UPDATE:  Regarding the e-mail incident between a U of Berkeley student and Sachi Landscaping–the guy is completely denying it was him but hasn’t provided one iota of proof that it wasn’t (details here).  And Mr. Zeiser contacted me via Twitter and said

Nice little passive aggressive compliment along with an insult.  But whatevs….I have not yet responded but my inclination is no. My thinking is that the kind of tripe he is pushing is already being blasted at the populace by really large media outlets like Fox, The Heritage Foundation, the American Spectator (for whom he has written in the past), the Daily Caller and dozens of other venues. Why should I let him use my little blog to broadcast his viewpoint when the entire Twitter conversation is all one really needs to know.  So I suggest you all read the entire Twitter conversation and make up your own mind.


So, earlier today I was watching my Twitter scroll with one eye while trying to program in C# with the other and a couple of things jumped out at me.  The first was a Storify* from @AngryBlackLady (one of my favorite writers, commentators and all around smart people online) about a conversation between her and a conservative supposed PhD  who insisted on debating her about Obamacare regardless of whether she wanted to or not.

From @ABL’s Twitter Feed

If you don’t want to read the long exchange (you really should just for the giggles, the image above is a summary of his worst statements) it boils down to her getting angry at him for pestering her for days and telling him to leave her alone.  So he resorts to using some misogynist and racist terms to refer to her and finally he refuses to acknowledge the ugliness behind what he said or apologize for it.  At the end, of course, he claims to be the victim of the whole thing. It will make you feel all fuzzy inside–not.

Not long after reading that I saw a Tweet by @LaloAlcaraz, a man of many talents (you might have seen his comics in your local newspaper if you live in the Southwestern U.S.).  He shared an email exchange between a University of Berkeley student and the owner of a local business.  The student is a member of CASA (Chicano Architecture Student Association) and asked very respectfully if her organization could get a tour of his business.  His response?

You can see Lalo’s photo of the full email exchange and the explanation here.    Not only is the business owner’s response ugly he also claims to be victimized by the request for the tour.

I don’t know about you but I’m seeing a rash of white males (just one example) running around crying about being victims to us “delicate flowers” and/or “savages” and/or “illegals”.  The irony is that anybody with a brain can see that white males, particularly older ones, still run this country and pretty much the entire fucking world.  This is serious “crazy making” behavior . It’s like women and minorities are in an abusive relationship with the rest of U.S. society.  They keep kicking us and then telling us that it’s our fault and we made them do it.  And then we when we legitimately confront them over it, they tell us that we’re the racist/bigots trying to stir up ill feelings that disappeared the moment the Black Marxist Muslim Usurper was elected in 2008.  And us wimmin folk, once we got the right to vote back in 1920 it’s been easy pickings since then, amiright my fellow delicate blossoms?   It’s all unicorns shitting one hundred dollar bills, rainbows and cotton candy, dontcha know!  Except, of course, for that painful black eye and those sore ribs we keep getting.

But there might be some hope.   Take for instance the revenge that has been enacted against ABL’s harasser.  If one were to Google his name (I highly recommend it, click this link and it will do it for you automatically) you will find a link to the Storify item I mentioned earlier about 4 or 5 results down.   The more people click on it, the more this will rise in Google search results whenever anyone searches for Mr. Zeiser.   And in so doing, it will air his statements about how much fun it is to “collect scalps”, how he called people of color and anyone who disagrees with him “savages”, and other various lovely things.  Note this isn’t harassment or libel or slander**.  He really did write these things and by doing this on Google we can ensure that even if he tries to deny it, the proof is easy to find.  As a side benefit whenever someone looks him up to find out more about him, one of the first things they will learn is that nature of his character is less than desirable.  Also do not Tweet about this conversation and mention ABL’s Twitter nom de plume. She’s over it and I don’t blame her–keep her out of the discussion unless she chooses to rejoin it on her own.

The other little bit of good news is that the Berkeley student has approached her College’s faculty in hopes that they will address the matter but many people have seen this exchange online now and I’m hoping it will descend squarely on this guy’s head so that he loses his license to practice.  However, the student has asked people online not to interact with the company directly so DO NOT contact the business owner or the company.  Nevertheless, if you live in Southern California (and I know a few people that do) keep this guy and his business in mind because if he or his company tries to get your business (or anyone you know) you can tell him to “piss off”.  If he wants to know why tell him it’s the “Free Market” coming back to bite him in the ass.

The ugliness of these kinds of exchanges is why I have to take a break from the Internet on occasion.  Then again, people like ABL and Lalo pull me back in because they are never afraid to point it out, call it what it is, and they don’t let it make them crazy.  I don’t have their coping mechanisms yet but I’m getting there.


*For those who don’t know, Storify is a way to document a series of Tweets over a long period of time.  It puts them in the proper time order which can be very hard to do on your own without such an app.

**I’m not a lawyer nor do I play one on TV.  However, libel/slander is propagating something you know is untrue.  And it don’t get any more real than that there Twitter exchange.

The link to the Spanish version of this post

  1. Captain Bellend says:

    So white men run pretty much the whole world, eh? This is true because when one thinks about rising powers such as China and India, one considers the fact that white people are running the show there.

    But maybe there’s hope for the future when we are superseded by the Muslim world, that bastion of liberalism, tolerance and democracy.

