20 Things about Ep 6 S4 “The Laws of Gods and Men” GOT

Posted: May 15, 2014 in Entertainment, Humor, Personal, Television
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Woohoo, this is the earliest I think I finished one of these recap/reviews.  The sound is very sketchy and I apologize up front.  I had to re-record some segments two or three times….long technical story having to do with how crappy my Toshiba Laptop application is with creating videos and then how Camtasia Video can’t read them.  Sigh….

This recap/review is in two parts….Camtasia kept croaking when I tried to compile everything together.


As usual if you’re not a book reader or you aren’t a current Game Of Thrones viewer I strongly advise you not to watch this video.  Otherwise enjoy!


  1. Loved the live long and prosper, dude bit! Really did laugh out loud 🙂 on to part II!

  2. Brilliant, so well done! I really enjoy watching your 20 Things, especially right after I’ve watched the episode. Helps me set everything in my mind!

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