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I am watching Anderson Cooper 360 and horrified by what I see in the videos.  A baby, not much younger than my son, gasping for air, dying of shrapnel wounds.  A boy, about my daughter’s age, who is covered in blood and buried up to the waist with debris from his bombed home. This has to stop. Why did we do something about Libya but are not doing anything about Syria?  This kind of calculation that they do in Washington, regardless of which party controls the government, disgusts me.  It should always be, first and foremost, about the humanitarian angle and less about natural resources or the feefees of asshole nations like China and Russia.

I will never understand why we help some people but not others, as if the lives of one area are more worthy than another.  It’s utter bullshit.  Make the Syrian government  stop killing it’s own people.  It’s simply unacceptable.