    Either that, or you don’t actually know a great deal about the world outside your own country and don’t care enough to find out.

    • DRangedinaz says:

      As you yourself say China and India are rising powers and rising is the key word there–they don’t dominate us or those western industrialized countries that truly control the world economy yet which IS run predominantly by white men. Our GDP is about $16 trillion and we spend about $1.7 trillion annually on our military. China has a GDP of $9.24 trillion and they spend a paltry $132 billion on their military annually. India’s GDP is $1.87 trillion and $47.4 billion for the military annually. That works out to a US per capita GDP of a little over $53,000 and military spending of a little over $2,000. Compare that to China which is about $6,800 and $75 and India which is $1,498 and $31, respectively. Furthermore China has about 240 nukes and India has at most 110. Whereas we have about 7,700.

      Now’s let talk the size of our armies. The US has a total of active military personnel of 1,430,000 with another 850,000 active reserve. China has almost 3 million total which is certainly better than us but since their population outnumbers by more than a million I would expect this. India is even bigger with closer to 5 million but again, I would expect that because they’ve got about a million more people than us as well. In other words a greater percentage of our population is militarized and ready to go than there’s. But they do outnumber us in that regard.

      Why don’t they dominate us then? They’ve got the numbers in population. First, India is our ally and will continue to be our ally so long as China continues to grow in power. China is their enemy so we don’t have to worry about them becoming allies any time soon. They’re no threat to us right now, nor for the forseeable future. Not even all those jobs being shipped over to India are a real threat (note many of those came back, particularly those requiring more skill and management experience because they sucked at it–and I can give you several business cases from major US corporations of this happening– and those that didn’t, let them keep the call center jobs, you can’t make a living off of them here anyway). Second, China is heavily invested in the economic well-being of the US (as is India). The largest foreign holder of U.S. debt is China, which owns more about $1.2 trillion in bills, notes and bonds, according to the Treasury. Many would say that makes us vulnerable but others would say it makes us safe and here’s why. If we were to go to war with China that huge investment, which BTW helps to keep their own currency shored up, would be completely lost. They would have to be batshit crazy to mess with us militarily and likewise us with them. Thank God we have this mutual interdependence because of all the dick waving China and we do, we would inevitably clash if we didn’t.

      I could spend more time talking about how China’s navy is almost nonexistent and useless and about how there’s a big ass ocean between us and how they’d never use nuclear weapons on us since they’re invested in us and how their superior number of troops means nothing if they can’t land them here, etc, etc. I could also delve into the patriarchal and caste dominated society that exists in India and how the fact that they might seem non-white to you is erroneous when genetically the majority of them actually fall into the Caucasian category, i.e., white. Did you know that the term Aryan, the term so beloved by the Nazis, actually originated in the Indus Valley and many people in India are their descendants? See, I could go on and on about all kinds of stuff that disproves your facile, throwaway conservative talking point about China and India dominating us and the world but I think I’ve more than proven my point.

      Will China dominate in future? Probably if we don’t get off our asses and adjust to changes in the global economy, leverage technology properly like finding alternatives to fossil fuels which only fills our enemy’s coffers, find a way to provide goods for the massive consumer market in China and India more than we do now, stop being distracted by non-threats that Republicans keep campaigning on like ISIS, Ebola and the Black Panthers, and stop wasting tons of treasure and the lives of our children on ridiculous and unwinnable wars in the Middle East. But we’ll keep fucking that chicken until it’s too late and we become a third world country, I have no doubt.

      Now would you like for me to continue making you look like an ignorant yahoo or are you done?

  2. Captain Bellend says:

    Well, that was more of a response than I deserved. I was just drifting around being vaguely sarcastic on the internet. And in fact I’m not American at all, I’m British, and I’m very pleased to say I have nothing to do with Bill Zeiser and his ideas and I am, in fact, not even a conservative at all.

    The point is made that the developing world isn’t a threat to American dominance for decades to come, in spite of right-wing attempts to make it so with pointless wars draining the west’s strength. One thinks, for instance, of the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

    The point is that there is indeed institutional racism in western countries, but also in just about every country on earth, and it’s certainly not the case that white people are worse to minorities than, say, the Burmese regime or the unlamented Ottoman Empire. You can actually have a lot of fun with the Indian government and how its Hinduisation (if that ever happens, although I suspect it won’t go much further than gestures towards the sort of people who voted for the current prime minister) before a sensible policy is adopted. In the end they will decide they’d rather run a modernising country that’s a bit discriminatory rather than a religiously (and linguistically) sectarian state.

    Regardless of which, I will not be reading any reply so no need to bother with one. I’m sure we can both find better things to do with our time. Have a good weekend and life tho.

  3. DRangedinaz says:

    I’ll respond for the sake of my other readers because there is one more point that needs to made.

    The point is that there is indeed institutional racism in western countries, but also in just about every country on earth, and it’s certainly not the case that white people are worse to minorities than, say, the Burmese regime or the unlamented Ottoman Empire.

    And? Are you implying that it’s no big deal? People who have to live within a racist and misogynist society don’t have the luxury of stepping back and saying “Oh well it’s been worse elsewhere so why am I getting upset. I’ll just let it slide.” Your statement is dripping with the detachment of white male privilege and only contributes to the problem in general.

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