Outlandish adventures in cooking

Posted: August 30, 2014 in Cooking, Humor, Irish / Celtic, Personal
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There is this great website that has traditional Scottish dishes taken from and inspired by The Outlander book series, called the Outlander Kitchen.  The Chef & Food Writer Theresa Carle-Sanders recommends meals to be cooked for each episode and this week’s recipe was Roasted Pork Tenderloin with Cider Sauce, Neeps and Tatties.  It sounded delish so I thought I would try it.  I asked Himself twice if he wanted the Neeps and he said no both times.  Then while we were eating he asked me why I didn’t make the Neeps.  Sigh…..  Since we needed a veggie, I steamed some artichoke hearts and added butter and lemon.  Certainly not traditional Scottish fair but clearly I’m not a traditionalist.

Here’s the result.  I had the entire plate in the original photo but Himself could not help but mention that my presentation wasn’t any good.  My response was, “What the fuck, does this look like The Four Seasons to you?!”

Roasted Tenderloin

Roasted Tenderloin

So I just focused on the tenderloin…I’m sure you know what mashed potatos and artchoke hearts look like anyway.  You will also notice that the cider sauce is missing from the photo and that’s because I forgot it until we were sitting down to eat.

I ate a few bites of the meat and thought, “meh, nothing special, a little too salty” and then remembered the sauce.  Once we put the sauce on the meat it was terrific. So to prove I made the sauce, here it is in the pan.

Apple Cider Sauce

Apple Cider Sauce

Himself didn’t like the thinness of the sauce but  liked the flavor.  It was made per the directions.  Using a cup of apple cider and 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar it said to reduce to half.  I suppose one could make it thicker but that would make it more like a gravy sauce and it’s not supposed to be that way.  I suggest you leave it as is because it’s wonderful IMHO.

Ultimately I highly recommend the tenderloin but I would reduce the salt in the rub.  The potatoes were nothing special and I would jazz those up with garlic and/or cream cheese next time.  She also recommended making an Atholl Brose, which I did not do but plan to in future. And speaking of atholls, we have a running joke in our family about them.   The world is full of atholls, really.

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