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America has a problem.

We need an intervention


Okay, I can’t stand it any more.  I HAVE to say something about Ferguson and the cop shootings that America is now FINALLY paying attention to.  The tipping point came for me yesterday when I finally watched the video of the Tamir Rice shooting and read an article on the audio evidence that proves Officer Darren Wilson was not telling the truth in his accounts of the Michael Brown shooting.

The U.S. is like a drug addict that refuses to acknowledge they have a problem.  All the signs are there.  The data is VERY clear.    Here’s some examples of what I’m talking about.

Some thoughts that are just pinging around in my brain that I have to get out.  Keep in mind, I’m not some uninformed liberal spouting off–I have a Masters in Criminal Justice and I’ve worked in the system.

  • The Prosecutor, Bob McCulloch, in the Brown shooting did not WANT an indictment therefore there wasn’t one.  A typical prosecutor could indict a comatose 90-year old grandmother if he/she wanted to.
    • He dumped a ton of data on the jury without providing any guidance into what was exculpatory, degree of trustworthiness, interpreting (because the forensic stuff can be really tough to understand), etc.  To expect a lay person to be able to sort through, prioritize and understand all of that data is absurd and no real prosecutor would do that.
    • He engaged in victim blaming by telling them that Brown was on drugs when there was no evidence of that
    • He improperly instructed the jury on the law — this is HUGE and if this had been a trial, it would have been excellent grounds for an appeal
    • He should have recused himself.  His father was a police officer who was killed in the line of duty by, you guessed it, a black man.
    • He failed to perform his duty as a Prosecutor–they are supposed to advocate for indictment. In fact the vast majority of grand juries in this country return with an indictment.

    According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, U.S. attorneys prosecuted 162,000 federal cases in 2010, the most recent year for which we have data. Grand juries declined to return an indictment in 11 of them. 

  • The audio from the Brown shooting proves that Wilson did not tell the truth.
  • White people riot all the fucking time for the stupidest shit and no one blames it on their “culture of lawlessness”.  But let some black people riot and the media and the majority of white people will shake their heads and question why.  Why would they riot when there’s no history of racial discrimination in policing in the U.S. (ht to Bob Cesca)? Why would they riot when they only have themselves to blame?  All of the Fox News coverage has been in this vein, but the best examples are interviews with Rudy Giulani.
  • The Tamir Rice video is horrifying.  The video shows the police lied about many crucial issues.  If you only listen to the police version (as is too often the case), then it sounds like Tamir was a serious threat .  If you watch the video you will be stunned.
    • They said there were multiple people in the park.  The video shows the 12 year old boy was alone.
    • They said they told him to  put his hands up three times.  The video shows less than 2 seconds passed between the car pulling up, the officers got out of the vehicle and when the shots occurred.  So either the officer gave the fastest and clearest commands in the history of human language (award that man a Guinness World Record!) or he didn’t give them at all.
    • Tamir was already down on the ground when they shot him…he reacted immediately to their presence by making himself non-threatening.
    • After they shot him and the boy was clearly no longer a threat they watched him suffer and provided no first aid until a detective and FBI agent showed up.   Although they’re under no obligation to provide first aid IF they felt the situation is unsafe.  But the boy was no longer a threat.  Actually he wasn’t even a threat when they shot him, but why quibble, amiright?  Ironic that the failure to render aid, made sure their version will be the only one we hear (other than the pure luck of the surveillance video from across the street which can’t really tell us the whole story).
  •  The Rice shooting is very scary to me personally.  My stepson is 12 years old, loves guns, and is very familiar with them.   He is also brown–decidedly not white.   We’ve taught him to be safe with them.  He knows not to handle real guns without an adult being present.  BUT he doesn’t know that it’s probably not a good idea to handle fake one’s either.    I am going to make damn sure he never has a fake gun in any public place and when his family is not with him.
  • There was a shooting just reported in AZ of a black man by a white cop.  I’m still waiting for more details to come in.  Cop thought the guy had a gun in his pocket–it was a bottle of pills.

