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Game of Thrones last episode, “First of His Name”, not only reached record levels of cable subscriber viewers surpassing even The Sopranos but it is also setting records for illegal downloads [ht for both links to].  Well, I’m not crying any crocodile tears for cable providers because THIS  is how I feel about them:

I moved a couple of weeks ago. In my old house I had a bundled package through CenturyLink (formerly Qwest) for DSL internet (60Mbps download) and DirectTV for HBO (and a thousand other useless stations). We didn’t actually get 60, but we sure as hell paid for it. And their service dropped all the time. At the new house the max download speed that CenturyLink could offer was 5Mbps–this is in a newer neighborhood, built after fiber optic was being installed automatically. Forget about the kids using their Xbox while you watch a movie via Netflix…that ain’t gonna happen….hell I couldn’t work from home using that kind of download speed!

So we had to get rid of CenturyLink, which means we had to get rid of DirectTV–remember it’s a bundle–separate the things are impossibly expensive. Now DirectTv wants over $300 as a penalty for canceling with them which we wouldn’t have had to do if CenturyLink didn’t suck so much. DirectTV said ‘well you can keep us and use Cox for your Internet‘.    No, I can’t because it will cost me 3x’s as much per month if I go that route. I can’t afford over $300 a month–that truly is insane. To put it into perspective, that’s more than I pay for health insurance every month!!!

The ONLY other option for Internet connection at the new house (or anywhere else in central AZ for that matter) was Cox Communications–who has the absolute worst customer support I have ever had the misfortune to encounter in all my years of consumer spending (I used to have them when I lived in the Central Phoenix corridor). There was no other choice, so I signed up with Cox.

In order to get near the same speed I am now paying slightly more per month than before AND they forced us to get a phone line and sign a 2 year deal. I haven’t had a plug in phone in years and I still don’t. I refuse to put a phone in so telemarketers can bug me 24/7. Screw em. So now I’m paying for phone I don’t need AND a thousand channels I don’t watch so I can access the Internet and watch HBO.  In a year or so if I need to move again, what if the house to which I’m moving doesn’t have access to Cox Cable.  I was thinking about buying a house.  Do I have to restrict my house search to only ones that allow Cox Cable?  The whole thing is just absurd.

Why are these companies allowed to control every point of access we have to streaming content? They don’t allow monopolies in other industries but this one seems to be A-Okay with Congress. It boggles the mind.


The following news stories actually make me not only wonder if our species will survive for much longer but also if we deserve to survive our own stupidity and neglect.

