Mommy’s day off

Posted: November 16, 2013 in Blogging, Family, Personal

I’m feeling out of sorts today. Today is my last day without the kids…both return on the morrow. The BF wanted to go to a car show today and I just didn’t feel up to it. He says he is okay with my staying home but I am not quite sure I believe him. He took his son and I know they will have a good time. I just didn’t have it in me to be outside, do all that walking AND have to talk to strangers about things I’m not really into. I mean, I like cars but in the way that a kid likes kites. Is it colorful? Does it go high and fast? It’s an aesthetic thing for me. For the BF it’s both technical and aesthetic. How many horespower, torque, etc? Does it have positraction, cold air intake, etc?

Instead I’m moving very slowly. Woke up late, for me, around 9. Sat in bed channel surfing until 11:20. Showered and put together a shopping list. Now eating breakfast out at IHOP. They have the best coffee IMHO. The BF prefers Denny’s, of course.

So I’m only doing what I would normally do on a Saturday (except for the eating out part). First rule of grocery shopping….never go on an empty stomach. I’m savoring the time without my kids. Don’t get me wrong, I miss them terribly. But not having to rush through a meal is a nice change. Not having to worry about anyone else’s needs but my own is a very nice change. Not that I can escape that entirely since my big goal today is to get the shopping done. But I can do it without any tantrums, unless I choose to throw one myself. Now that would be newsworthy. Middle aged, overweight woman lying on the floor at Fry’s Supermarket crying, pounding clinched fists and kicking her feet screaming, “But I WANT it!!!”. Actually now that I think about it, it’s a disturbing image. I think I won’t lose my shpadoinkle after all. However, if I I don’t end up with enough time to dye my hair to hide my dull roots and newly gray strands I just might throw a mini-tantrum at home. So I’d better get going and continue my wild and crazy life. Real Mommy’s have little time for naval gazing even on their day off.

  1. Shpadoinkle? You have one of those? In that case it is better not to lose it, I hear they are pretty rare! 🙂

    I actually like the image of middle aged overweight me having a belly-flopping, foot-flailing, fist-beating, full-on tantrum in public. They were so much help when I was a kid, really made me feel better. Hmm, why did I grow out of them again?

    Positraction sounds like a painful medical procedure. I like cars too, the same way you do – oooo, shiny! I like that one… I’d be bored off my tits to talk spec or listen to it. Luckily my male counterpart is about as clueless as I am. Ooo, shiny!

    I can’t say what it’s like to have kids, I’ve not gone that direction with my life. But I think a day off from anything is a good thing. I hope you really enjoyed that coffee!

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