Brush-Up Video for Game of Thrones S6 Ep9 “Battle of the Bastards”

Posted: June 26, 2016 in Entertainment, Humor, Personal, Television
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Here’s your weekly Brush-Up video from Dame Pasty, aka, me. Crossposted at

  1. We never ever got to know Ricon, books or show, did we? I rather knew from that he was destined to die – not that Martin is adverse to killing off beloved characters, either. Maybe that is why you felt disappointed?
    I totally forgot that Dav never knew about the kid-burning. This is why I watch your posts! I’ll have to remind himself, too. You are right, it is a big oh shit moment coming, and maybe why he was so vicious during the battle, too.
    I got shushed for talking during the Dany scene. “Who the hell said this show was sexist!?! These women ROCK!” And, for pointing out The Imp’s clear love, fascination and lack of fear regarding the dragons – yep, he’s got to be one of the three. Gotta be! Who is the third, though?
    I’m disappointed with how little manipulation Littlefinger has gotten away with in the show. He might have some nasty thing tucked in his sleeve to try to win Sansa. I agree she will shut him down but it might be harder than we expect.
    You already know I was blown away by the battle scene. Yup, WOW. It would be way worse if claustrophobic, yuck… I thought he was gonna die a second time, because of the conversation about not raising him again.

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