Did you know?

1. Total federal spending has gone down for two years in a row–for the first time since the Korean War

2. The deficit is shrinking MUCH faster than anyone expected and it’s happening so fast that some economists think it may be happening too quickly and could hurt the economy.  According to the Plutocrat Party, the President is only increasing the deficit–that’s what they’re screeching as their reason for creating a false emergency and holding us all hostage.

3. Some idiots in the Republican Party already think we’re bankrupt. Baby Jeebus on cracker, can someone please force them to take Econ101 again!!!!  If the US were truly bankrupt, things would be a hell of a lot worse than they are now….as in the Apocalypse has occurred.

This kind of ignorance will be the death of the greatest political experiment in the history of the world.

For more fun facts and a MUCH better explanation that I can provide, check out this article by Bob Cesca over at The Daily Banter.

Also, just for giggles…a troll commenter on Bob’s site decided to tell us that

i am an american watching you right and left wing nut jobs destroying the country….You will have to pay a price for your treachery one day………Fk all you morons…[sic]

He/she later followed that up with saying he and another commenter were

both fucked

My response sums it all nicely, if I may say so myself.  To wit,

No, we’re all fucked because House Republicans refuse to be grown ups and pay the damn bills that they themselves created and they’re doing so only for the purpose of overturning a law that they don’t like and can’t undo through the proper, legitimate legislative process. Their behavior is bordering (if it hasn’t already crossed the line) on treason and your support of them brands you as a traitor too. So, honestly, fuck you sideways.

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