It’s all about the candy

Posted: October 31, 2013 in Family, Humor

I was surfing and went by one of my favorite sites–Hyperbole and a Half.  This woman’s cartoons just make me laugh until it hurts.  If you ever need a laugh, this is the place to go.  She had a post up today of her “adventures” as a child in a Dinosaur costume.

“The Menace” from Hyperbole and a Half


Her outfit reminded me of Liam’s Halloween costume last year.  Which led me to find and post the video of his trick or treating below.  I’ve blurred out my friend and her daughter’s faces (because I didn’t get a chance to ask for their permission to post it publically).  It’s about 8 minutes long but I think it’s funny mainly because 1) my son is adorable in this costume (of course I would think that) and 2) I have put some funny comments in the video to “jazz” it up.   I particularly like the part where he’s dancing at the end.

Tonight Liam is going as Spiderman (which was his costume the first year he ever went trick or treating but he doesn’t even remember that anyway).  My daughter who is with her Dad this week is going as a Gypsy.   She loves Halloween but I have to admit that I’m grateful I don’t have to deal with her inevitable sugar high and subsequent crash this year.

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