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Photos of my latest project

Posted: December 18, 2017 in Uncategorized

A bowl I am making for my daughter.  The owl on the bottom inside in copper.

The vines and grapes around the inside.

The four elements on the outside:. Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

The sun on the lid and my daughter’s name on the inside.

I haven’t posted in a VERY long time.   A combination of struggling with my ongoing depression (Herr Hair became President, need I say more?) and having moved into a house that needs renovation.  Without regaling you in the detailed horrors of renovation (Maybe I’ll do that later with bonus photos) suffice it to say that I lived with three kids in a house without a kitchen for two and a half months.  If I ever have to look at another delivery pizza, I think I just might vomit.

Anyway, like I said, I’ll share details of my recent drama later.  For now, I just wanted to share a link to a heartfelt and touching story of someone who was the victim of a hate crime.

So I’m here, sort of.  How about you?

My Obamacare Nightmare

Posted: May 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

For the first time in my entire life I am late in paying my taxes.  I’m late because the has not given me a particular form, the 1095, that shows what coverage I had in 2015.

I called them back in February to find out where it was.  They said it hadn’t been created yet but they told me that it showed  that neither I nor my son had coverage the entire year.  That would be a HUGE penalty on my taxes and that was incorrect.  They escalated it, which means they had 30 days to investigate it.

30 days passed and I still hadn’t recieved word and hadn’t received it in the mail.  Then I got a call saying it had all been straightened out and that a new one would be generated on April 5 and mailed to me.  I wouldn’t get it until after April 15th but at least I would get it.  It never arrived.

I called them again and again over the last few weeks and couldn’t get anyone to tell me why it hadn’t been generated.  Today I got a call and they told me that they denied my request to correct it and it would remain as is.  They said it was because the plan I had was a catastrophic plan and did not qualify under the ACA.  At this point I lost my mind.

See I got that plan through  It was listed as a Bronze plan and the assumption that ALL plans through the website would be ACA compliant should have been fucking obvious.  I assumed it was ACA qualified otherwise I wouldn’t have fucking chose it.  I mean, if that’s the case, how do I know the new plan I have now qualifies as ACA compliant?  The truth is I don’t.  And I’m assuming millions of others don’t know either.

They said they would refer the matter to the regional office and someone would call me in a couple of days.  I asked for the number of the regional office but they don’t allow people to call in to them.  So I literally have no recourse but to sit here and wait for them to call me.  Meanwhile, I can’t finish my taxes and I probably won’t end up getting a refund–hell I might owe money.  Money I simply don’t have.

There’s no other numbers to call, no one else to contact, no forms or actual processes to appeal their decision, no overarching organization (that I can find) to complain to…nothing.  I am fucking livid right now.  I have so many other shitty things going on in my life right now and this is the last fucking straw.

If any of you have suggestions on what I can do, I would greatly appreciate it.


Yes, you read that correctly.  I knew there were religious nutjobs all over the world that sold their daughters but I guess I never thought it happens in the U.S.  Well, I was wrong.  Apparently there are families that have annual get-togethers to force their teenaged children to marry and the girls, in their book (the Bible, that tome written originally in the Bronze Age), can be as young as 13.  Here’s a quote (TRIGGER WARNING: may cause spontaenous vomiting).

The ‘youth’ ready for marriage has breasts. A woman who is to be married is one who has breasts; breasts which signal her readiness for marriage, and breasts who promise enjoyment for her husband. (We believe that ‘breasts’ here stand as a symbol for all forms of full secondary sexual characteristics.)

I can’t fucking even process that people in the USA think like this. If you’re like me and your skin is crawling, then you are normal.  And when I say “sell” I mean that they not only force the “betrothal” but they also determine a “bride price”.  It’s essentially slavery.  There’s more stuff to read over at, if you can stand it.

h/t BobCesca “The Post Mortem Show” at


If you have ever had a cat, this will make you laugh.