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UPDATE:  Regarding the e-mail incident between a U of Berkeley student and Sachi Landscaping–the guy is completely denying it was him but hasn’t provided one iota of proof that it wasn’t (details here).  And Mr. Zeiser contacted me via Twitter and said

Nice little passive aggressive compliment along with an insult.  But whatevs….I have not yet responded but my inclination is no. My thinking is that the kind of tripe he is pushing is already being blasted at the populace by really large media outlets like Fox, The Heritage Foundation, the American Spectator (for whom he has written in the past), the Daily Caller and dozens of other venues. Why should I let him use my little blog to broadcast his viewpoint when the entire Twitter conversation is all one really needs to know.  So I suggest you all read the entire Twitter conversation and make up your own mind.


So, earlier today I was watching my Twitter scroll with one eye while trying to program in C# with the other and a couple of things jumped out at me.  The first was a Storify* from @AngryBlackLady (one of my favorite writers, commentators and all around smart people online) about a conversation between her and a conservative supposed PhD  who insisted on debating her about Obamacare regardless of whether she wanted to or not.

From @ABL’s Twitter Feed

If you don’t want to read the long exchange (you really should just for the giggles, the image above is a summary of his worst statements) it boils down to her getting angry at him for pestering her for days and telling him to leave her alone.  So he resorts to using some misogynist and racist terms to refer to her and finally he refuses to acknowledge the ugliness behind what he said or apologize for it.  At the end, of course, he claims to be the victim of the whole thing. It will make you feel all fuzzy inside–not.

Not long after reading that I saw a Tweet by @LaloAlcaraz, a man of many talents (you might have seen his comics in your local newspaper if you live in the Southwestern U.S.).  He shared an email exchange between a University of Berkeley student and the owner of a local business.  The student is a member of CASA (Chicano Architecture Student Association) and asked very respectfully if her organization could get a tour of his business.  His response?

You can see Lalo’s photo of the full email exchange and the explanation here.    Not only is the business owner’s response ugly he also claims to be victimized by the request for the tour.

I don’t know about you but I’m seeing a rash of white males (just one example) running around crying about being victims to us “delicate flowers” and/or “savages” and/or “illegals”.  The irony is that anybody with a brain can see that white males, particularly older ones, still run this country and pretty much the entire fucking world.  This is serious “crazy making” behavior . It’s like women and minorities are in an abusive relationship with the rest of U.S. society.  They keep kicking us and then telling us that it’s our fault and we made them do it.  And then we when we legitimately confront them over it, they tell us that we’re the racist/bigots trying to stir up ill feelings that disappeared the moment the Black Marxist Muslim Usurper was elected in 2008.  And us wimmin folk, once we got the right to vote back in 1920 it’s been easy pickings since then, amiright my fellow delicate blossoms?   It’s all unicorns shitting one hundred dollar bills, rainbows and cotton candy, dontcha know!  Except, of course, for that painful black eye and those sore ribs we keep getting.

But there might be some hope.   Take for instance the revenge that has been enacted against ABL’s harasser.  If one were to Google his name (I highly recommend it, click this link and it will do it for you automatically) you will find a link to the Storify item I mentioned earlier about 4 or 5 results down.   The more people click on it, the more this will rise in Google search results whenever anyone searches for Mr. Zeiser.   And in so doing, it will air his statements about how much fun it is to “collect scalps”, how he called people of color and anyone who disagrees with him “savages”, and other various lovely things.  Note this isn’t harassment or libel or slander**.  He really did write these things and by doing this on Google we can ensure that even if he tries to deny it, the proof is easy to find.  As a side benefit whenever someone looks him up to find out more about him, one of the first things they will learn is that nature of his character is less than desirable.  Also do not Tweet about this conversation and mention ABL’s Twitter nom de plume. She’s over it and I don’t blame her–keep her out of the discussion unless she chooses to rejoin it on her own.

The other little bit of good news is that the Berkeley student has approached her College’s faculty in hopes that they will address the matter but many people have seen this exchange online now and I’m hoping it will descend squarely on this guy’s head so that he loses his license to practice.  However, the student has asked people online not to interact with the company directly so DO NOT contact the business owner or the company.  Nevertheless, if you live in Southern California (and I know a few people that do) keep this guy and his business in mind because if he or his company tries to get your business (or anyone you know) you can tell him to “piss off”.  If he wants to know why tell him it’s the “Free Market” coming back to bite him in the ass.