If you listen to what is being said in the media (not just on Fox but on CNN and local stations too), there is a lot of victim blaming and officer excuse making.  White America’s attitude is coming across like this.

‘Don’t black folk know they should never ever carry anything in their pockets AND should always keep their hands in the air AND always have a pleasant or at least non-demonic look on their face.  AND they can’t be too large or physically intimidating because a big black many is very scary, even to really big white men, even when they’re 25+ feet away**.  So if you’re a big black guy, hunch your shoulders.  And whatever you do, don’t be sullen or angry.’

In other words, don’t give the white cops an excuse to kill you and this message is loud and clear to the black community.  Most of their parents have already told them not to do such things.  Not that doing any of that will actually keep black men safe in this country.  When an entire race of people in our society have to raise their sons to live in fear and act more passive and non-threatening with the police than white people do, then something is terribly, terribly wrong.  The sooner white people acknowledge this, the sooner we can address the problem.  But I don’t think white people in general are capable of acknowledging our complicity in this problem because that would mean acknowledging that we’re wrong about something.  As we’ve seen time and time again, too many Americans think that if we’re not exceptional and right all the time, we’re nothing at all.


*I totally understand why the police want bigger and better guns.  When I was a probation officer I always felt like I was outgunned.  I had a Speed 6 Ruger, a “brick” cell phone with a dead battery, no partner or back-up and my crappy little car (VW Fox).  I would go into the field armed with these items.  Here are just some examples of what I faced with those “weapons:

  • walking into crack houses where I was surrounded by dozens of male drug addicts and/or dealers
  • interviewing a probationers with serious anger control issues (child abuser/molester/wife beater) in their dark and dingy homes
  • explaining to VERY angry probationers and their family members why I had to talk to their boss at work about his/her probation and why they lost their job and would soon probably be homeless.  (I took no joy in this task.  I was legally obligated to verify employment with a supervisor a few times a year.  Talk about the system shooting itself in the foot.  The minute they lost their job their risk of recidivism would skyrocket)  

I guess if I couldn’t draw my weapon in time or if I lost it, I could have used the cell phone to brain them.

**Brown was 6 ft 5 in and 290 lbs and Wilson was 6 ft 4 in and 210 lbs.  Wilson isn’t small by any means.  He also had at least two deadly weapons–his pistol and his police car.  Who knows what he had in the trunk–one can safely assume a shotgun.  Plus he had a radio so he could call in reinforcements.  In regards to the distance, the audio article clearly proves Wilson was either lying about the distance or lying about Brown charging him or both.

UPDATE:  Regarding the e-mail incident between a U of Berkeley student and Sachi Landscaping–the guy is completely denying it was him but hasn’t provided one iota of proof that it wasn’t (details here).  And Mr. Zeiser contacted me via Twitter and said

Nice little passive aggressive compliment along with an insult.  But whatevs….I have not yet responded but my inclination is no. My thinking is that the kind of tripe he is pushing is already being blasted at the populace by really large media outlets like Fox, The Heritage Foundation, the American Spectator (for whom he has written in the past), the Daily Caller and dozens of other venues. Why should I let him use my little blog to broadcast his viewpoint when the entire Twitter conversation is all one really needs to know.  So I suggest you all read the entire Twitter conversation and make up your own mind.


So, earlier today I was watching my Twitter scroll with one eye while trying to program in C# with the other and a couple of things jumped out at me.  The first was a Storify* from @AngryBlackLady (one of my favorite writers, commentators and all around smart people online) about a conversation between her and a conservative supposed PhD  who insisted on debating her about Obamacare regardless of whether she wanted to or not.

From @ABL’s Twitter Feed

If you don’t want to read the long exchange (you really should just for the giggles, the image above is a summary of his worst statements) it boils down to her getting angry at him for pestering her for days and telling him to leave her alone.  So he resorts to using some misogynist and racist terms to refer to her and finally he refuses to acknowledge the ugliness behind what he said or apologize for it.  At the end, of course, he claims to be the victim of the whole thing. It will make you feel all fuzzy inside–not.

