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The D’Ranged Wino

Posted: January 1, 2012 in Wine Review
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Here’s a new blog feature….wine reviews.  My incredibly pedestrian take on wines that I experience, shared with you, the steadfast reader.  This post will cover one good and one  bad wine.
+ Movendo Moscato – no year, other raters have given it 88 pts – 750 ml, bottled by Riunite, the label says Moscato-Puglia, Puglia is an Italian city around which grows a wide variety of grapes and Moscato is made from the Muscat grape–this is 100% Muscat.  Although the label doesn’t specifically say it is a sparkling wine, I would recommend it as such.  It really has some wonderful notes like pear, honey and orange blossoms that come through in variations.  It has a nice body as well….a serious wine and nothing to scoff at.  Not too much fizz if you’re not into that kind of thing but enough to suffice as a toasting wine.  I actually hate the dryness of champagne, so this is was an excellent way to ring in the New Year.  Price-wise, this is also a winner.  Average price in the US is $9 but I’ve seen it as high as $12 a bottle.  If you keep an eye out for it  at mass/club distributors (like my fav BevMo) you can find it reasonably priced.   Although you can drink this by itself, it should pair well with fruit or pastry desserts but nothing too rich.  Since I love sweet and spicy, it would probably also go well with spicy dishes.  This is a very good wine for the price.  I highly recommend it.

Gina Pinot Grigio, 2010 – 750 ml, bottled by Ascevi Luwa in Italy, from the Venezia Giulia region in Northeastern Italy.  This wine was very bitter, something I don’t usually expect from a Pinot Grigio.  I usually view a Pinot Grigio as something less dry than Chardonnay and not as sweet as a Reisling.  This one drinks like a Chardonnay and that’s not what I wanted.  I can only assume that it is from the  tannins (which is again, not something I’ve experienced with white wines).  What’s even more disappointing is that I’ve had the Gina Moscato and that  was fantastic, rated 91 pts.  So I had great expectations for this Pinot.  I was sorely disappointed.  Maybe it is too young and needed another year to mature.  However, most wine today is made so that it should be consumed within three years of bottling.  To let this one sit another year is probably not worth it.  I do not recommend this one.