Some quickies for you:

  • Dinesh D’Souza, asshat extraordinaire, is a big whiny child.  Those evil prosecutors are doing their job and trying to put him in prison.  How dare they?!  He’ll get probation and we’ll probably still have to see his idiocy on Bill Maher.
  • Conservatives are freaking out because the President saluted with a coffee cup in his hand.  I would rather have a latte in the middle of my salute than a Scottish Terrier.  And never mind about the real problems this country has because the paranoid, desperate, white, male base eats up this shit up.
  • Can I just say how much I admire Gabby Giffords?  She is absolutely amazing to have come back from that horrible tragedy in Tucson AND launch a PAC to fight against NRA extremism.  What’s even better?  It’s working.
  • If I hear one more liberal complain that the President isn’t liberal enough, is ineffectual and that Congress sucks, I’m going to go nuclear and remind them that it’s probably because they didn’t vote in the f*%!ing 2010 mid-terms.  Here’s just one very good example of how that has hurt and will continue to hurt us for years to come.
  • How effed up is that Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame, gave a speech to the U.N. on feminism and as a result was threatened with sexual violence and having nude photos of her posted online. This kind of terrorizing online is getting worse, not better.  I don’t know the solution but I really feel for any woman who is harrassed and terrorized because she speaks her mind on the Intertoobs.
  • Love the fact that big tech companies are divesting themselves of ALEC.  If you don’t know who they are, they’re what’s wrong with America.  A group of corporate representatives and conservatives who draft “model” legislation that they then push using vast resources in multiple states.  Their laws which include gems like SB1070, Stand your Ground,  Voter ID, and many more are nightmares and they’re making headway in many state legislatures because people aren’t paying attention to what’s happening on the state level. They’re too busy hating the President (see “Coffeegate” above and Congress (lowest approval ratings ever) on the national level and worrying about things that aren’t immediate threats (Eboal, Isis, etc).
  • And speaking of ISIS, don’t you just love that we’ve gone to war and there was absolutely no debate in Congress?!  They’d rather have yet another vote on appealing Obamacare.  Never mind that the rising cost of healthcare has actually slowed down as a direct result of the law, which was one of the main points of it in the first damn place.  Who needs facts….right?

I’d better stop while I’m ahead.  Methinks I’m getting my mojo for political blogging back and it’s about damn time!

Okay, so last night I watched “The Wedding” episode of Outlander again–this time without interruption of the BF or the kids or a bad mood.  And, of course, it was much improved.   Overall, it’s a great episode and Sam Heughan could not be any sexier.  Literally, could not be more or hundreds of thousands of women around the world would spontaneously combust.  I still don’t like the way that Dougal is being portrayed but I have to believe they’re doing it for a reason.  I hope that was less bitchy and whiny that my original review.

An invitation to the wedding I created

An invitation to the wedding I created

In Ronald D. Moore we trust

In Ronald D. Moore we trust

As I’ve said many times before if you haven’t read this books this post will be full of SPOILERS!


!!!Outlander Spoilers!!!


This was a good episode.  I went into it wanting it be THE best episode I’d seen yet.  After all I’d anticipated this wedding for so many years that perhaps I was expecting too much.  Unfortunately I still have to give the “Best Ep” award to last week’s “The Garrison Commander”.  I don’t know what it was….the fact that I was in a bad mood and exhausted or if it was because of changes from the book that threw me off or if it was because of the inability to hear/see everything going on from Claire’s perspective (like we do in the book).  I just had a similar feeling, a let down, that I had watching a certain death in Game of Thrones (no spoilers here)…it just didn’t have the same emotional impact or humor.   This week I’m not going to recap so much as review it.

A happy and eager bride, Claire and Frank in the 1900's

A happy and eager bride, Claire and Frank in the 1900’s

A reluctant bride, Claire and Jaime in the 1700's

A reluctant bride, Claire and Jaime in the 1700’s

Again, it’s a good episode.  The acting was very good.  We finally get to see Sam Heughan let his charisma flag fly and boy does it ever.  He could not be any more hunky–he had it turned up to 11.  The chemistry between Jaime and Claire is outstanding and sexy.  So much so that the boyfriend noticed at the end of the episode I was a little flushed.  I told him it was the wine and hot flashes but I don’t think he believed me.