  • The City of Detroit found 11,000 rape kits that were abandoned and never tested.  After testing less than 7% of them they identified 100 serial rapists and 10 convicted rapists.  So if that pattern holds and they test the rest of them, they can expect to discover several hundred more of these scumbag.  ht mistermix at Balloon Juice
  • The AZ legislature is pushing a bill that would allow people to carry guns into building even if it’s forbidden (if they don’t have lockers available you can ignore the ban).  They’ve also advanced the idea that some gun owners can carry even if there are lockers and ban.  And to make it truly impossible for local governments to forbid guns in their government buildings, they’ve approved and forwarded a bill that says any local government who enforces local ordinance over state law can be fined.  This is like the trifecta of stupid.  They’re begging for someone to go into government buildings and commit mass murder.  I certainly will be avoiding those buildings like the plague if this crap passes.  ht JM Ashby at Bob Cesca
  • New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, back when he was a prosecutor, let a child slaver off easy so that he could take down a political rival.
  • Pat Robertson, TV Evangelist, told a woman that having cancer was her own fault for not forgiving her abusive father.  Okaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy
  • A new law went into effect in Michigan that says businesses and individuals who purchase private insurance must take out a separate rider to cover abortion care.  Essentially, if a woman needs an abortion for ANY reason and if she doesn’t have  a separate rider for it, she will have to pay out of pocket for the cost of that care.  So if I lived there, had a miscarriage and needed a D&C to shorten the process  and suffering so I could get back on my feet sooner, I would have to pay completely out of pocket for it.  Likewise for women who have become pregnant as a result of incest and rape.  That’s insane.  The real kicker is that there is not a single private insurance provider in the marketplace that provides this insurance.  This could not only bankrupt women and their families, it in effect nullifies Roe v. Wade, and will force women to seek out cheaper and more dangerous care for such things.  I hope the women in Michigan enjoy being second class citizens because it looks like the state is on target to vote the same politicians who’ve created these laws back into office.
  • Billionaires in the 1% are getting their panties in a twist and crying lots of salty tears because the rest of us are tired of having the economy manipulated while they gamble with our money and take what little wealth Americans have managed to accumulate over the last few decades.  The 99% have had the temerity to exercise their Freedom of Speech and the Right to Vote in more progressive candidates.  However, so far as I know there have been no lynch mobs or guillotine lines nor any proposed by anyone of significance in any “likely to happen” fashion.  The 99% are simply using the peaceful system of governance and the wonderful mechanisms given to us by the Founding Fathers.  However, reading some of the recent comments by the 1% (here’s a few examples here and here) might make one think that we are in the midst of a communist peasant uprising (or fascist style takeover depending on which historical example they erroneously choose).  Truth is, if we were in such a state, their heads would already be on pikes.  In reality nothing is happening to them and that’s the stupid thing.  We should be curtailing their almost godlike power over our economy and our elected officials. Their message gets broadcast loud and clear.  We hear about their perspective 24/7 on Fox News, read their whining on major websites and news sources (in addition to reading about their phenomenally ignorant take on history), and suffer under the vagaries of the worldwide economy which they essentially control.  As Jon Stewart said the other day, they make money regardless of how the economy fares.  So why should they give a crap about us? They don’t and the majority of Americans haven’t yet grasped this fact and what it will mean for this country, and indeed the world, in the long run.  Until Americans decide to stand up and pull up our pants, they’ll be back there having their way with us and complaining that its hard, nay dangerous, to be a billionaire.

“Find out the cause of this effect,
Or rather say, the cause of this defect,
For this effect defective comes by cause.”

—-William Shakespeare, “Hamlet”

There is something rotten deep inside the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office. It’s some kind of infection that permeates the entire agency and results in pustules that force the public and the larger justice system to take notice. Sometimes those pustules burst and leave no doubt that something is terribly wrong. Rank problems include too many poorly explained and poorly handled inmate deaths, charges of racial discrimination, profiling and harassment, and 6,300 lawsuits that have cost County taxpayers over $50 million and counting. Just to put that into perspective for you….take Harris County, Texas (which includes Houston)….over the last 17 years Arpaio’s MCSO has had 6 times as many lawsuits against it. Yes, I said 6 times. Something is indeed rotten…we should just call Sheriff Arpaio “Cousin Fester” and be done with it.

Not as if we need any more convincing but there’s yet another sad and infuriating story coming out of Joe’s jail hellscape.  Miriam Mendiola-Martinez, an illegal document with forged papers, was arrested in 2009 and she was pregnant.   What she says happened to her is a nightmare that no human being should ever have to endure.  Here’s a list of her charges:

  • They put her in jail while she was in active labor instead of keeping her in the hospital.
  • The purposely ignored her cries for help because they were in Spanish and not English (The Justice Department has confirmed that this was a common pattern of behavior for the guards.)
  • After being taken back a day later to the hospital to give birth via C-Section, she was not allowed to hold her son or nurse him.
  • She was shackled to her hospital bed immediately following the C-Section.
  • They took her out of the hospital early before she could be given pain medication and even before the hospital had officially discharged her.
  • When taking her out of the hospital, they had her shackled at both the hands and feet.  Her attorney said in an interview that I heard on KJAZZ this morning (can’t find the actual transcript) that she was bleeding down over her ankle shackles.