Not long after reading that I saw a Tweet by @LaloAlcaraz, a man of many talents (you might have seen his comics in your local newspaper if you live in the Southwestern U.S.).  He shared an email exchange between a University of Berkeley student and the owner of a local business.  The student is a member of CASA (Chicano Architecture Student Association) and asked very respectfully if her organization could get a tour of his business.  His response?

You can see Lalo’s photo of the full email exchange and the explanation here.    Not only is the business owner’s response ugly he also claims to be victimized by the request for the tour.

I don’t know about you but I’m seeing a rash of white males (just one example) running around crying about being victims to us “delicate flowers” and/or “savages” and/or “illegals”.  The irony is that anybody with a brain can see that white males, particularly older ones, still run this country and pretty much the entire fucking world.  This is serious “crazy making” behavior . It’s like women and minorities are in an abusive relationship with the rest of U.S. society.  They keep kicking us and then telling us that it’s our fault and we made them do it.  And then we when we legitimately confront them over it, they tell us that we’re the racist/bigots trying to stir up ill feelings that disappeared the moment the Black Marxist Muslim Usurper was elected in 2008.  And us wimmin folk, once we got the right to vote back in 1920 it’s been easy pickings since then, amiright my fellow delicate blossoms?   It’s all unicorns shitting one hundred dollar bills, rainbows and cotton candy, dontcha know!  Except, of course, for that painful black eye and those sore ribs we keep getting.

But there might be some hope.   Take for instance the revenge that has been enacted against ABL’s harasser.  If one were to Google his name (I highly recommend it, click this link and it will do it for you automatically) you will find a link to the Storify item I mentioned earlier about 4 or 5 results down.   The more people click on it, the more this will rise in Google search results whenever anyone searches for Mr. Zeiser.   And in so doing, it will air his statements about how much fun it is to “collect scalps”, how he called people of color and anyone who disagrees with him “savages”, and other various lovely things.  Note this isn’t harassment or libel or slander**.  He really did write these things and by doing this on Google we can ensure that even if he tries to deny it, the proof is easy to find.  As a side benefit whenever someone looks him up to find out more about him, one of the first things they will learn is that nature of his character is less than desirable.  Also do not Tweet about this conversation and mention ABL’s Twitter nom de plume. She’s over it and I don’t blame her–keep her out of the discussion unless she chooses to rejoin it on her own.

The other little bit of good news is that the Berkeley student has approached her College’s faculty in hopes that they will address the matter but many people have seen this exchange online now and I’m hoping it will descend squarely on this guy’s head so that he loses his license to practice.  However, the student has asked people online not to interact with the company directly so DO NOT contact the business owner or the company.  Nevertheless, if you live in Southern California (and I know a few people that do) keep this guy and his business in mind because if he or his company tries to get your business (or anyone you know) you can tell him to “piss off”.  If he wants to know why tell him it’s the “Free Market” coming back to bite him in the ass.

The ugliness of these kinds of exchanges is why I have to take a break from the Internet on occasion.  Then again, people like ABL and Lalo pull me back in because they are never afraid to point it out, call it what it is, and they don’t let it make them crazy.  I don’t have their coping mechanisms yet but I’m getting there.


*For those who don’t know, Storify is a way to document a series of Tweets over a long period of time.  It puts them in the proper time order which can be very hard to do on your own without such an app.

**I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV.  However, libel/slander is propagating something you know is untrue.  And it don’t get any more real than that there Twitter exchange.

The link to the Spanish version of this post

As usual, there be spoilers aplenty in this review if you haven’t read the book or watched the show.