Claire's wedding dress was incredible

Claire’s wedding dress was incredible

The costumes are wonderful.  Her dress was gorgeous except (and here comes some more negativity, that’s just where I’m at right now) her chest looked weird in some shots.  I know that I’m probably gonna get some criticism for what I’m about to say but I feel like I need to be honest.  Catriona Balfe is a stunningly beautiful woman however she is not well endowed.  I always pictured Claire to be more curvy than thin and Catriona, a former catwalk model, is extremely thin.  The dress was obviously made to give more oomph to the wearer’s bustline and it certainly helps in this case.  Unfortunately, it seemed too tight, like they were trying too hard to make her breasts look larger.  At times, side camera angles show the awkwardness of the effect (maybe it’s just me but take a second look and tell me what you think, I’m betting her nipples were sore).   That’s not to say that Caitriona isn’t right for the role.  She’s awesome.  It’s just that I have a firm idea of  what Claire looks like and it doesn’t match up to Caitriona (and for that matter my Jaime is different than Sam–my Jaime is fiercer looking, not as pretty, nose more crooked and definitely taller because that’s what I find sexy, never liked pretty boys terribly much).  However, I can easily separate the books from the show as far as the characters go and it doesn’t bother me.  I’m good with both actors–they’ve done an excellent job so far and I am eager to see what they do with the challenges facing their characters going forward.  However,  I was distracted by the tightness of the bodice (is that what you call that part or is it the stomacher?)–it just seemed unnecessary and weird to me.  Anyway, back on topic….

Dougal is nae so happy about goings on in the bridal suite

Dougal is nae so happy about goings on in the bridal suite

I liked the ring made from a key idea…that was a nice romantic change.  I liked the comedy of the way Ned acquired the dress and how Rupert and Angus barged in their room.  And I liked the way Murtagh said she smiled like Jaime’s mother, which is a quote from much later in the book that they simply decided to use much earlier.  On the other hand, I didn’t like the way that Dougal acted.  I seriously do not remember him being such a jealous asshole.  See in the book he’s a very complicated person. He’s attractive and charismatic and that hides a ruthless person.  He is in control of himself, almost always, except for the one time where he gets really drunk at the Gathering.  He isn’t jealous of Jaime so much as he is simply attracted to Claire and he clearly has no scruples about diddling his nephew’s new wife.  But it’s very clear he’s not in love with Claire.  In the show, Dougal seems very different.  He’s not as charismatic and his doesn’t come across as being all that much in control of himself. He also doesn’t hide the ruthlessness as well and does seem that he’s much hotter for Claire than Book Dougal.  Furthermore, it makes me wonder just how they’re going to deal with what readers know is coming up–his relationship with Geillis.  Book Dougal could clearly cheat on Geillis and think nothing of it.  Show Dougal seems to be the more passionate kind of guy.  This negative reading of Show Dougal has been growing on me over the season but I haven’t said anything until now because it was still okay, until this episode tipped the scale.

Now about the sex because it has to be addressed.  It was really very tasteful, realistic and yes, hot.  I thought it was brilliant to have Jaime act like a typical male virgin (i.e., done in less than 5 minutes) because it’s stupid in romance novels where the guy is this fantastic lover his first time.  I also liked the way they didn’t just rip their clothes off.  The slow burn we’ve been enduring continues as she stops him from kissing her with questions.  Then later as he undresses her.  We get to see Jaime’s hesitation and a little frustration at the number of laces on her bodice.  Claire’s reaction to the first time was perfect too.  You could almost see a bubble over her head that said, “Really?  That’s it?”.   But she liked it enough to want more and that’s important.  The second time is better and she enjoys it even more, enough to climax at least.   By the end she’s decided that in for a penny, in a for pound and she might as well enjoy herself.  Here we finally see the modern 1940’s woman….she’s takes the initiative, she’s on top and she’s finally teaching Jaime what a real woman should be like in the bedroom.  Murtagh was right, Sam needed and wanted a woman, not a cowering little girl like Laoghaire who doesn’t know her ass from a hole in the ground.

'Was that it?!'

‘Was that it?!’

Is it hot in here or is it me?

Is it hot in here or is it me?

