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Make note of the date because it is a rare day that agree with AZ Gov. Jan Brewer much less praise her, but I am going to do just that. She vetoed Senate Bill 1062 (the one that said its perfectly ok to violate the civil rights of LGBTQIA people if your imaginary sky god says they evil). What’s more is that she did it for all the right reasons: because we value religious freedom and non-descrimnation, because there has not been a single instance of a religious person having their freedom restricted because someone had the nerve to be gay in their vicinity, and the Senate has very important things to do, like pass a darn budget. Kudos Gov. Brewer!

The Governor of Virginia is finally acquiescing to the need to form a healthcare exchange (instead of letting the Feds do it) to comply with the 2010 Healthcare Reform law, aka, Obamacare. Only problem is, he has decided that any insurance companies that participate, even private companies, cannot cover abortion–you know that perfectly legal medical procedure that saves the lives of women every day. I think if you don’t want to provide those services for women there should also be a restriction on any companies that provide erectile dysfunction meds like Viagra or better yet a restriction on those that provide prostrate surgery. Just sayin