Getting over fear

Posted: March 11, 2014 in Entertainment, Personal
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When I was young I sang in children’s choir and did some solos in front of hundreds of people.  As I got older I developed stage fright…really, really bad stage fright.  I can’t sing in front of anyone except my children now.  So I decided to try to get over this fear.  And I’m starting really, really slowly…I posted a song or two that I sang on this blog figuring if I could stand putting my voice on my blog and survive the criticism, then maybe some day I could take it a step farther.  To that end, here’s another song.  “On My Own” from Les Miserables.

  1. I can hear a good bit of shyness and hesitation, but you bring your heart into it near the end! I’m so proud of you for doing this. I’m very similar – been told I have a good voice but shit myself at the idea of doing it publicly!

    But I have, twice, recently… Not well but that’s not what counts, is it? It’s the doing it, finally!

    Love it, thank you!

  2. DRangedinaz says:

    Thank you, that was nice of you to say. And kudos to you for singing publicly! Where was it? What did you sing (if you don’t mind my asking)?

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