Unfortunately all this is followed by an ending that I’m not sure I like it’s implications.  In the end Claire seems to already be in love with Jamie and thinking about having to choose between him and Frank.   In the book Jamie was in love with her when he married her but Claire didn’t admit  to herself or to him that she loved him in return until they had returned to Castle Leoch.  And it’s important to note that on their way back to the Castle, she tries to escape from Jaime and the McKenzies to get back to Craig Na Dun–so clearly she wasn’t as conflicted in the book this early.  She told herself it was infatuation and not real and it was enough to keep her allegiances clear–to Frank.  But that’s not how it felt in this episode and I think it will affect non-readers viewing the show.  In fact, the ending where she looks at both her rings and ponders the choice irritated my sig other who is not a reader–he scoffed at her already being in love with Jaime and it seriously made him think less of her.  He understood the necessity of Claire marrying him and her situation, but he didn’t accept that after having sex she suddenly would even consider abandoning Frank.  He just thought it made her slutty and fickle.  Sadly, part of me actually agrees.  And from a storytelling standpoint it doesn’t make sense to me.  The show has invested quite a lot of effort showing us how much she loves Frank and actually does a better job than the books ever did.  And for all that effort, it seems that they’re just tossing that aside in the space of an episode.

Claire is already confused

Claire is already confused

For my part, I hope I’m wrong.  I really hope they reinforce her allegiance to Frank next week and show her attempt to leave Jaime because I think non-readers need to see that Claire still loves Frank or they simply won’t respect her and when she does make a choice it will be anti-climactic.

If one were only paying attention to Faux News and Congress, one would think that Benghazi was and is a scandal of monumental proportions without precedence of any kind.  So much so that many Republicans routinely say they will use it as evidence for impeachment.  They also use it as a wonderful distraction from things that remain unresolved such as our plan to drop bombs on ISIS, Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine, Immigration Reform, and our slow moving economy.  Not that it isn’t important–it is and the causes that lead to the breakdown in security at our Benghazi Consulate have since been corrected.

What is most important about Benghazi is how Republicans are using it as a political football by saying it is unique and something that should be laid exclusively at President Obama’s feet.  In reality there have been no less than thirteen, yes I said 13, previous attacks on U.S. Consulates, Embassies and their associated staff and troops abroad during the Bush Presidency from 2002 until 2008 before President Obama was elected.  Bob Cesca over The Daily Banner  has the complete list.  If we want to go further back, there are plenty more.  I distinctly remember the bombing of our marine barracks in Beirut back in 1983 under yet another Republican president, good ol Ronnie Raygun.

When those incidents occurred what did we hear?  Did we see Dems attacking those Presidents?  Or did we see everyone understand that those are dangerous jobs in dangerous places doing important work for our country?   There were no calls for impeachment, no endless investigations that failed to find anything, no scandals, nothing.  Because shit happens overseas in dangerous regions.  But the fact that there’s nothing there to find with Benghazi doesn’t matter to Republicans.  They keep beating that dead horse (just like they did with ACORN).

The GOP propaganda machine has realized that the squeaky wheel gets the grease.   And it doesn’t hurt that the majority of the news media in the U.S. is owned by a very small group of rich conservative white males and their monopolistic corporations. Fortunately for Americans (and my sanity) they can’t change history or hide reality so long as liberal bloggers like Bob, media watchdogs like Media Matters, and individual bloggers like myself keep up the good fight.  So here’s your daily dose of truth–Benghazi was tragic and has been appropriately addressed.  The rate of these kinds of attacks have actually been less under President Obama.  It was not unique or evidence of wrongdoing constituting impeachable offenses.  If it were, then all thirteen of the attacks Bob listed would have been as well.

St. Andrew's Cross, The Scottish Flag

St. Andrew’s Cross, The Scottish Flag

First, I know Scotland is having the big VOTE for independence today and I want to wish them luck.  I know a lot of respected economists are saying it isn’t a good idea BUT my heart says I hope they vote Yes and they can work out the details later.  I seriously doubt that England will shoot itself in the foot by refusing to let them continue to use the British pound for their currency.  If they do, it will be colossally stupid and destabilizing for both countries.  My opinion is definitely colored by my Irish heritage.   Even though Scotland has a longer history of being part of the U.K. than Ireland, it doesn’t change the fact that it originally occurred as a matter of conquest.  I only wish that a united Ireland could do the same.

Second, I’m so very tired of hearing the constant negative press against the President.  It’s like the American media isn’t in touch with reality any more.  They’re just so dead set on being against the Administration (Faux News, I’m looking at you) or they’ve wed themselves to the idea of appearing centrist (even NPR drank the kool aid on this nonsense) that they won’t report what’s really going on.   Here’s what they’re not telling Americans.

