When it rains…

Posted: March 1, 2014 in Health, Personal

Did you ever notice that bad things happen in multiples? Illness, financial troubles and now a car wreck.

The first thing to happen was that everyone in my house got sick and the flu crap that I had lasted more than 8 weeks. I also had started to have constant nausea and acid reflux so for two weeks I took Zantac like candy. I had only bought health insurance in January and no sooner than the check cleared I had to make all these claims. My plan has a deductible of $3,500 so I’m paying everything out of pocket until I reach that magic number. A couple of days ago I saw a primary care doctor and received several new prescriptions which cost a pretty penny but I felt good being able to take care of my health.

The second problem was that I have been struggling financially since I got divorced in the fall of 2010. One of the things I’ve been delinquent on is paying for a timeshare. Now if you know anything about timeshares you know that they’re impossible to get out of. The industry is known for its abuses and “we don’t give a crap about your sob story” attitude. In fact they were perfectly willing to let the debt sit on my credit forever and there’s nothing in the law that says they have to foreclose, so I would never be able to buy a house, a car, or get a decent loan. Some states are aware of this practice, like Florida, so they have passed laws that force the timeshare to foreclose within a reasonable amount of time. But AZ laws are very simple and completely protect the timeshare company, having no protections for the consumer. I ended up getting a loan but then they come back to me and say,’oh, BTW, you still owe 15 months of quarterly fees and late fees of over $1,000′. Well if they had told me that in the first place I would have included it in the loan but that opportunity had passed. So I now have to scrape together that money somehow. And the timing couldn’t be worse because I need to buy plane tickets for later this year to go to a family reunion. My mother and father will both have just turned 80 years old and all of us kids want us all to be together for a week. We have only all been together, all 7 kids and our spouses plus the grandkids, maybe two times over the last 20+ years. My father has only met my son once and my daughter twice. My mother has never seen my son and met my daughter maybe three times. So you can see just how important it is that we make this trip.

The third problem is that on my way home from work a couple of nights ago I was involved in a serious car accident. I was trying to make a left turn on a major road and hit/was hit by a truck coming through the intersection. I just didn’t see him. I’ve been over it in my head dozens of times and I can’t figure out how I didn’t see him. He was going somewhere between 40 and 50 mph but I was only going 5 or 10. Now if you remember your high school physics his forward momentum basically transferred all the force of his momentum into my vehicle which was practically sitting still compared to him. I remember every second of the collision–the impact, screech of tires, my scream, the smell of the air bag smoke, the immediate pain in my knee, the pressure of the seatbelt and the burn of the airbag, the spinning…all of it in vivid detail. But what happened just before that I have nary a clue. The car is destroyed but thank the universe and government regulations for the modern safety devices. The entire windshield was shattered but not a single piece of glass came out. The air bags kept me from eating the steering wheel. The seat belt kept my lower body from getting totally crushed by the dash that was shoved forward. I went to the ER and the worst of my injury is a swollen knee and a shallow puncture wound on the same knee. They x-rayed it and I have no broken bones. I was very lucky and I came home last night and was able to sleep in my own bed. I will be on crutches for a while and I’m in serious pain, but I will live.

I was at fault because when turning, the person turning has to yield. I got the ticket so I will pay through the nose for it. The ER bill is high so it looks like I will meet my deductible much quicker than I anticipated. My car is a goner and I owed twice as much as its actual value. I’m not quite sure how I can buy another car. I’m depressed and tired and thoroughly discouraged. That makes three bad things happening to me lately. I’ve had enough Universe, please cut me some slack and make the rain stop.


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