This episode was strange in a few ways that I will get in to as I run through what happened.  It starts with Frank in the police station and we see that he’s still looking for Claire but no one else seems to be.  I feel bad for him but this is much more than we got in the book. So far, I think the show has done enough to let us know that Claire loves him and wants to get back to him but I’m not sure this scene isn’t overkill especially in light of the fact that he later decides to give up and leaves Inverness (and Claire’s suitcase behind).  More on that later.

So we feel sorry for Frank and the fact that everyone else thinks she ran out on him.  We see a poster on the wall of not only Claire but of Jamie.  This confused me because in the book AND on the show Frank never got a good enough look at Jamie to give that kind of detail.  Then again Frank is MI6 trained and who knows what he was able to pull up from his memory.  And then from the dark and gloomy 1940’s we go back to Claire and Jamie in verdant and beautiful Scotland of the 1740’s.  This episode more so than any other highlights the differences between the time periods using coloring.  Dark and drab present versus the vibrant and colorful past.  That’s because the past is the present to Claire– the more time she spends with Jamie the more the 1940’s becomes like the past to her.  I don’t mind this visual cue to her changing emotional state.  It works for me.  There were other things that didn’t work for me though and I’ll get to them as I go thru the story.

Jamie's modern wanted poster, note the handwriting that says "Jacobite brooch, possibly 18th Century"

Detail from Jamie’s modern wanted poster, note the handwriting that says “Jacobite brooch, possibly 18th Century”

Okay, so Jamie and Claire are being all lovey dovey and he wants to know is it typical what they experience when they’re making love and she says it can be like that but no, it’s not usual at all.  What they have is special.  I had a problem with this scene.  It needed to be more emotional and so far it is just coming across as physical.  In the books it’s more emotional and it was a scene that I highly anticipated.  And it didn’t translate here the way it needs to–Claire still seems shallow.  As I mentioned in my first review of The Wedding–while it is too soon for her to be forgetting Frank, there should be an undeniable emotional connection developing between her and Jamie.  And this scene where he asks her “is this special” and she says “yes” was crucial to establishing that.  But it didn’t work IMHO.

Then they had the interlude with Hugh Monroe, the mute beggar, showing up to advise Jamie of an English deserter named Horrocks who was an eyewitness to the murder that Jamie is accused of and did not commit.  I liked the guy who played Hugh and how he came across on screen.  The piece of amber that he gave to Claire was much larger than I expected and seemed to have a lot of other stuff in it too.  In my imagination the dragonfly was bigger and the amber smaller and it was clean.  However, the one he gives her looks much more natural and is probably more like what one would find in reality anyway.

A wedding gift from Hugh Monroe, a dragonfly in amber

A wedding gift from Hugh Monroe, a dragonfly in amber

Wee Roger. I can't wait to see him all grown up!

Wee Roger. I can’t wait to see him all grown up!

They switch again to Frank and I don’ t know why they have this scene EXCEPT to introduce Roger Wakefield, who will be VERY important next season.  The rest of the scene was unnecessary and I wish they’d stuck with just Jamie and Claire, exploring their growing emotional connection or used this time later to delve more into the relationship with Jamie and Dougal.  However, since they didn’t introduce Roger when Claire was still in the 1940’s they have to do so now before we get too far into the story.  Anyway, my only other complaint here might be that Roger’s eyes are supposed to be a really bright green.  But since Geillis’ eyes (on the show) aren’t that green then I guess they don’t need to find a Roger with eyes that green either (remember book readers Geillis is his great-grandmother to 7th power or something like that).  On an aside, I’ve noted that they’ve put out casting calls for Brianna and Roger and I’ve got my fingers crossed that they strike gold again. They did an outstanding job with this first cast (Caitriona and Sam I’m looking at you) so the odds are good they’ll find just the right people.  Okay before I start sounding like a #poutlander, I’ll move on.  (And yes, I totally stole that hashtag from Outmander, my favorite male take on the series–you have to read his reviews, they’re great).