I don’t know about you, but I have had a C-Section and you can’t walk for quite a while afterward–like a full day afterwards. It’s major surgery and it hurts like hell.  It takes a minimum of 12 weeks of rest to recovery from. The fact that they had her up and walking out of the hospital (without doctor sign off) within hours not only violates hospital rules but the fact she had no pain medication is just plain cruel and unusual.

The lawsuit against MCSO was filed on Jan. 21st and one day later U.S. District Court Judge Joe Campbell threw it out of court saying that since she was not shackled during the actual labor her lawsuit cannot show that a constitutional rights violation occurred.  See the law says you can’t shackle a woman during labor but says nothing about before or after.  Industry practice, even in Arizona Corrections, is to never shackle a pregnant woman at any time unless she is a danger to herself and others.  So even though MCSO was violated their own industry practices, they weren’t technically violating the law–according to the judge.  A quick note, Judge Campbell is a well-known conservative.  In other words, there was little hope that this case could get past the patriarchal firewall of misogyny here in Arizona.  Thankfully, that’s what appeals are for.  Her attorney plans to appeal to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Until then, when will Maricopa County residents realize that this “effect defective comes by cause” and the cause is the guy at the helm of the rotting body that is MCSO.

A couple of days ago Gov. Brewer of this fine state abolished an entire state government agency: Child Protective Services. She replaced it with a new one called “Child Safety and Family Services” and put a guy by the name of Charles Flanagan in the director’s position, current head of the AZ Department of Juvenile Corrections. This change by the Governor is most likely bad for Arizona although one could also argue that things couldn’t have gotten any worse.

The tipping point for the Governor, beyond CPS’s well known longterm underperformance, was the fact that a review of their caseloads discovered that 6,000 cases that originated from the official hotline had not been investigated. This sounds horrible and it is. It is also illegal because AZ laws says that those cases MUST be investigated. Nevertheless, what the news media is not reporting to the public is the context in which all this occurred.

CPS has, like most other state agencies, been purposely starved by the Republican Governor and Republican-led legislature. Arizona is a conservative state and prides itself on low tax rates. Combine that with revenue plummeting due to the Great Recession that started in 2008 and from which we are just now recovering and we ended up with very few funds for a lot of services. We are recovering thankfully. Experts are saying that Arizona revenue will have grown by 3.5% in Fiscal Year in 2013 and are predicting 5.3% in Fiscal Year 2014. In the end, we get what we pay for and Arizona doesn’t pay for much.

However, even when times were good, state services were dismal. Here is just one example*. In 2006, the state had approximately 5% of the population living with serious mental illness and on average spent $157 per capita and assisted only 18% of the adults in need. In addition an unusually low percentage of the money budgeted for mental health services, 7%, went to state hospital care. The national average is 70%. This means that if you’re mentally ill in AZ and need assistance from the state you aren’t likely to get any and if you happen to end up homeless and mentally ill, there are no hospitals for you. This again, follows a conservative trend to deinstitutionalize mental health treatment . This trend began in CA when Reagan was governor and when he was elected President he spread that policy nationwide with ramifications we are still feeling today. Suffice it to say, it’s part of the Republican strategy to starve government so that it will fail. And when services fail, because they’ve made it inevitable, they can say, “See government doesn’t work so let’s just do away with it.” Even now Arizona is projected to have a budget surplus but Republican state legislators are still preaching austerity. Here’s what Rep. John Kavanagh (R-Fountain Hills**) had to say back in October 2013 a couple of months before the most recent scandal.

Kavanagh, R-Fountain Hills, said a more realistic snapshot would build in extra spending requests in the coming years, especially since the state has had a recent run of surpluses.

“A lot of people are asking for more spending,” Kavanagh said, ticking off requests he’s seen for Child Protective Services, wildfire management and roads.

