You know that warning on plastic bags…..

Posted: April 14, 2015 in Arizona Politics, Ugliness American Style
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You know those hideous plastic bags that we use at the grocery store–the ones that take a gazillion years to deteriorate and float like leaves across the Arizona landscape?  Well the State Legislature passed a bill that would forbid local governments from banning them.  And of course, Gov. Douchey signed it.  There’s a warning on most plastic bags that say don’t put this over your head because suffocation….duh!  Too bad we can’t ignore that and put it over the head of the legislators who voted for it and the governor who signed it.  Some day Arizona (if it’s not under water) will be a mountain of trash with tornadoes of dust and plastic bags and the most advanced life form will be cockroaches and conservatives basking in their land of unadulterated freedumb.  Good luck with that.

  1. We have had to pay for a bag if we forget ours for years and years here. Seems an oddness a tiny ass country like mine can do it, but your big state can’t see the benefit. I’ll keep a room open for you when you have had enough!

    • DRangedinaz says:

      Ya know its not that they can’t see the benefit. What they object to is the “liberalness” of the concept. They oppose anything to do with protecting the environment because that’s a liberal pet cause. Pragmatic considerations have nothing to do with it. It’s like living in a VERY large insane asylum sometimes. Thanks for the offer of the room. We’d have to stuff the hubby and three kids in there as well though. And your house is full to the gills already!

      • Well, the dollar and the euro are nearly parity at the moment – there is a house (ok four houses) for sale right behind us, never lived in – probably get it for €60K!

        • DRangedinaz says:

          I know! If I could find a way to move there I would, seriously. Stuck her in conservative-nutsville. We are actually trying to buy a house. Putting an offer in on one today…almost $200,000 and that’s CHEAP for the area of the Valley I am in. Next year or two will be very lean for us.

  2. mhasegawa says:

    Interesting that since I moved to Vermont, I have used very few plastic bags. I would guess that half the people I see in the market are carrying reusable bags. Arizona seems to be bucking a trend.

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