60 Minutes, a once respectable investigative TV news show, has “jumped the shark” by airing a story about Benghazi based on the word of a lying liar.  They apologized for using the guy for the story and admitted they made a mistake. They didn’t retract the whole story in spite of the fact that the ENTIRE segment and the supposed controversy that makes the story newsworthy is no longer based in fact.  In other words, it’s a non-story.  Just  as liberal bloggers and the liberal press have been saying all frigging along.  If you want a laugh, you can see Jon Stewart skewer the 60 minutes “apology”.

The other aspect of this matter is that South Carolina’s long suffering drama queen of the Senate, Lyndsey Graham, is blocking the President’s nominations because he believes the Benghazi controversy is real.  In fact he used this 60 Minute story as his reason to block a vote on the nominees even AFTER the main and only witness was found to be lying.

This is how the right wins.  They create nontroversies that they push and push and push on the Internet until they make enough noise to catch the attention of the mainstream media, who then turns around and amplifies the story without first passing it through any real journalistic investigation, and then the average American becomes aware of the nontroversy and tunes into TV news.  Any corrections that come after the fact, do not and never will have the same effect (see 24 hour rule definition below) as the original story.  Politicians latch onto the nontroversy as a political tool and use that as cover for their real purpose, which is to ensure that government doesn’t work (particularly government run by a Black Islamic Soshulist Usurper).  This in turn provides support to one of the pillars of their belief system that government is part of the problem and never part of the solution.  Americans believe the nontroversy and they lose faith in government.  The average American doesn’t have the time, the training and/or the inclination to research these stories on their own. They totally depend on The Fourth Estate and that dependency, which used to make us strong, is now weakening us.  Not because the concept is faulty but because The Fourth Estate is not doing its job.  This is how they win and the rest of us lose.   As I’ve said many times before…shitty journalism and the Right’s ongoing attempts to sabotage government functioning will kill this country in the end.


*From Bob Cesca over at The Daily Banter:  The 24 Hour Rule: 1) A wild claim is made via a news article, most often The Guardian, about the U.S. government or related entities. 2) The article sparks wild fits of outrage. 3) Then, within 24 hours, a mitigating detail is added, undermining or totally debunking one or more of the central claims contained with the article. Related quote: “A lie can travel half-way around the world before the truth gets its pants on.””

  1. Aargh! I can’t see any Daily Show stuff here, it is all region blocked quite effectively. I’d wondered what was going on this morning when I saw people slamming 60 Minutes, but no one explained. I guess most of Europe isn’t that interested?

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