If lawmakers spend even $150 million more a year over the state budget’s baseline for the next three years, he said, the deficit could balloon to $1.4 billion by June 2017.

That’s just theory at this point. Many involved in the budgeting process caution it’s hard to reliably predict revenue and spending more than a year ahead of time.

The point is that CPS was set up to fail. Having worked in law enforcement myself I am very familiar with how child protection services are supposed to work and the incredible burdens the very underpaid, under appreciated and over worked social workers have to contend with. I thought my caseload as a Probation Officer was bad until I found out about the social workers and what they had to deal with. At least with my active caseload of 150 felons in the community, which was about half of their active cases, the likelihood that anyone’s life and mental health really depended on what I did or didn’t do was low. That’s not the case with CPS. Many of the kids’ lives and mental and physical health are directly dependent upon CPS employees every single day. Needless to say the turnover for their employees is extremely high because morale is naturally horrible. High turnover rate means more down time and increased costs for training making CPS even more expensive to run than other agencies.

Of the 6,000 cases that were ignored, 125 were found to be actual cases of abuse and none of those were reported as fatalities. That’s about a 2% rate of actual abuse from Hotline cases. Ultimately this latest scandal is simply further proof that CPS could never have succeeded. This kind of agency faces enough of a challenge in our society without the extra burden of being starved financially. So the Governor can create a new agency all she wants but it will still have the same mission, still have to draw from the same pool of underpaid and disillusioned social workers, and still have the same caseload pressures as before. Furthermore, the fact that she’s putting someone who has been involved with locking up kids and not saving them doesn’t bode well either.

In the end, the people that suffered and will continue to suffer are first and foremost the kids and second the overwhelmed CPS employees. I’m sure the Governor and the state Republican controlled legislature feels their hands are clean and on the surface it may appear they are lily white. Right now it appears that Gov. Brewer is sweeping in to save the day. That’s because they are willing to let that all roll downhill like they always do and the local news media and the voting public will let them get away with it yet again. For what it’s worth, at least some of us know the truth.


*Another somewhat related example are the approximately 400 felony cases, some of which were sexual in nature and the victims were children, that went uninvestigated in the city of El Mirage. Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office was paid to investigate the crimes except they never were. Funny how Joe is still in office….why is MCSO even allowed to exist if CPS isn’t under the same circumstances? Why hasn’t El Mirage sued the holy bejeebers out of MCSO for unrendered services, fraud, theft, something….anything? Typical Arizona bullpucky to which the voters turn a blind eye.

**Fountain Hills is a VERY wealthy community to the East of Snottsdale where Sheriff “I serve green bologne to my inmates and have one of the highest correction death rates in the country” Arpaio happens to reside.

I wrote the other day about how the new voter ID law in Texas will disenfranchise over a million voters, many of whom are women.  Well, the law went into effect just in time for early voting for the upcoming November 5th elections.  And, as predicted, citizens are already having problems.  A Texas District Judge said she

was flagged for possible voter fraud because her driver’s license lists her maiden name as her middle name, while her voter registration form has her real middle name. This was the first time she has ever had a problem voting in 49 years.

You probably won’t hear about this on the news very much because they’d rather cover the circus in Washington, D.C. While I’ll admit that clowns are distracting, they’re not quite as important as the death rattle of voting rights.

Voter ID laws are all the rage now (North Carolina, Kansas, etc).   Most if not all of these laws were written by a guy from Kansas, Kris Kobach, on behalf of ALEC (an organization I’ve written about before).  You might remember him better as the asswipe who wrote SB1070 Paper’s Please law.     Well, Arizona also passed another Kobach drafted law in 2004 called Proposition 200 that required voters to prove they were citizens instead of letting them just attest to being citizens.