The ugliness of these kinds of exchanges is why I have to take a break from the Internet on occasion.  Then again, people like ABL and Lalo pull me back in because they are never afraid to point it out, call it what it is, and they don’t let it make them crazy.  I don’t have their coping mechanisms yet but I’m getting there.


*For those who don’t know, Storify is a way to document a series of Tweets over a long period of time.  It puts them in the proper time order which can be very hard to do on your own without such an app.

**I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV.  However, libel/slander is propagating something you know is untrue.  And it don’t get any more real than that there Twitter exchange.

The link to the Spanish version of this post

Four women in TX went to lunch to discuss how they could grow their group membership (ht Bob Cesca). Their group, “Mother’s Demand Action for Gun Sense in America” or MDA for short, is kind of new and looking to expand.  They weren’t protesting.  They weren’t making noise. They were having lunch at a public restaurant.

A group of 40 gun owners who believe that there should be no restrictions whatsoever on the right to carry, brought their weapons and sat outside of the restaurant waiting for the women to come out.  The women were frightened, as any normal person would have been particularly in light of all the mass shootings that have been occurring lately. Other patrons were worried and the restaurant owner was too scared to call the cops (thinking that might make things more violent instead of less).

So this is where we are at.  If you disagree with the right, they will follow you to a public place and intimidate you.  Then they’ll claim to be exercising the First and Second Amendments.    It made me pretty angry.  I commented over at Bob’s blog and was immediately insulted by a conservative commenter who says he’s to the right of the NRA (never thought I’d hear anyone actually admit to that).  My response to his attack?

And thanks for that cherry on top of your ad hominem attack. So far you’ve insulted my English reading comprehension skills, my knowledge of American jurisprudence, and now mental stability. You must be The Great Carnac with your ability to gauge someone’s mental and intellectual level over the Internet! I bet you have a tin foil hat in the shape of a turban with a little tea bag hanging jauntily down the front.

My photo response--The Great Conservative Carnac!

My photo response–The Great Conservative Carnac!

I’m seriously considering donating some money to MDA so they can hire a lawyer to sue the shit out of the gun nuts or hire some protection, or maybe both.

“To cheapen the lives of any group of men, cheapens the lives of all men, even our own. This is a law of human psychology, or human nature. And it will not be repealed by our wishes, nor will it be merciful to our blindness.”
–William Pickens

You might have already seen the story about the rodeo in Missouri that had a clown dressed up in an Obama mask and proceeded to engage in a disgusting display of hate.  At least one of the attendees was shocked and posted about it on his blog and then the national media got a hold of the story.  The attendee said when the announcer asked the people if they wanted to see the Dummy Obama get run over by a bull, the crowd screamed with such enthusiasm that he actually felt fear.  Not fear for his own safety but fear of that level of hatred.   He characterized it thusly,

“They mentioned the president’s name, I don’t know, 100 times. It was sickening,” Beam said. “It was feeling like some kind of Klan rally you’d see on TV.”

I first read the story a few days ago and it made me feel sick to my stomach too.  I’ve always been so shocked by how the conservative power structure is so willing and capable of whipping their flock into a lather of hate against Democratic politicians.  Remember the fervor with which they pursued Bill Clinton (and his wife and poor teenage daughter)?  The ongoing loathing of the House Minority Leader, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) mystifies me as well.  Conservative TV and radio hosts have vilified her for years.  They’ve been focusing their bile on President Obama since he first declared himself a candidate for the White House.  The jokes about Hillary, Chelsea and Pelosi were and are often sexist.  So it’s no surprise that the hate-filled propaganda against the President tends to be, more often than not, racist.  After all, in their view, his skin color is the most obvious thing about him.

Rallying conservatives at public gatherings with some good old “dog whistles” is , unfortunately, as American as apple pie.  Some politicians wisely came out and denounced it because ultimately to use such rhetoric is demeaning to us as a country and well, it’s just plain wrong.  Others, however, jumped right into the fray and have not only enthusiastically supported the rodeo producers and clown but have offered to give the clown more gigs performing the same routine in their home state.  One of those is Steve Stockman (R-TX District 36).  He felt sorry for the radio clown, who had been banned for life from the Missouri State Rodeo, and invited the guy to perform in Texas.

