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Posted: June 19, 2011 in Entertainment, Personal, Television
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I don’t know if you’re a fan of Game of Thrones but I am sure am.  The author, George R. R. Martin has experience in writing for television, so the novels are outstanding in regards to plot.  The timing and pace are something new to the genre of Fantasy.  For this very reason, HBO picked up the story and has made it into a series.

Expensive doesn’t even begin to describe the production on this series. I think they have three different foreign locations on which  they are shooting:  Ireland, Scotland, and Morocco.*  Add to this complication of filming in climes both freezing cold, nominally warm and downright desert.  Finally throw in zombies AND dragons and you are beginning to get the idea of just how complicated and expensive filming a series like this must be.

Nonetheless, HBO under the guidance of co-creators David Benioff and D. B. Weiss, have pulled off the near impossible.  They remain true to the extremely involved plot of the books, the highly dimensional characters, to produce a show that will simply knock you off your feet.

You don’t have to be a fantasy genre fan to watch this show.  It’s got plenty of sex, plenty of violence and plenty of great dialog to warrant anyone watching who claims to adore drama.  Personally my two favorite characters are Arya and Tyrion**.  Arya is the lost and tough little girl in the process of becoming a deadly warrior and femme fatale.  She’s a girl after my own heart.  Tyrion is the perpetual outsider completely disregarded because of his diminutive stature.  His mind is as sharp as a knife and it cuts through all the bullshit of everyone else.  If you like great characters with a lot of depth in a very complicated plot, this IS the story for you.

The final episode of season 1 is complete and I am practically quivering with anticipation for Season 2.

SPOILER ALERT:  Do not read any further if you are just now catching up on Season 1.




I waited the entire season to get to the funeral pyre of the Khal to see the dragons born.  She, the Khaleesi, naked and beautiful with her baby dragons was the personification of power and beauty and justice in the final scene.  I have to say, like any fangirl, for me, it was friggin awesome.  The dragons which could have been completely overdone were tastefully executed, small yet detailed.  They were perfect for the scene and only hint, as is appropriate, for what is to come.

I have tried to anticipate what Mr. Martin intended in his books, however have failed to be accurate in my predictions.  In my entire life I can honestly say there were few authors who have surprised me with the machinations of a plot.  I am always able to predict where they will go. That has not been the case with Mr. Martin’s books and thus my own love for them.

However, I am willing to predict now before the last few books come out and before HBO even commits to finishing this epic series, that the end result will be John Snow as King of the North.  He will wed the Queen of the South, Daenerys Targaryen, and they will gather all of the people of the seven kingdoms, the people following Daenerys, her dragons, and even the wildlings of the north to fight against the army of the northern undead.  Beyond that I cannot even begin to imagine what the author has in store.  I only know that I am thrilled with the series, and a definite new subscriber to HBO in the meantime.


*Morocco was changed to Malta,  I believe, it’s complicated, so look it up

**Although I must admit the role of Daenerys appeals to me as well.  She is Mother Nature personified in all her mercy and all her wrath.  The final scene of Season 1 was sexy and awe-inspiring at the same time. What woman wouldn’t want to play the goddess as the source of all power, the root of all creation and destruction?!  That is the kind of role a woman should almost be willing to kill for….it tears up the screen.

  1. nick0z7Nick says:

    I’ve been fascinated – lovely story telling. Nothing overly cliched. In fact Eddard Stark’s sheer…Buffyness…certainly walked your average viewer down the primrose path, didn’t it? Lalalalala, nothing more dangerous than le morte d’Arthur here, kiddies. As his head was lopped off I could actually hear the more obtuse around the nation stutter “b-b-b-but-but-but-he’s the Star!

    Can hardly wait for the 2nd season.

    • drangedinaz says:

      I completely agree in Eddard’s “buffyness” as I am a huge fan of all things Sean Bean. But I had read the books and knew that he was going to die….even so, I found it a difficult scene to watch. Very similar for me to the scene where Gandalf falls in Moria. I can’t remember in the books if Sansa fainted or not, she certainly did in the series. I feel much more sympathetic to her in this series than I did in the books. And of course, Peter Dinklage as the Imp does not disappoint. He must have been champing at the bit to play that character….its just too much damn fun. I can talk all day long about these books and the series. 🙂

      I can hardly wait for season 2 myself.

  2. The Dork Knight says:

    I’m with you on this show. Amazing acting (even the kids!), compelling characters, production values I’d not have thought I’d ever see on television, and just a brilliant story. I am completely riveted. I’m just now picking up the books.

    • drangedinaz says:

      Cool that you’re reading the books. Let me know who your favorite characters are and why. I’d love to hear what you think. These characters are just so real to me, he does such an excellent job of making them 3-D….No one comes out perfect and I love that kind of writing because its so reflective of real life. Who lives a life perfectly, without mistakes? That was one problem I had with LOTR, Aragorn for example. He was just too perfect, without fault of any kind. People like that don’t exist and ultimately that’s why I actually like this series better than LOTR.

      • The Dork Knight says:

        I really like Tyrion Lannister. I can’t think of another serious, dramatic role for a little person before, but he does it very very well. The charcter is great. Arya is excellent and reminds me strongly of my 8 year old. I hope she comes out of all this well. Joffry Is such a great villian! Making me absolutely loath a character is an accomplishment, but they have taken this 10 year veteren of Child Protective Services and made me want horrific things to happen to that little shithead.

        I was thinking about what exactly the moral of this story is. The author seems to be telling us that if you act honorably, if you treat everyone, even your enemies with honor and decency and compassion, then you will be horribley killed so be a ruthless bastard! Lol. Now that I think about it maybe thats why I struggle so much on a particular Awesome Blog. :0) I keep getting Ned Stark’ed!

        • drangedinaz says:

          TDK, that’s so funny you should say that. Tyrion and Arya are my two favorite characters for the same reasons as you. Arya reminds me of myself at that age and my 8 year old daughter. In re: the moral of the story, I went through the exact same thought process, wondering what the moral was because it certainly does seem that good deeds get repaid wih slaughter.

          However, I think Daenerys and Jon Snow offer us examples of the compromise between being nice and honorable versus powerful. I haven’t completely figured it out but I think it has something to do with being honorable about the right things and loyal to the right things. Both of them chose loyalty beyond their families to a higher goal and (don’t know how far you are in the books) but you will also find that they don’t stick to the letter of the law the way in which Ned did. They are loyal but within reason and use their own judgement.

          I won’t say any more than that until you’ve gotten several books into the series. 🙂

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