The Inter Tribal Council of America, a Native American organization representing 20 different tribes with reservations in the state, filed suit and the case made it all the way to the Supreme Court (aka, SCOTUS).  Why the Native Americans?  Because many of them are born, live and die on the Reservation and do not have Birth Certificates.  A very large percentage don’t have photo ID’s.  None of that changes the facts that they’re still citizens and they should have the right to vote and be treated equally (14th Amendment and all that).

So SCOTUS FINALLY ruled in June of this year that the National Voting Rights Act of 1993 overrides Arizona Proposition 200 and said that AZ could not reject Federal registration forms using AZ legal standards BUT they didn’t say that the AZ requirements were unconstitutional–just that anyone who used Federal forms can’t be rejected.   Unfortunately, this gives the resident fascists a lovely little opening to screw those pesky voters (who, oh so conveniently happen to be brown and/or female).  AZ Secretary of State, Ken Bennett, has decided that there will be two classes of voters now.  People who register to vote using the AZ state form, which requires proof of citizenship, will be allowed to vote in all elections and sign petitions for initiatives, referenda and recalls.  But those who use/used the Federal form, which only requires the applicant to attest to the fact that they are a citizen, can only vote in Federal elections.

Voting is complicated enough but now they’re trying to specify who has the right to vote and who doesn’t.  This sounds really effing unconstitutional to me and others.  But I’m not hearing about this outrage much in local and state news.   Google searches show up very few articles…one of which is simply an interview that allows Bennett to defend his strategy.

As informed as I am, I don’t even know whether I used a Federal form or a state form.  I’m sure millions of other Arizonans won’t either.  And since they don’t know this is happening, they’re going to be mighty effing shocked when they go to vote in the next election and are told they can’t vote for governor, legislators, ballot initiatives, etc.  But by then it will be too late.  They will have lost their right to vote, the state Republican party will have benefited and any court ruling will be another decade in the future (maybe).  This is another arrow in the heart of democracy and it’s happening far too quietly right under Arizonan’s noses.

So I’m driving to work this morning when I came across one of those local morning radio shows of the Howard Stern-like variety, meaning full of hyper-masculine oversexed and racist bullshit sprinkled with a dusting of misogyny.  To my delight they were up in arms about a story out of Texas that the state legislature passed a bill that would make male masturbation illegal–because every sperm is sacred, dontcha know!  Further in the story it said that men could not buy or possess sex toys that aid in masturbation and that they couldn’t receive erectile dysfunction drugs unless they sign a statement saying they would only have sex with a woman while using them and then give that statement to the government.  My first reaction was a gleeful “Welcome to my world, bitches!”

Most of the guys on the show were stunned but one of them, the lone religious man kept saying “there has to be a reason”.  He was trying to find justification for why they would do such a thing as if men had been masturbating so much that birth rates were dropping dangerously in Texas or some such nonsense. Leaving aside the whole debate as to why a religious man would be on such a show, which is a whole nother post altogether, I was fascinated by his attempt to justify the supposed law and the others reactions to the story.  The other men were just appalled and rightly so.  It obviously violates their autonomy, inserts religion into their bedrooms and violates the privacy between a patient and their doctor.

Now you may, at this point, be doubting the veracity of said article.  You are correct.  It was a satirical news story put out by the Tribune Herald.  If you go to the actual article online you will see that the lede states “Texas legislature fails on abortion, passes masturbation bill”.    Technically speaking the abortion bill hasn’t completely failed since Gov. Perry and his minions will continue to push the law until the opposition is exhausted from maintaining near constant filibustering because in TX a person who is filibustering actually has to stand for the better part of a day and actually hold the floor of the legislature (unlike Congress which allows the member to not even be present to prevent a vote or fillibuster).  The Texas GOP will force this law on the state the will and health of the women of Texas be damned.

