Laura Logan, the lying liar of a journalist who put a fictitious story about Benghazi on the once great 60 Minutes, has been given a “leave of absence” by CBS along with her producer.  There’s been some debate online among us liberals as to whether Logan will have learned anything by the experience.  My bet is yes but it’s not the lesson we want.

She learned that because of a pretty face, nice curves and a modicum of intelligence she can grift for almost a year on a non-story and lie to the American public thereby muddying the waters (just as she intended all along).  And if she gets hired by Fox with a fat salary and another national platform to mislead the American public (anyone care to lay bets not on whether they offer a position but how long before they give her an offer), she will have learned that shitting on the truth (and us) pays off.

To heck with the American Dream!  That’s an outdated concept best left on the editing room floor of 21st Century propaganda.  The new, quintessential American story writ large by people like Logan is about the success of grifters with pretty smiles hiding ugly agendas that hurt this country by misleading a goodly portion of voters who are already terrified of non-existent threats from the last grifter to blow through town.  They throw red meat to the crazy 27% of Americans who believe the President is a Mooslim and wear tin foil hats because they have the conch shell given to them by the likes of Rupert Murdoch and other well heeled conservative donors bent on controlling everything we hear and see in this country.

  1. It won’t be long before you see her talking head on Fox, I’m sure you have called that one spot-on.

    I must be old. Being a journalist used to mean something back when my mother was a newspaper editor. Once she was duped, and it mortified her to no end.

  2. alopecia says:

    As Chez says, CBS doesn’t want to let Lara Logan go, so she’ll be able to stay if she wants. If she doesn’t, I’m sure The Dirty Digger will pay her a better salary than CBS. Either way, everyone will have forgotten her role in this Charlie Foxtrot by Arbor Day.

    At worst, Logan’s producer, Max McClellan, will wind up doing local news again for a while, bravely covering house fires and the lighting of the municipal Christmas tree. Once he’s done penance in Podunk, he’ll make it back to the bigs. Everyone he works around will know his story, though, and will double-check absolutely everything he does.

    Jeff Fager, Chairman of CBS News and Executive Producer of 60 Minutes (and, let us never forget, the guy who didn’t bother to ask obvious questions about Logan’s star source), will get promoted to a position that will give him a perfect opportunity to destroy CBS once and for all.

    All three should be fired. None of them should ever work in news again. Hell, they should be considered unemployable (“I’m sorry, Mr. Fager. Walmart can’t hire you. We do have standards, you know.”).

    Can you tell this story rubs me exactly the wrong way?

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