My Obamacare Nightmare

Posted: May 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

For the first time in my entire life I am late in paying my taxes.  I’m late because the has not given me a particular form, the 1095, that shows what coverage I had in 2015.

I called them back in February to find out where it was.  They said it hadn’t been created yet but they told me that it showed  that neither I nor my son had coverage the entire year.  That would be a HUGE penalty on my taxes and that was incorrect.  They escalated it, which means they had 30 days to investigate it.

30 days passed and I still hadn’t recieved word and hadn’t received it in the mail.  Then I got a call saying it had all been straightened out and that a new one would be generated on April 5 and mailed to me.  I wouldn’t get it until after April 15th but at least I would get it.  It never arrived.

I called them again and again over the last few weeks and couldn’t get anyone to tell me why it hadn’t been generated.  Today I got a call and they told me that they denied my request to correct it and it would remain as is.  They said it was because the plan I had was a catastrophic plan and did not qualify under the ACA.  At this point I lost my mind.

See I got that plan through  It was listed as a Bronze plan and the assumption that ALL plans through the website would be ACA compliant should have been fucking obvious.  I assumed it was ACA qualified otherwise I wouldn’t have fucking chose it.  I mean, if that’s the case, how do I know the new plan I have now qualifies as ACA compliant?  The truth is I don’t.  And I’m assuming millions of others don’t know either.

They said they would refer the matter to the regional office and someone would call me in a couple of days.  I asked for the number of the regional office but they don’t allow people to call in to them.  So I literally have no recourse but to sit here and wait for them to call me.  Meanwhile, I can’t finish my taxes and I probably won’t end up getting a refund–hell I might owe money.  Money I simply don’t have.

There’s no other numbers to call, no one else to contact, no forms or actual processes to appeal their decision, no overarching organization (that I can find) to complain to…nothing.  I am fucking livid right now.  I have so many other shitty things going on in my life right now and this is the last fucking straw.

If any of you have suggestions on what I can do, I would greatly appreciate it.


  1. David B says:

    Cousin David here! How do you file? What form? E – file or paper? DIY or a service/accountant?

    • DRangedinaz says:

      Hey there! I have an accountant doing it. He is going to run the numbers and see what it will cost if I submit the incorrect Form 1095 or if we can get it corrected, etc, etc.

  2. mhasegawa says:

    Could you send a copy of your insurance card? Mine has dates on it.

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