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Some people have no shame whatsoever.  Sarah Palin, former Alaskan Governor, VP candidate and human being, along with Tea Party darlings and domestic terrorists, Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Mike Lee (R-UT) protested the closing of Federal War Memorials yesterday by attending a rally at the World War II monument in D.C.  You may recall that Cruz was the guy who kicked off the whole “let’s shut down the government” movement and inaugurated it by babbling on the Senate floor for about 21 hours (whilst butchering Green Eggs and Ham, I might add).  So representatives of the Tea Party whose intransigence is the entire reason behind the shut down and why it continues to drag on without any resolution decided to protest the results of the shut down.  The disconnect (or cynicism or both) is mind boggling.  Here’s one of my favorite derp quotes from the rally.  Palin said:

Our vets have proven that they have not been timid, so we will not be timid in calling out any who would use our military, our vets, as pawns in a political game.

If you think you can read the rest of the tripe without tearing your hair out, click the link.

PS:  I apologize for the link to Politico….their stenography is on full display with this article as there is only a single sentence in it that explains Cruz and the Tea Party’s role in the shut down.  There’s plenty of other tripe….words that could have been used to give more in depth coverage of the situation, but that’s not their bag apparently.  It doesn’t seem to be anyone’s job to do actual journalism anymore.

PSS:  Look who is palling around with terrorists now, Sarah.  But I forgot, their terrorists are freedom fighters….IOKIYAR

First some disclaimers. I can’t stand Sarah Palin. Her ignorance, lack of self-introspection, dishonesty, and megalomania made her singularly unfit for being a heartbeat away from the Presidency. I used mt.o like McCain before the 2008 election where he jumped the shark in order to pander to the Republican base. And finally, I am not in any way claiming to be a movie reviewer of any skill whatsoever.

Now with that out of the way, I just wanted to start by saying that the first part of the movie, indeed the first two-thirds of it, are actually pretty easy on all the people involved and there is nothing very revelatory or ugly. However, when the press does finally start looking closely at Palin and begin to demand interviews is when the ugly revelations start to come to light.

What you won’t hear from Palin supporters is the fact that this movie is far kinder and far more nuanced than it could have been. If they had wanted to utterly destroy her reputation, they probably could have. But they didn’t. Instead we see both Palin’s weaknesses and her strengths. The film gives her credit for things that she actually did very well. And you get a view of her that wasn’t apparent during the campaign…the view that she was a pretty stressed out person, who missed her family desperately, and was in way over her head. On several occasions I felt sorry for her and to be honest, I would have expected Hell to freeze over before I ever felt sorry for Palin.

Another thing that surprised me was how the pressure of having to cram all of modern history and American foreign policy into her brain while on the campaign trail pushed her to near catatonic states. Her behavior was so strange that Sen. McCain actually had a psychiatrist observe her during a a visit to his Sedona home.

The last third of the movie shows a major change in her personality after she performs well in the VP debate. She seems to gain strength and starts to push back against the campaign staff, saying what she wants and pretty much doing what she wants. In the end, even though Steve Schmidt doesn’t come out and say he regretted suggesting Palin to McCain it is apparent to the viewer that that is what he is thinking.

All in all, the person who comes out of it looking the most benign is McCain. And the quality of the acting, particularly by Harrelson and Moore, is pretty good. I would recommend watching it, anther you are a fan of Palin or not.

So Sarah Palin’s aides were pissed yesterday because they think the HBO new movie about the 2008 McCain-Palin campaign called Game Change is inaccurate.  Only problem is they’ve never seen it.

Current and former aides to Sarah Palin lashed out Wednesday at HBO’s “Game Change,” describing the upcoming film’s depictions of her on the 2008 campaign trail as “sick” and inaccurate.

None of the aides said they have yet seen the movie, which debuts March 10, and some said they had asked for an opportunity to screen the film but had been denied.

Yah, you betcha!

I did this a few months ago when Palin’s approval numbers were much higher and Cheney couldn’t stop spouting off.  It’s just as true now as it was then.

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