Daycare Blues

Posted: December 12, 2013 in Family, Personal

I got a lovely little shock last night when I picked my son up from daycare. A stay-at-home mother who has run her own daycare business for 20 years out of her home has been taking care of Liam for over a year now. When he started there she had only four kids, two of whom were relatively close to him in age, which I thought would be good for him. Today when I picked him up she said that she won’t be able to keep him anymore. Mind you this is two weeks before Christmas….a terrible time to have to find child care.

Her reasoning was that he has been fighting too much with another child, who is about three months younger than him. Now I knew that they fought a little but she never indicated that it was anything more serious than typical little boy stuff. Well apparently it was serious enough that she’s decided that my son had to go. For the record this other little boy is learning disabled and his ability to talk is very limited. He acts about a year younger than he actually is. I know for a fact that the other boy has problems with his anger and instead of using words he will be too physical. I asked her why it was Liam who has to go instead of the other boy. She said Liam was older than the other kids and manipulating them, telling them to do things they shouldn’t (like go take that toy from so-and-so) and he refuses to share toys. Seems to me that someone with so many years of child care experience would know how to handle such a situation but apparently not.

Her other excuse was she has too many kids to take care of. She has taken on at least two more babies part time in recent weeks and now she is overwhelmed. Well she committed to taking care of my son first and it’s not my fault she chose to take on more kids. I thought that money might be a problem, but she never said anything about that either. If that was her reason for taking on more kids, she should have come to me and raised her rate. I would have paid it and gladly.

Liam’s dad called her later in the evening and she told him that she thought Liam was bored and ready for pre-school. I wish she had told me that instead of making up excuses like she did. I think that this is the real problem. He appears to be a very bright boy, even smarter than my daughter was at that age which says quite a lot. And I know he acts out when he is bored at home. But it would have saved some anger and hurt feelings if she had articulated this better. She didn’t handle the situation very well.

In any case I am stuck trying to find another “home” care provider who will probably bore him too or trying to find a preschool center that will take him only partially potty trained and won’t put him in a class with a 25 to 1 student/teacher ratio. My daughter went to an excellent pre-school but it cost over $800 a month and that was 10 years ago (and when I was married to her father who made six figures annually). I don’t have that kind of financial wherewithal now and I am dreading the search process in the coming weeks.

What I wouldn’t give to be able to stay home with him. It’s not in the cards, not in this lifetime. And it all just sucks.

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