Funk, punk, soul n such

Posted: November 15, 2013 in Entertainment, Music, Personal
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If you’re looking for good music that you won’t hear on the radio, particularly won’t hear on the vapid radio we get in the U.S., I highly recommend you check out the “funkpunksoul’n’such” of Soul Shenanigans.  You can hear them live every Thursday PST 12-2 pm (GMT 8-10 pm) at or or explore previous podcasts over at    You can also find them on Facebook ( and on Twitter (@soulshenanigans).

Podcasts are recorded in County Mayo, Ireland (hence the GMT for those of you on the other side of the pond) and the DJ is the hubby of a fellow blogger and my friend    You don’t get a lot of talk (hardly any, really) but you will get an excellent variety of music.  Every podcast has a theme of sorts like “Indie Garage World RAWK Grooves” and they have a playlist so if you really like something it’s easy to find out what it is.

Since I sit in a chair all day long and tap away at a keyboard such excellent music help keep the boredom at bay.  So run over there, give them a listen and enjoy.

  1. The DJ himself is head-down underneath our TV trying to sort out an annoying computer backup issue (ugh, Windows updates!) and it cheered him up immensely to see this! Yes I ran right in and stuck my iPad in his dusty, fur-covered face 🙂 Thank you so much! I can add that if you listen live, you can talk to him via the Internet and you might even get a shout-out!

  2. Reblogged this on heretherebespiders and commented:
    Aww! I’m so over the moon happy that one of my blog friends took the time to spread the word! Thank you SO much!

  3. Tom Duhamel says:

    For the first time this last Thursday, I was able to listen to the entire show, live (except for the first 6 minutes — 6 minutes out of 120), because my day at work ended earlier than usual. But I download the podcast every week, and listen to it 3-4 during the week. It’s nice that I can take it to the car and can listen to it on long drives, it motivates me while cleaning the bathroom, while writing my posts, etc.

    I hate commercial radio. If only real music was still being aired on radio. Real music is not mainstream anymore. But DJ dcass let us listen to real music again, every week, without a miss.

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