It’s the process stupid

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Domestic Terrorism, Pres. Barack Obama, Tea Party, The Economy
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I don’t always agree with President Obama.  He set a horrible precedent back in July 2011 by allowing Congressional Republicans to use the debt ceiling increase as a bargaining chip.  Now they think it’s okay to use it any time they want and it’s not.

In all honesty, my livelihood depends on federal funds and if the U.S. economy takes a nose dive, it is highly likely that I will lose my job.  I have nothing in reserve (not from want of trying, believe me) so I’d be homeless with a 3 year old and a 10 year old within a month or two.  That scares the holy crap out of me.  That’s primarily why I’m so fired up about this whole crisis.

However, there is a larger issue at stake other than my own day-to-day needs–that is our country’s democracy.  Taking in the view from 30,000 feet is important for us all.  That view indicates that it’s incredibly destructive for the Legislative Branch to subvert the entire Democratic process by refusing to pay the country’s bills.  Even China, our biggest creditor, is getting nervous (ht Bob Cesca).   Sadly, knowing the Tea Party and their base, this will only encourage them all the more.

Many in the Republican Party (and some Blue Dog Democrats who are from conservative districts) don’t seem to understand this larger issue.  Or maybe they just don’t care.  Either way, it’s a problem and a precedent the President HAS to nip in the bud by refusing to negotiate.  Fareed Zakaria explains it very well by saying, “In a democracy, the process is more important than the outcome.”  Watch this video segment from his program.  He does an excellent job of explaining it in simple terms so that even your conservative grandparents can understand.  Share it with them and then call your Congressional Representatives….demand that they do their jobs and raise the debt ceiling without all the extra crap thrown in.

  1. Watched it, and reposted the vid on FB. I doubt my southern friends will even look as yer man’s name is ‘forrin’.

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