Frank's mannerisms with the blond in the bar were disturbingly like Black Jack and I suspect Menzies is doing this blurring of the characters on purpose and to good effect

Frank’s mannerisms with the blond in the bar were disturbingly like Black Jack and I suspect Menzies is doing this blurring of the characters on purpose and to good effect

Next we’re back to Frank in a bar getting set up by some blond and I can’t believe he falls for it.  His MI6 instincts should have been screaming at him but I’m sure that was dulled by the amount of booze in his system and the fact that he’s absolutely desperate to find Claire.  But when he got another drink after agreeing to meet with the suspicious lady, I was like, “Well, that’s a brilliant idea, ya eedjit!”

Then we jump back to Claire and Jamie making googly eyes at one another next to the fire while Rupert tells stories about a Waterhorse (one of my favorite myths from the books BTW).  This scene is very similar to the books where they’re ambushed by a rival clan (the Grants) and they have to fight them off while Claire hides in terror completely unable to defend herself.  What is different is that Claire hid beside an old log instead of in some rocks (understandable, they have to work with the scenery at hand).  Less understandable is them not showing Dougal and Jamie fighting back to back and how Dougal gets wounded.  That scene shows how well Dougal and Jamie know one another and we learn from it later that it was Dougal that taught Jamie to fight with a sword.  So later down the road when things turn out as they do (trying not to be too spoileriffic here) it’s all the more tragic.  Again, instead of seeing Frank be a total doofus and walk into an ambush, which is the very next scene, we could have seen how close Jamie and Dougal really are and just why that relationship is so gosh darn complicated.  Then again, maybe I’m nitpicking.

Then back again to Frank where he is ambushed and two guys attempt to rob him while the blond looks on.  Now I totally expected Frank to prevail and he did.  What I didn’t expect was him to get all chokey on the woman.  My BF said, “see I told you Frank is not a nice guy–he’s bad just like his ancestor”.  I didn’t have an answer for that really. I wanted to tell him that Frank will redeem himself later through Brianna but I didn’t want to spoil what’s coming up in the story in Season 2–he’s not a book reader.  Anyway, again, I don’t think we needed this scene UNLESS the producer has some need of it as groundwork for Frank having to be brutal again.  But I don’t know of a single instance in the books where that is necessary so this need for Frank to be so tough would have to be something made up from whole cloth.

Is that a black jack in your pocket Frank or are you just happy to see me?  Actually quite the funny pun by the writers, innit?

Is that a black jack in your pocket Frank or are you just happy to see me? Actually quite the funny pun by the writers, innit?

Back again to 1740’s (are you getting dizzy yet) where the fellas all agree that Claire needs to know more than how to drop a knife in terror—like how to stab a guy in the kidneys.  So they show her how to use it and where to stick them withe pointy end (you didn’t think I’d go without at least one Game of Thrones reference did you?).  Then back to 1940’s where Frank is told by Mrs. Graham of the stories of how people travel through time through the stones. Did you note that little Roger overheard that convo about the stones. I do wonder if he’ll remember it when he gets older…hmmmmm. Anyway, Frank packs up his stuff and leaves the Reverend’s house.  He also leaves her suitcase behind and I’m not sure if it was because he thinks she might return and need it or if he is trying to leave the memories behind. Again, I have to point this out because I have some kind of book OCD thingy but if I recall correctly Frank doesn’t leave Inverness and continues to wait for Claire.  So I’m not sure why the producers are having him leave.  What is important to note here is that he is giving up on her sort of like she has been giving up on him.  Which leads us to the final scenes and how this all ties together.

Evil finds punctures in good men says the good Reverend, so he advises Frank to go back to Oxford and start his life over

Evil finds punctures in good men says the good Reverend, so he advises Frank to go back to Oxford and start his life over

Murtagh, "I still say the only good weapon for a woman is poison."  Dougal, "Perhaps but it has certain deficiencies in combat."

Murtagh, “I still say the only good weapon for a woman is poison.” Dougal, “Perhaps but it has certain deficiencies in combat.”

