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Some quickies for you:

  • Dinesh D’Souza, asshat extraordinaire, is a big whiny child.  Those evil prosecutors are doing their job and trying to put him in prison.  How dare they?!  He’ll get probation and we’ll probably still have to see his idiocy on Bill Maher.
  • Conservatives are freaking out because the President saluted with a coffee cup in his hand.  I would rather have a latte in the middle of my salute than a Scottish Terrier.  And never mind about the real problems this country has because the paranoid, desperate, white, male base eats up this shit up.
  • Can I just say how much I admire Gabby Giffords?  She is absolutely amazing to have come back from that horrible tragedy in Tucson AND launch a PAC to fight against NRA extremism.  What’s even better?  It’s working.
  • If I hear one more liberal complain that the President isn’t liberal enough, is ineffectual and that Congress sucks, I’m going to go nuclear and remind them that it’s probably because they didn’t vote in the f*%!ing 2010 mid-terms.  Here’s just one very good example of how that has hurt and will continue to hurt us for years to come.
  • How effed up is that Emma Watson, of Harry Potter fame, gave a speech to the U.N. on feminism and as a result was threatened with sexual violence and having nude photos of her posted online. This kind of terrorizing online is getting worse, not better.  I don’t know the solution but I really feel for any woman who is harrassed and terrorized because she speaks her mind on the Intertoobs.
  • Love the fact that big tech companies are divesting themselves of ALEC.  If you don’t know who they are, they’re what’s wrong with America.  A group of corporate representatives and conservatives who draft “model” legislation that they then push using vast resources in multiple states.  Their laws which include gems like SB1070, Stand your Ground,  Voter ID, and many more are nightmares and they’re making headway in many state legislatures because people aren’t paying attention to what’s happening on the state level. They’re too busy hating the President (see “Coffeegate” above and Congress (lowest approval ratings ever) on the national level and worrying about things that aren’t immediate threats (Ebola, Isis, etc).
  • And speaking of ISIS, don’t you just love that we’ve gone to war and there was absolutely no debate in Congress?!  They’d rather have yet another vote on appealing Obamacare.  Never mind that the rising cost of healthcare has actually slowed down as a direct result of the law, which was one of the main points of it in the first damn place.  Who needs facts….right?

I’d better stop while I’m ahead.  Methinks I’m getting my mojo for political blogging back and it’s about damn time!

“Grief makes one hour ten” –William Shakespeare

Christina Taylor Green

Shooting victim Christina Taylor Green

Every time I see a photo of Christina Taylor Green I start to tear up.  It has only been a year since the massacre in Tucson but I’m sure the survivors and family of those we lost it seems only yesterday.  Grief doesn’t care about time…it comes and goes as it will, different for each individual.  While I sympathize with all those who lost someone that day, I identify most strongly with Christina’s parents because my little girl is about the same age.  My poor prose can not do justice to the victims so all that I can offer are my thoughts and prayers in their honor.  The six who perished are listed below, and in addition to them there were 13 other people who were injured and will never be the same again.

Christina-Taylor Green, 9
Dorothy “Dot” Morris, 76
John Roll, 63
Phyllis Schneck, 79
Dorwan Stoddard, 76
Gabriel “Gabe” Zimmerman, 30

The brief view of Gabrielle Giffords voting in the House of Representatives on behalf of her Arizona constituents to pass the debt ceiling compromise today moved me to tears.  If all of our Representatives and Senators had just an ounce of her chutzpah we would all be so much better off.  May all the powers that be bless her and keep her forever more.

I wonder if Loughner understands just how badly he failed.  And he failed in a multitude of ways.

If his goal was to assassinate Gabrielle Giffords, he obviously failed.  She is alive.  Not only is she alive alive but she is thriving in ways that no on expected.  Today her husband announced to the press that she gave him a 20 minute neck massage.  We receive only messages of hope from her daily progress.

If Loughner’s goal was to cause other Dems to fear for their safety and to cower or quit, he failed.  Not a single Dem has resigned or withdrawn from public life as a result of this shooting.  Ironically a few Republicans have resigned here in AZ out of fear of local Tea Party activists.

If his goal was to cause further rancor, he failed.  The level of violence and hate in national political rhetoric has lessened, at least for a little while.  Some examples include the bipartisan presence at the Tucson memorial, Olbermann’s special comment last night, and Sen. McCain’s conciliatory op-ed in this past Sunday’s Washington Post.   Even the left’s blogosphere hasn’t upped the vitriol (finger pointing aside, we haven’t been “targeting” anyone).  Furthermore, the shooter exposed the hopelessness that violence offers emphasizing that those spewing hate as a form of entertainment offer us no real solutions in the long run.

If the shooter’s goal was to increase chaos, he failed.  The shooter certainly didn’t bring down any government institutions.  He didn’t cause disorder in the ranks of the political parties.  He didn’t cause citizens to turn against each other.

He’s failed in every possible way.  I hope that he has learned or will learn from this, but more importantly I hope that all Americans learn what a failure violent, angry solutions are in a civilized society.

Media Matters made a great point yesterday about this false equivalency garbage.  No matter how many times the MSM compares apples and oranges, they’re still apples and oranges.

First, drawing false equivalence is not only “taking sides,” it’s taking the wrong side. There’s a tendency to think that saying “both sides do it” is the way to avoid taking sides in a dispute (and that avoiding taking sides is imperative). But when saying “both sides do it” requires drawing a false equivalence, the speaker is taking sides — on behalf of the people responsible for the greater sin. A journalist’s imperative is telling the truth, not creating the false impression of neutrality by equating unequal things.

Also re: the both sides meme….there is a great list of hate speech and violence listed at:
and at:

And here’s a list of hate speech and incidents supposedly from the left (I haven’t verified the incidents in this list):

One thing to note about Malkin’s list…the acts taken by supposed lefties amounts to throwing pies and removing campaign signs.  On those items where an assault was reported, 3 were legitimate (the punch in FL and an anti-war protester fighting w/ police both in 2004 and another incident of aggravated stalking of a Bush supporter in 2005).  On some of the other assaults, the alleged attackers said that they were attacked by those on the right first.  So the other incidents aren’t clear at all.  In essence we have some hate speech that only those on the right have seen or made note of and 3 incidents where no one was really hurt.  Now compare that with the amount of hate speech coming from Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, Boehner, Bachmann, Cantor, Gingrich, etc and their level of vitriol.  Now here’s the real kicker….how many acts of violence have occurred?  The number and seriousness of what has been occurring on the right far outstrips what has come from the left.

Seriously!?!   A punch versus murder of 6 people?  Just the same, sure.