple in Wisconsin was an atheist who hated God.  No, no, no, no!  You stupid, ignorant, blind idiot!  The perp was a Christian, specifically a White Supremacist.  You know those Aryan lovin’ brothers who all claim to be Christians?  Robertson, just shut up, really…..if you’re going to say anything at all, pray for the victims. Otherwise, just shut up.


1.  Gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Race to the bottom”, as in ratings CNN.

2. Not that reality TV or NASCAR or any other popular television phenomena isn’t informative, it just isn’t all that informative about what really matters….like choosing the Leader of the supposedly Free World.

3. And no, Fiorina managing to stay rich in the face of failure isn’t a qualification of an economic expert. Once you’re rich it’s pretty damn hard not to continue to be rich. Hell, all you have to do is invest your money at a relatively low-level of risk, sit back, and watch it grow. My 9-year old could do that. The point is, you can destroy a company, hell even an economy, and still keep your personal wealth. After that, everything else is a cakewalk. But that hardly makes you an economic expert. Still not convinced that if you have money, you can make more than enough money to stay rich even though you have no worth as a human being whatsoever? Two words–Paris Hilton.

4.  BTW this is one of the many compromises the President has made that the MSM loves to ignore while the other party NEVER EVER compromises in any way shape or form but somehow it’s the President’s fault he hasn’t changed the climate in Washington.   For the love of God people, get  a clue!  Candy Crowley, I’m looking at you, you over-privileged useless excuse for a journalist.

5. You have to go down to the comments to see my back and forth with at least one of the braggarts.


  1. You are soooo on the money with all of this!

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