You might remember Stockman–he’s done and said some wacky things over the years.  He’s the asshole who lied on Twitter saying that female spectators planned on throwing tampons at Texas State Legislature while they debated and voted on an abortion bill last month.  He’s also the gem of a guy who thinks that arming fetuses is the solution to abortion.  He proposed legislation to defund any school that punishes kids for pretending to play with guns.  He’s even praised Ted Nugent as being a patriot and had him as his guest at the 2013 State of the Union.   For those of you who don’t know, Nugent is a washed-up musician posing as a politically involved citizen who is in reality a pants-shitting draft dodging piece of crap who threatened Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, and President Obama on stage in such a ugly and convincing fashion the Secret Service had to have a little talk with him.  This is just a tiny sample of Steve Stockman’s character, or lack thereof.

And now Stockman is saying that the rodeo clown wasn’t wrong but the liberal reaction to it was.

“The liberal reaction is straight out of Alinsky,” he continued. “They want to crush dissent by isolating and polarizing anyone who questions Obama, even if it’s a rodeo clown with a harmless gag. The idea to create a state of fear and make people afraid to trivialize Obama.”

There’s so much nonsense in this quote, it’s ridiculous. First, Stockman clearly doesn’t understand the First Amendment. Second, his assertion that liberals are trying to create a state of fear is pure projection. Stockman and his ilk are the ones running around calling the President everything from a fascist dictator to a Muslim socialist usurper who is going to take everyone’s guns and force Sharia law on the country.

Third, the clown (and the rodeo announcer, the enthusiastic crowd, etc) weren’t “questioning Obama”, they were fantasizing about hurting him. Have you ever been in a large crowd that gets all frenzied focusing their anger at a single individual? It’s pretty damn chilling and creates a state of fear–just ask the poor man and his family who first reported the incident to the world. How many other citizens in that crowd sat silently through the event quietly horrified by the level of hate but too fearful to speak up. Anyone with any sense knows that to speak out against something like that risks having the frenzied crowd turn on you in mob fashion.

Fourth and finally, name dropping Alinsky is laughable.  Only conspiracy theorist nuts and avid listeners of conservative shock jocks (like Beck, Limbaugh, Jones, etc) will recognize that name.  Most liberals that I know never even heard about Alinsky until the right started to use him as some kind of leftist symbol of the devil in recent years.  The reference to Saul Alinsky, the founder of modern “community organizing”, is important though because it also implies a few things.  Stockman is implying that liberals coordinated their reaction to the rodeo event and that this is just one part of a larger subterranean campaign to crush dissent against the Obama Administration.  When he says “right out of Alinsky” he’s saying that there is some kind of playbook written by Alinksy that liberals are following.  He is also trying to link Alinsky’s politics (which the right think were horribly extreme) to the President and liberals in general.  And finally, there’s the implication that the Jews are behind it all.  Had Alinsky’s name been Wyatt McWhitey, I’m pretty darn certain the right would never have used him as a symbolic cudgel.

In any case, Stockman (and anyone else on the right) using this situation to stir up anti-Administration fervor should be ashamed of themselves.  Of course, they’re not.  This kind of hate mongering has actually kept the Stockman’s, Gohmert‘s, and Issa‘s of the world in power so why would they be ashamed.  It’s kept them famous (infamous in my eyes), wealthy, and given them seats in our governmental power structure.  The fact that Americans keep electing someone like Stockman is the most disgusting and disheartening aspect of the whole thing.  The voters in Texas’ 36th Congressional District have some serious ‘splainin to do to the rest of us and so does the Republican Party that tolerates this idiot.

h/t JM Ashby over at

Today, I just can’t resist putting Glenn Beck on my list of people who deserve to be beaten about the head and shoulders with a tube sock full of butter. He said this yesterday:

No American citizen blows up random people. That’s a Middle Eastern scene, that’s not an American scene — when our crazies go off, they target the government, not streets that are crowded with people.

EXCEPT for these little incidents here, right Glenn?