Pesky facts about how President Obama has actually improved things in the U.S.

Pesky facts about how President Obama has actually improved things in the U.S.

Do you see the difference in Deficit % of GDP, that’s frigging huge!  And that’s not disputable….it’s a fact.  But try to tell a conservative that the president has reduced the deficit and they will have a hissy fit.  It doesn’t fit into their narrative so it couldn’t possibly be true.  Ht to @BlueNationUnited for the graphic

My review of Episode 6 of Season 1, Outlander entitled “The Garrison Commander”.  If you haven’t read the books, don’t read any further.




Okay, you probably expected me to say this but WOW! Tobias Menzies knocked it out of the park this episode and Caitriona Balfe stepped up her game considerably. Executive Producer Ronald D. Moore took the first encounter between Claire and Randall from a few pages in the book and expanded it into an entire episode that crackles with tension. IMHO Menzies should get an Emmy nomination for his acting in this episode–it really is that good.

Claire’s emotions run the gamut. She starts out feeling relieved. Finally in the presence of other British citizens, she thought she was going to be safer and for the first time in a long while, she did not feel like an outsider. The British officers, lead by a Lord Thomas with the rank of General, were very happy to see her as well not having seen a English gentlewoman in some time. Dougal, on the other hand, was the outsider and as expected, the British officers were very insulting to him. They talked about him as if he wasn’t even in the room, insulted his speech, threatened him, dismissed him….the list is long and he wasn’t even in the room but for a few minutes in the beginning of the episode. You have to admire Dougal here. He’s in enemy territory, surrounded by hostile men and he didn’t back down. He even called the General out for his poor behavior in front of Claire. The General called Dougal ill mannered, which was ironic in the extreme since Dougal was nothing of the kind until the Brits started showing their metaphorical asses.

Claire and General Thomas

An English Rose

Snotty, arrogant prick

Snotty, arrogant prick

Claire made quite the impression with her manners and charisma. She had them convinced she was an innocent victim (which she really is, of course, just not in the way they think) until Black Jack Randall burst into the room. Her feeling of safety evaporated upon seeing him. Both of them were shocked to see the other but Randall recovered better. They both gave the General the impression that they had never met before. Randall couldn’t admit to finding her and not seeing to her safety the first time around. Nor did he want to mention the fact that he attempted to rape her on their initial encounter. Likewise, Claire couldn’t admit to knowing him without drastically changing the story she had just told the other officers, which would cast doubt on the veracity of everything else she said. She also wouldn’t be able to explain why she ran from Randall in the first place. To do that she’d have to report the near rape and as we saw with Colum, no one would believe her, gossip about Randall notwithstanding.

So Randall’s entrance was very sudden and cranked up the drama just when Claire was thinking she was home free. This scene not only sets up the main confrontation of the episode but it also serves to demonstrate Randall’s power even among the officers. He was downright rude to the General who he clearly has no respect for. I have to say I agree on the General…a silly, arrogant poof who wouldn’t know subtlety if it slapped in the face. There was a point earlier where the General says in front of Dougal that if he stays long enough in Scotland, he might just be made a Laird (with maximum mocking Scottish emphasis on the word). Although my family is a few generations removed from Ireland that statement created quite the visceral reaction in me because that’s one of the many things the English did in Ireland as well. The English Kings gave land and title to Englishmen and stole the land right out from under the Irish. For Scottish and Irish people there was nothing more important to them than the land they lived on–it was not only their birthright, it was a fundamental piece of who they were. To take it from them, make them live on it as tenants with forced obligations to some foreign twit who treated them like animals, was almost unbearable. So the insult and threat behind the General’s statements really got my dander up and it obviously wasn’t lost on Dougal. Anyway, I digress.

Randall’s responses to the General was at times dismissive and condescending but the General let it slide. Claire should have seen the dynamic at play and realized that Randall was powerful enough to insult a General in front of an entire cadre of officers and get away with it. She may have been in shock or she just didn’t see what was going on. In any case, Randall proceeds to masterfully manipulate both Claire and the other officers.  I kept saying to screen, “shut up, Claire, shut up!” Suffice it to say, Randall succeeded in planting a large seed of doubt in the General’s mind and Claire sealed her fate by saying that she doesn’t blame the Scots for being angry since the Brits are occupying their land.  In 1945 such a statement would not have been treasonous but in 1743 it was most certainly considered as such.

