Our Dictator in the Making, aka Putin’s Useful Idiot

Posted: July 26, 2016 in Disgusted in AZ, Fearful in AZ, International Politics, MSM
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Herr Drumpf has declared China and Russia to be our friends because (the FBI says) they hacked the DNC’s emails (and modified some of them) in order to sow discord in the party’s convention.  While I’m irritated that a handful of emails were ugly they’re not game changers or smoking guns and the DNC has reacted appropriately to smooth things over.  I’m much more concerned with the fact that Putin is purposely interfering with our Presidential election, which is unprecedented in our country’s history to my knowledge.  What’s worse, it appears to be working because our Media, which can’t resist a controversy, is blowing the email story out of proportion and because Herr Drumpf, who relies on Russian oligarchs for money (the same oligarchs that put and help keep Putin in power), is saying that he would essentially abandon our NATO partners to Russia’s encroachment.   Either Herr Drumpf is actively working for Russian interests or he’s their Useful Idiot.  And you know we’re headed for some serious trouble when the best we can hope for is that a Presidential candidate is a Useful Idiot for an expansionist Russian dictator.


h/t Ashby at BobCesca.com

  1. alopecia says:

    My five bucks says Donald Trump is a useful idiot. He owes the last couple of decades of his career as a developer to Russian money and he figures he owes the Russians something (or he’s afraid they’ll pull his kneecaps off).

    Donald Trump must never be elected President of the United States.

  2. Ruprecht! Damn, I’d rather have him in the White House.

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