Without getting too caught up in the abortion debate, what is most interesting to me was that even though the fake article that got our local shock jocks so upset was clearly set up within the context of the failed abortion bill not once during the whole discussion did any one of them draw a parallel between their situation and that of women.  Not once did it occur to them that women might feel the same way because we already face laws that say we’re not allowed to buy or possess sex toys in some states.  We already face laws that say we aren’t allowed to have sex without procreating.  Make no mistake about it.  Every single law that makes getting an abortion more difficult (e.g., by adding unreasonable wait times, by closing down every clinic in the state, by proscribing forced vaginal insertion of medical devices, by limiting the window in which one can get an abortion, etc) basically tells women that if they have sex and get pregnant the state will do everything in their power to force them to give birth.  And if we allow abortion to be outlawed, we might as well write the laws that way.  Women must give birth if they get pregnant.  That’s what anti-choice laws are REALLY about.  And let’s not get into the social stigma of women who actually like sex or who are openly sexual–you know the drill–men are studs and women are sluts, etc, etc.  We’ve been over all that.  NONE of that has changed.

So these radio hosts never once made the connection between the rights that they purportedly lost with the rights that women have actually lost.  They completely missed the point of the satire and here’s why.  These same radio hosts frequently have strippers and porn stars on their show doing  interviews and contests that would make your grandmother turn a shade of red never before seen in the visible spectrum (I would link to some video of their contests but they are really pretty tacky like the one of a purported MILF in a bikini who gets into a midget’s pants…..nuff said).  Suffice it to say, they have little to no respect for women.  Oh, don’t get me wrong. They love women who are “nasty” and “slutty”.  They love them like you love that hot fudge brownie sundae you can’t resist late at night.  You know it will make you fat and hate yourself tomorrow but by God you’ll scarf it down anyway.  They can’t stand women who don’t put out or who don’t tolerate men behaving badly around them.  They’re buzz killers and uptight prudes.  To them a woman can only be one extreme or the other–whore or madonna, but never both.  They’ll claim that they really do love women and they treat women respectfully in their real life.  And that may be true.  They’ll claim to be real 3-D complicated people and it’s probably true.  But they don’t realize they’re not letting women be real 3-D people.

See real 3-D women like sex in private but don’t want to be treated like a sex object in public.  Real women believe masturbation is as natural and healthy for them as it is for men, but they don’t want either gender to be told they can’t.  Real women don’t think anyone should be messing with her vagina and ovaries any more than they should be messing with a man’s testicles and sperm.  Funny how these radio hosts can’t see that real women exist and that these laws that hurt real women, hurt real men too.  If these laws against women persist you will see more and more women calling for similar restrictions on men.  Let’s see how they like it when something like this does actually become law.  Maybe that’s the only way that American men will wake up and understand the laws that seek to control and restrict female autonomy are laws against humanity in general.  At the very least I will be able to honestly say, “Welcome to our world, bitches!” and mean it.

Can I tell you just how much I despise Arizona’s governor?  Well, let me start by talking about her most recent sabotage.

Today was a big day for many young illegal immigrants.  They turned out in the thousands to apply for a new deportation deferment and work permit, in hopes of avoiding deportation for at least a period of two years. Many of them meet the criteria (having come here before the age of 16, graduated from High School or have a GED or have served in the U.S. military, and no criminal record).  Some of them didn’t completely qualify.  Those who haven’t graduated  from high school are now very motivated to do so via GED programs, so they can then apply.

We’re not talking about the tens of millions of illegal immigrants.  We’re talking about a very small subset of them–about 800,000 in the U.S and about 80,000 of that total in Arizona.  The reality is they will likely stay here regardless of Federal and State policy.  The U.S. is, for the majority of these youth, the only home they have ever known.  This deportation deferral / work permit program is a way to allow them to come out into the open, become legal to a certain degree and as a result, to better themselves and contribute to society.  And let’s face it, since they are here to stay doesn’t it make sense for the rest of us that they do get legal and do better themselves?

Here  are some of the benefits the U.S. will get out of allowing these young people to work legally here.

