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Made it just in time again!  Here’s my recap/review of Episode 9, The Watchers on the Wall.  As always, there are probably spoilers in this video if you haven’t watched all of the episodes this far or read all of the books released to date.




Just in time before Episode 9 tomorrow!  Just a reminder, there are spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read the books or haven’t been watching the show up until this episode.  Enjoy!!!!





Okay, so I couldn’t stand the first version which had several errors so I fixed them and here is the FIXED version.  Remember SPOILERS abound.


Woohoo, this is the earliest I think I finished one of these recap/reviews.  The sound is very sketchy and I apologize up front.  I had to re-record some segments two or three times….long technical story having to do with how crappy my Toshiba Laptop application is with creating videos and then how Camtasia Video can’t read them.  Sigh….

This recap/review is in two parts….Camtasia kept croaking when I tried to compile everything together.


As usual if you’re not a book reader or you aren’t a current Game Of Thrones viewer I strongly advise you not to watch this video.  Otherwise enjoy!


Phew, I got this review/recap done just under the wire.  It’s not as long as last weeks but I also had to rush it so there’s a lot fewer jokes and sound effects.  I’m just happy to have completed it before tomorrow’s episode.   As usual if you’re not a book reader or you aren’t a current Game Of Thrones viewer I strongly advise you not to watch this video.  Otherwise enjoy!

PS:  My vids are NSFW.  PSS:  I’ve been putting them on Youtube because WordPress won’t upload them (size problem or something).



UPDATE:  Finally uploaded to WordPress and embedded within this post.

This is obviously late.  Between moving and being very ill, I’m late on just about everything right now.  I’m working on Ep 5, which aired this past Sunday and hope to have it up in the next few days.  I hope you enjoy my recap/review.

For book readers or current viewers only.


On Youtube

Here it is, my recap/review of Episode 3 “Breaker of Chains” from Games of Thrones Season 4.  This one is less polished than the first two.  It was a near run thing that this got finished in time.  Between packing to move tomorrow and nursing a three year old who has been projectile vomiting for two days, I’m pretty worn out.  Oh, and I also did the entire video without doing a sound check first and it ended up being useless.  I had to do it a second time with headphones and a microphone, as you will see in the video.  As always, I love to hear your feedback just be gentle, dear viewers.    And remember book readers or Season 4 viewers only are advised to watch this video.  You’ve been warned!  Finally, if the video below is too slow, try watching it on Youtube at