  • 2010 Byron Williams – murdered a police officer on the way to massacre the local ACLU office in CA saying he wanted to start a revolution (and not surprisingly he was/is a BIG Beck fan)
  • 2008 Jim David Adkisson – murdered 2 and injured 7 at a UU Church in TN because he hated liberals
  • 1996 Eric Rudolph – bombed innocents in Olympic Park in Atlanta during 1996 Olympics
  • 1995 Timothy McVeigh – bombed a government building in Oklahoma City killing dozens including 19 children all under the age of 6
  • 1978 to 1995 Ted Kaczynski — many bombings over a 17 year period of time
  • 1966 Charles Whitman –infamous Univ of Texas tower shooter who killed 17 people and wounded 32 AFTER having killed his mother and wife at home.
  • 1963 4 KKK members – Robert Chambliss, Thomas E. Blanton Jr, Herman Cash, and Bobby Frank Cherry bombed the 16th Street Baptist Church and took the life of four girls in Birmingham, AL

Need I go on? Notice anything in common about this list? All of them red blooded and white skinned Americans.  There aren’t enough “butter socks” in the world for the Glenn Beck’s of the world.

Remember when the Romney campaign said they weren’t using “dog whistles”?  Remember how they said they cared about all of America?  Well, it turns not to be true–surprise!  Apparently, it was the white middle and upper class voters that mattered more according to Romney’s chief strategist, Stuart Stevens.

On Nov. 6, Romney carried the majority of every economic group except those with less than $50,000 a year in household income. That means he carried the majority of middle-class voters.
There was a time not so long ago when the problems of the Democratic Party revolved around being too liberal and too dependent on minorities. Obama turned those problems into advantages and rode that strategy to victory.
Republican ideals — Mitt Romney — carried the day. On Nov. 6, that wasn’t enough to win. But it was enough to make us proud and to build on for the future.

Shorter Stevens, the white people who matter voted for our ideas so we won a moral victory and will keep building on that for future elections. What a rational, pragmatic person should say in this situation would be, “Wow, we lost women, all of the minorities 1, too many in the middle class 2, and the fastest growing part of the population which accounted for 53% of the population. Maybe we’re doing something wrong!” No, instead the GOP is signaling that the 47% that voted for them, particularly those white folks, was good enough for them. So they’ll hunker down using the same failed strategies to motivate white voters that were so concisely detailed by Lee Atwater 3 and reinforced by jerks like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh 4. Kind of makes you wonder, who was really engaged in class warfare?

From a practical campaign point of view I say keep on keeping on. Once whites begin to lose their majority status (which is happening as we speak) the GOP won’t win another major election until they change their ways. From a moral viewpoint, Stevens’ opinion and anyone that supports it in the GOP is insulting and wrong. From a long-term view maybe we will be better off as a country if the GOP dies this slow death. Maybe a new party that truly champions conservative ideas without using hate, and religious intolerance, and one that lacks a frothing at the mouth desperation can finally come into being. Then we could actually discuss the issues instead of the wedges.  I’m allowed to dream once in a while, right?

1. For example, Asian Americans who used to heavily favor Republican candidates made a dramatic shift to support President Obama.  Why?  The evidence seems to suggest that they, like me and many other whites who voted for Obama, didn’t vote solely on their own best interests.  That they voted based on a principle belief in the American Dream and to them the President best represented that American Dream….a point I have made on this blog, many, many times.  To me, President Obama is the quintessential example of  the American Dream and I heavily identify with it, as do many hard working, successful Asian Americans.

2. BTW, I’m white, middle class and Romney didn’t win my vote and there were tons more like me…why? Because we don’t believe that we are the only face of this country. We don’t think our interests are more important than other citizens’ interests….we love our country, every diverse part of it. We are capable of empathy, selflessness, and long-term thinking. By voting for Obama we could not only look out for our own interests but the interests of many others. With Romney there was a choice between “us” and “them”. I reject that kind of narrow thinking and I’m glad the majority of America did too.  

3.  Known as the “Southern Strategy” it now appeals to white folks in places like Wyoming, Kansas and Indiana.  It’s no coincidence that as white’s lose their majority status in this country that more and more white ears can now hear this kind of appeal.  Nothing opens the eyes and ears than the loss of privilege and it’s part of why extremists in the GOP appear to be increasingly desperate (and clinging to desperate hopes like secession).  

4. Bill O’Reilly and all the other GOP operatives masquerading as journalists, pundits and blowhards who said the President won because he was “giving away” stuff…you’re wrong. For example, in 2014 when insurance companies can no longer reject me for pre-existing conditions I will have to pay about $18,000 a year out of pocket for that health insurance, which does not include co-pays, prescription costs, extra lab fees, etc. Does that sound free to you? And this will apply to everyone else in the same boat. Even if we had a Single Payer health care system it wouldn’t be free because we ALL pay taxes in one form or another. So eff off with your lies about “free gifts” and Obama as Santa bullshit.