1.  They will no longer have to work in the “cash only” underground economy for extremely low wages, being taken advantage of by unscrupulous employers (which are legion in AZ).  Being legal, they can work in the real economy, making higher wages, which means paying more in taxes (both income and sales) and having more purchasing power. All to the good for the AZ economy.

2.  If they make more money, they will be more likely to be able to afford healthcare instead of burdening our ER’s for routine visits. They will also be more likely to go to the doctor for preventative care instead of waiting until something reaches a crisis point.  These things save money for us all.

3.  We will be helping to keep families together (because some of these people are already married with kids).  Families together means more potential income for the family and quite frankly, much better mental health outcomes, for their American children.

4.  It also means they are more likely to be involved in their child’s educational and social lives–also a big benefit.

5.  They will be more likely to report crimes and interact with the police to help solve crimes.  This is a well known problem in law enforcement and affects us all when a crime goes unreported because that criminal will strike again and next time it won’t be an illegal immigrant.  It just might be Mrs. Whitey White citizen and resident of Paradise Valley or Snottsdale, your grandmother, who might have been saved if the original victims weren’t scared out of their minds of being deported and therefore hiding from the police.

6.  They are more likely to be educated or in the process of improving their educational status.  This helps in so many ways and so obviously, I shouldn’t even have to explain why this is good for us all.

7.  They are more likely to carry insurance for their home/apt and their vehicles.  One of the reasons that car insurance is so darn high in AZ (besides all those blue haired snow birds that descend upon us every winter) is because of the high number of uninsured drivers.  And it’s not just the illegal immigrants, there are plenty of poor citizens who don’t have insurance too.  But if these young people are legally recognized and financially better off, then insurance becomes likelier and the rest of us benefit (hmmmm, sort of like healthcare, but I digress).

Sounds like a pretty good deal all the way around, right?  Well, not according to Gov. “Leather Face” Brewer.  She doesn’t like the President’s deferred deportation order, so she decided she would create her own order in response and she would sign it on the very day that all those hopeful young people were first eligible to apply for the new federal program.

Her Executive Order tells state agencies that they are not to provide driver’s licenses or other public benefits to this population of people.  This means the likelihood of their being able to obtain car insurance without a drivers license is not good.  So there goes that positive outcome.  It also means they are less likely to get a legitimate job or open a bank account.     It means that if they wanted to get a GED they would not be eligible for any of the free GED programs offered by the state and local governments.  Yep, keeping them ignorant is a brilliant idea.  Furthermore, some of them were actually going to college and paying in-state rates.  But no more of that…they will have to pay out-of-state rates, meaning many will have to drop out of college.  That’s absolutely, fucking brilliant there, because who wants more college graduates in AZ?!  They can’t get a business or professional license so they can forget about moving up the social ladder.  Their children, who are American citizens, won’t qualify for any state subsidized child care or health care because of this Order.  Makes it pretty hard to work an 8 to 5 job when you can’t afford to pay for child care (and believe me, it is VERY expensive).   So they are back to using the ER as their kid’s primary care physician.

So now with the stroke of a pen, Gov. Brewer has undone many of the things that the President’s executive order hoped to accomplish–things that, in the long run, would be good for Arizona.  I’m sure she and her conservative cronies are very pleased with their cleverness.  It’s just too bad that young men and women who only want to come out into the light, be a legal worker and contribute to the country and state that they love, some of whom actually risked their lives in the U.S. military for the rest of us, won’t be able to see any of the positive outcomes that being a legal worker entails.  The rest of us won’t get to enjoy the benefits of those positive outcomes either.  Instead, we will have to continue to watch these young people live in the shadows and pay the price for a lack of basic human decency on the part of Arizona politicians.

May the Good Lord, the Goddess or the FSM, if you prefer, save us from short-sighted, narrow-minded, petty, vindictive, hateful conservative politicians like Jan Brewer.  Arizona just can’t win for losing with her in charge.