UPDATE 2:  I no sooner finish posting this when I see the following quote:

The proposed law is so poorly crafted it could allow a Muslim taxi driver to refuse service to a woman traveling alone.

Please, Governor Brewer, veto this bill!


The Arizona House passed the bill that I wrote about yesterday–the one that allows businesses to discriminate against LGBT people. So now I live in a “Jim Crow” state. I’m at a loss for words….I just….I can’t….arrrrggh….I need a drink.  The LGBT community must be livid–they’re protesting but I’m not sure the local media is covering it (haven’t watched local TV news lately….I’m allergic to it).

This country is going backwards.  Next thing on their agenda is probably taking the vote away from women.  This nonsense has got to stop.

  1. FFS. Um. Isn’t one of the Republican stances ‘we want less government’? So…why is this a legal issue…my head hurts.

    On the bright-ish side: I’ve just emailed you a great photo. And! my childhood friend put up a FB photo ‘I think marriage should be between 1 man and 1 woman, like if you agree’ and I commented, ‘Oh. This makes me sad.’

    And she took it down! People DO listen, sometimes!

    • DRangedinaz says:

      Republicans really only want less government when they can’t control the agenda. When they can, as they do in AZ, they have no problem whatsoever with pushing their Christianist agenda of hate. Note I said Christianist–this is what I call people who claim to be Christians but who, in no way, actually follow the teachings of Christ.

      And to answer your question about legality…it isn’t legal. Just like “separate but equal” was declared illegal back in the 60’s this too will go to the Supreme Court and most likely be ruled unconstitutional. Unfortunately, it means we will have to pay quite a lot of money to defend it and it will take years to move up thru the Federal judiciary.

      It’s not law yet, though. The governor can still veto it. She’s surprised me in the past and vetoed bills that I thought she supported–so there may be some hope left.

      I’m glad your friend listened to you. I don’t like it when people post political things on Facebook either but at the same time, I allow my posts to be linked from my wall. The ONLY reason I do so is because my family uses it to keep up with my blog. Perhaps, in deference to all my friends that have different political beliefs I should only allow personal posts to be linked from my Facebook wall….what do you think?

      • Depends on if your friends are irritated about it. Seems like they can just choose not to follow the link and all is good. I do post political stuff there, along with my usual heaping amount of rubbish 🙂 But I blog anonymously, sort of, and never talk about de blog on de FB. That said, I’ve made friends with a few people on FB that I met via the blog! I’d be friends with you, too, if you wanted to? I think you’re awesome 🙂

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