The story shifts back to Claire and Jamie and they’re getting it on in the grass and it’s clear that Frank is not anywhere on her mind at all (see what I mean about shallow–she’s so taken up with fucking Jamie that she’s forgotten the whole point of her being on this trip in the first place–to get back to that darn fairy hill).  She’s all about the boom boom with Mr. James right at that moment.  Until they get attacked by a couple of British deserters who try to rape her and make Jamie watch.  Claire puts her new knife skills to good use and kills her attacker which allows Jamie to kill his.  Afterward she is so in shock and so deeply disturbed that it snaps her out of the postcoital fog of the last few days.

Shock begins to set in after Claire and Jamie kill their attackers

Shock begins to set in after Claire and Jamie kill their attackers

On a re-watch I realized that Claire says she’s angry but she doesn’t know why. But in her dialog with Jamie before he leaves to go meet Horrocks, it seems she’s pretty mad at him for not protecting her earlier–for her having to kill the guy herself. This is how it is in the books too and I always thought it was a bit unfair of her. I mean, she was rutting away in the woods too and just as responsible for their getting attacked by the deserters. In any case, she goes on to say she’s angry she’d stopped trying to get back to Craig Na Dun and she explains her anger away as guilt for having betrayed Frank and almost forgetting about him. This makes more sense to me…she’s falling in love with Jamie, almost against her will, she just can’t help it but she feels bad about it, as any woman with a conscience should.

As a result Jamie and the fellas leave her with the youngest and least capable guy, Willy (I think his name was) to go meet with Horrocks–the guy that is supposedly going to exonerate Jamie.  Again, this is different than in the books.  In the books she was left alone in the forest–her promise to Jamie trusted as being enough so that she would not go anywhere and endanger herself (or endanger them for that matter).  Also she was scared of being left alone in the books.  What IS similar as in the books is that she sees Craig Na Dun and realizes this will be her last, best chance to get there so she high tails it off leaving Willy with his pants around his ankles (literally–he was taking a dump).

Simultaneously in the future (yes, I know it sounds dumb that’s what’s happening) Frank is driving past Craig Na Dun and he just can’t stop himself…he goes up to the stones.  And conveniently enough she arrives just as he arrives.  The “door” through time is open or at least thin enough for him to hear her shouting his name.  There was a nice little Easter Egg in the show…and I give TOTAL credit to Outmander for catching this one when I did not…they announce on Frank’s car radio that General George S. Patton had died. Now we can google that Patton died on Dec. 21, 1945 and if you know your calendar that is the Winter Solstice.  Anyway, the veil is thin and he hears her voice but just as you think she’s made it (she couldn’t ya know, or there would be no series) she gets dragged away by some Redcoats.  Frank gives up dejectedly. I’m not sure if Frank understood that she might have actually gone back in time…he did hear her voice, right? So at the end I’m not sure if Frank continued on to Oxford or if he returned to Inverness to wait for her return. Meanwhile, Claire is carted off to Ft. William where she encounters Black Jack Randall.

Ft. William in the show is Blackness Castle for real.  Verra intimidating, no?

Ft. William in the show is Blackness Castle for real. Verra intimidating, no?

Black Jack almost does a spit take upon hearing her utter the Duke of Sandringham's name.

Black Jack almost does a spit take upon hearing her utter the Duke of Sandringham’s name.

I don’t know how many times I can say this and why Claire just doesn’t get it, I don’t know, but she cannot outwit Black Jack.  He is far wilier than her.  She just needs to accept this and move on.  She throws her only weapon, the knowledge of his patron, the Duke of Sandringham and he is surprised but recovers nicely by asking her if she was also working for the Duchess–who doesn’t exist.  Claire falls right into the trap and says she knows the Duchess and, of course, the jig is up.  So he enjoys himself by tying her up and trying to rape her at knife point when who busts in the window but Mr. Jamie “I look so damn good in a kilt with the saft Scottish rain in my hair” Frazer, who says “I’ll thank you to get your hands off my wife”.  And how does Jack react?  He laughs.  Yep, he did that, he actually did that.  And that’s how it ends.