Even though the General is doubting her he still says she should go home as soon as possible. And no sooner does Claire ask if she can leave for Inverness that day than they are interrupted, learning that the Scots supposedly fired upon British soldiers at the edge of town with one soldier is dead and another badly wounded. Once again Claire can’t help herself when it comes to someone in need of medical care. So she goes downstairs and helps amputate the soldier’s arm. At this point we are given the impression that someone is acting as an agent provocateur, trying to gin up hostility between the two sides because Dougal is very clear that it was not his men. The most likely culprit is Randall. Claire, bloodied and tired, returns upstairs to find her hope in the form of the General has left the Inn without giving her permission to go to Inverness. She finds, instead, Randall having his face shaved by a corporal using the very razor that she would shave Frank’s face with 200 years in the future . These memories of Frank are really getting in Claire’s way because she can’t help but think of Frank, who is or will be a kind gentle man, when she interacts with Randall. This puts her at a distinct disadvantage that she won’t be fully aware of until this episode ends.

It was a mistake for Claire to leave the room

It was a mistake for Claire to leave the room

Claire remembers using Black Jack's razor on Frank 200 years in the future

Claire remembers using Black Jack’s razor on Frank 200 years in the future

Randall keeps her off balance by first apologizing for his behavior on the day they met and begins interrogating her in a relatively polite manner. Claire, unfortunately, is not a good liar, making mistakes like admitting to knowing he is from Sussex, which she only knows due to Frank’s genealogy research. Such an admission that she knows something about him that other people do not only puts her in more danger. When he asks her about her maiden name, she doesn’t answer and instead argues that she should be allowed to go home. This tells him that she is lying about her name. He basically accuses her of being an empty headed trollop or an agent in league with the King’s enemies. Obviously she can’t tell him the truth and she isn’t either of those things so she comes up with another story about her unfortunate love affair with an officer who misled her. Another mistake that Claire makes is that she keeps appealing to his gentlemanly nature.  Randall only acts like a gentleman when it gets him what he wants. Ultimately, Randall doesn’t believe the new story either.

Claire is forced to make up yet another tale

Claire is forced to make up yet another tale

And Black Jack doesn't believe her, again

And Black Jack is skeptical

There was one thing that puzzled me in this scene. In the middle of the scene, while still questioning her he draws her likeness on a napkin and asks her opinion. I’m not sure if this was a ploy to get her to come closer to him, if he wanted to have her likeness in case he needed to make wanted posters or if he was trying throw her off balance again. In any case, he tells her he will call the drawing, “Beautiful Lies”. The tone of the interrogation shifts at that point and he offers her a deal–provide evidence of Dougal’s Jacobite activities and Randall will allow her to go to Inverness. She refuses, of course, and she demands he either arrest her or leave her alone to wait for the General’s return. He ignores her and threatens to use “enhanced interrogation” techniques.

Randall draws Claire's picture on a napkin

Randall draws Claire’s picture on a napkin

"You will not leave this room until I am satisfied that you are as innocent as you claim to be" Randall

“You will not leave this room until I am satisfied that you are as innocent as you claim to be” Randall

Then Claire makes a HUGE mistake. She admits to seeing the result of those “techniques”.  She gives away that she has met Jaime and that the McKenzie clan has been sheltering him at Castle Leoch. Not only is she giving away too much information, she opens a can of worms that she’ll forever regret. Randall proceeds to tell her how he laid Jaime’s back open. In the book it was different because it was Dougal who tells her the story of Jaime’s second flogging after her disturbing meeting with Randall.  On the show Randall is kind of using her to confess his darkness but he’s also telling her as a warning. And he’s probably telling her because he wants to watch her fear and disgust grow–he’s a sadist and her fear and anger only excite him more.

