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It’s nuts all the way down

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Blogging, Personal

Well, I would have been putting up more posts over the last couple of days but I’ve been busy debating a gun nut on one of my other posts. I think he (or she) has wasted enough of my time.  I have to learn to ignore the crazies.  Perhaps that will be a New Year’s Resolution.

Awesome post by John Scalzi, recent winner of the Hugo award for Redshirts, a Sci-Fi novel. The post, entitled “To The Dudebro Who Thinks He’s Insulting Me by Calling Me a Feminist“, is full of win and a MUST read. Enjoy!

PS: He also wrote this awesome post on what it is like to be poor….I have at some point in my life identified with almost everything on this list. If you haven’t, you are a lucky person.

Happy Anniversary…….

Posted: July 9, 2013 in Blogging, Personal

UPDATE:  To date I’ve had 17,105 views of my site and 1,159 comments.

Happy Anniversary to me!!!  Apparently it’s been 3 years since I’ve been on these Intertoobs blogging.  I’ve actually been on the Internet since before it had pictures (yes, I’m dating myself, I know) but my blogging started on July 2nd, 2010.  My first post made fun of a female Republican candidate, which you can see here.  The funniest thing about that video and that post is the candidate is PROUD of it and still has it on YouTube.  If I could have just one wish, it would be that conservative politicians, no make that all politicians, be given the ability to feel shame.   Maybe that would help a teensy weensy little bit.

Anyway, I’m three years old blog-wise but it remains to be seen if I am 3 years wiser.  I’m definitely still D. Ranged.  Thanks for following me, those of you who do, and thanks for all the interesting comments over the years.  Keep ’em coming!



Grateful, happy and hopeful

Posted: January 28, 2013 in Blogging, Family, Health, Personal

He who has felt the deepest grief is best able to experience supreme happiness.
–Alexander Dumas

I know my blog has been pretty negative lately, but I have been going through some rough times and it helps me to write about it. And at the same time I know that I need to focus on more positive things. So here’s a list of the things in no particular order that I am grateful for, that I look forward to, and that make me happy.

I am grateful for:
1. Having an awesome guy in my life who makes me feel loved (yes this means you, Blair)
2. Having a job
3. Having enough of my wits left to express myself in writing
4. Having two beautiful and loving children
5. Having sisters who understand me and are always willing to listen to me
6. having the ability to still recognize beauty in a sunset or a well written poem or a work of art or a song or the human form…the opportunities are multitudinous if I only open my eyes

The following things make me happy:
1. Hearing my son giggle when I tickle his belly
2. Seeing my daughter run like greased lightening on the soccer field
3. Falling asleep next to the man I love (yes this is about you too, Blair)
4. When it rains in Arizona
5. Working with my sister Kathy on our book
6. Any time I learn something new or figure out the answer to a puzzle
7. Helping others

I am looking forward to:
1. Teaching my son to read
2. Seeing my daughter become a young woman
3. Possibly seeing my high school friends at our reunion along with my family in PA this year
4. Having a home to call my own some day and most especially if it is with that guy I keep mentioning
5. Reading more wonderful books of all kinds
6. Writing many more blog posts in future

Peace Out, amigos.

Creeping Crud

Posted: January 3, 2013 in Blogging, Personal

It is only day three of the new year and I am struggling to find anything of substance to say. I know what I think is important but what you might think is important, I don’t have a clue.

I spent the day home sleeping, trying to get through whatever sickness has been getting passed around in my family. It struck me last week with head congestion and I thought I had turned a corner on Tuesday night but by Wednesday night my throat was burning and all that congestion decided to let gravity have its way. By this morning I sounded like a frog and probably looked like one too. Slept most of the day and just hung out with Liam tonight. My daughter is off seeing the some famous dancing horses over in Scottsdale with the ex-in laws who despise me.

I am dragging myself into work tomorrow no matter how bad I feel because I simply can’t afford to miss another 8 hours. The reality of being an hourly wage employee, something I had forgotten about over the last 20 years of salaried positions, basically sucks. I hope this New Years finds you in better health than I.