Jamie, always the frigging hero busts in to save the day and to keep his promise to Claire

Jamie, always the frigging hero busts in to save the day and to keep his promise to Claire

In regards the juxtaposition scene of Frank and Claire at Craig Na Dun, I’m not sure I liked it. Other reviewers definitely didn’t. But that was on purpose. Ronald D. Moore admitted in the “inside the episode” tidbit that this sequence of Claire and Frank almost meeting again at Craig Na Dun was on purpose in order to tweak us readers into wondering, “what the hell is he doing to the story?!” In which case, he can consider our collective noses tweaked well and good.

Now we wait for another 6+ months until April 2015 when the final 8 episodes of Season 1 will air.  I don’t know what I’ll do in the meantime to get my Outlander fix.  Cry in my Atholl?  Yeah, I couldn’t resist.  All joking aside, I probably WILL cry into some kind of alcoholic beverage (repeatedly) whilst re-reading the books.  And I’ll be reading Outmander’s blog as he has lots of fun stuff lined up for the hiatus.  Until next time….

Some quickies for you:

  • Dinesh D’Souza, asshat extraordinaire, is a big whiny child.  Those evil prosecutors are doing their job and trying to put him in prison.  How dare they?!  He’ll get probation and we’ll probably still have to see his idiocy on Bill Maher.
  • Conservatives are freaking out because the President saluted with a coffee cup in his hand.  I would rather have a latte in the middle of my salute than a Scottish Terrier.  And never mind about the real problems this country has because the paranoid, desperate, white, male base eats up this shit up.
  • Can I just say how much I admire Gabby Giffords?  She is absolutely amazing to have come back from that horrible tragedy in Tucson AND launch a PAC to fight against NRA extremism.  What’s even better?  It’s working.
  • If I hear one more liberal complain that the President isn’t liberal enough, is ineffectual and that Congress sucks, I’m going to go nuclear and remind them that it’s probably because they didn’t vote in the f*%!ing 2010 mid-terms.  Here’s just one very good example of how that has hurt and will continue to hurt us for years to come.
  • How effed up is that Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame, gave a speech to the U.N. on feminism and as a result was threatened with sexual violence and having nude photos of her posted online. This kind of terrorizing online is getting worse, not better.  I don’t know the solution but I really feel for any woman who is harrassed and terrorized because she speaks her mind on the Intertoobs.
  • Love the fact that big tech companies are divesting themselves of ALEC.  If you don’t know who they are, they’re what’s wrong with America.  A group of corporate representatives and conservatives who draft “model” legislation that they then push using vast resources in multiple states.  Their laws which include gems like SB1070, Stand your Ground,  Voter ID, and many more are nightmares and they’re making headway in many state legislatures because people aren’t paying attention to what’s happening on the state level. They’re too busy hating the President (see “Coffeegate” above and Congress (lowest approval ratings ever) on the national level and worrying about things that aren’t immediate threats (Ebola, Isis, etc).
  • And speaking of ISIS, don’t you just love that we’ve gone to war and there was absolutely no debate in Congress?!  They’d rather have yet another vote on appealing Obamacare.  Never mind that the rising cost of healthcare has actually slowed down as a direct result of the law, which was one of the main points of it in the first damn place.  Who needs facts….right?

I’d better stop while I’m ahead.  Methinks I’m getting my mojo for political blogging back and it’s about damn time!

Okay, so last night I watched “The Wedding” episode of Outlander again–this time without interruption of the BF or the kids or a bad mood.  And, of course, it was much improved.   Overall, it’s a great episode and Sam Heughan could not be any sexier.  Literally, could not be more or hundreds of thousands of women around the world would spontaneously combust.  I still don’t like the way that Dougal is being portrayed but I have to believe they’re doing it for a reason.  I hope that was less bitchy and whiny that my original review.