This is an Emmy worthy scene for Menzies and the make-up and prosthetic department and if you see nothing else of the episode you should watch this part. Randall narrates the events and his feelings while we watch every stroke. I should warn you though, the flashback to Jaime’s flogging is absolutely brutal. My boyfriend, 14+ years as a first responder has seen many absolutely horrifying things in life and even he was shocked by the flogging. The wounds on Jaime’s back looked so real that I had to avert my eyes several times. And I’ll admit to tears. Claire mistakes him telling the story as a means of expressing remorse and I was shocked that she so clearly misread how deep the man’s sadism extends. But I think it goes back to Frank. She thinks there is some tiny bit of decency in him still–it’s as if she needs to believe it. Also, Claire is a very empathic person. She’s seen what war does to people’s psyche. All this comes together and makes her see him as another version of Frank, if he’d been to the front and been mentally damaged by it–in the end there is some pity amongst the horror. Feeling pity is also a mistake because Randall doesn’t want her pity as she will soon learn.

"I'm just afraid I'll freeze stiff before you're done talking" Jaime

“I’m just afraid I’ll freeze stiff before you’re done talking” Jaime

"All they could see was the horror but I could see the beauty." Randall

“All they could see was the horror but I could see the beauty.” Randall

Another mistake that Claire makes is that she thinks he cares about her opinion of him, but he really doesn’t. He can confess to her for the opposite reason. Because she doesn’t matter–she is disposable. By hearing his confession she is in even greater danger than before. Claire is dealing with a creature she has never encountered before and she is in way over her head. Randall is so very clever. He knows that she has mistaken his motives and doesn’t yet understand the depths of his depravity. He uses her pity against her to make her think there is some chance of redemption for him. He teases her by saying he should let her go back to Inverness as his first step toward that redemption and Claire buys it, hook, line and sinker. That is until he helps her to her feet and punches her in the stomach, full force. This is followed by him ordering the corporal to kick her while she is down, which the corporal does twice before Dougal busts into the room.

"I dwell in darkness, madam. And darkness is where I belong." Randall

“I dwell in darkness, madam. And darkness is where I belong.” Randall

Dougal demands that he be allowed to leave with Claire and claims that Randall cannot continue to question Claire on McKenzie land (the Inn and village the soldiers are currently in is in McKenzie territory). And if not allowed to leave, then it will be a declaration of war. Apparently Dougal is making a decent legal argument so they are allowed to leave but he is ordered to surrender her at Ft. William by tomorrow at sundown, where Randall will be on British “land” and can do whatever he wants to her. Dougal and Claire hightail it out of there but instead of taking her back to their camp he takes her to the Spring of St. Ninian, aka the Liar’s Spring. He asks her, one final time, if she is a spy and she says no, like she has a thousand times before. This time he believes her because he believes the superstition surrounding the spring. If a person lies right after drinking its water, it is supposed to burn out their “gizzard”. Once he’s determined she’s no real threat, Dougal tells her his plan to save her from Randall’s clutches. She’ll have to become a Scottish citizen because while Randall can compel a British citizen to submit themselves for questionning, he can’t force a Scottish person from clan lands without the Laird’s permission. And to become Scottish, she’ll have to marry a Scotsman.

Dougal threatens war on Claire's behalf

Dougal threatens war on Claire’s behalf

"The idea of grinding your corn does tickle me" Dougal

“The idea of grinding your corn does tickle me” Dougal

Claire is very against the idea but she can hardly explain why. So while examining the written contract that Ned Gowan had prepared, Jaime, her soon to be groom, brings her some booze and discusses why he is willing to marry her. Jaime says that he owes her for all the medical care she’s given him and he’s her friend and a friend would never leave her to Randall’s not so tender mercies. He admits to not being much of a catch as he has little money to live off of and there is a price on his head, so he could be caught and hung at any time. Then comes one of my favorite exchanges from the book. In one last ditch attempt to get him to say no, Claire asks Jaime if it bothers him that she’s not a virgin. And he responds, “No, so long as it doesna bother you that I am.”  In the books, this entire conversation occurred in an Inn but here they’ve done it outdoors at their camp. But it’s the same dialog as from the book and it works just as well. The episode ends with Claire snatching an entire bottle of alcohol from Dougal and walking away with the contract in one hand and the booze in the other.

Claire is surely thinking there's not enough alcohol in the world to make me forget my problems but I'm game to try

Claire is surely thinking there’s not enough alcohol in the world to make me forget my problems but I’m game to try

"I reckon one of us should ken what they're doing" Jaime

“I reckon one of us should ken what they’re doing” Jaime

Next week is the wedding and millions of women worldwide are swooning with anticipation. But as I’ve said many times, this series isn’t just about romance and all of the episodes so far are more than ample proof of that. However, this episode, in particular, stands out and deserves all the critical acclaim being heaped upon it.