As I get older, I get bolder and more direct.  So let’s call this ad exactly what it is.  Conservatives are trying to frighten women into not participating in Obamacare.  You know someone is truly desperate when they go “vagina spelunking”* for fear.   This odious ad turns a gynecological exam, which everyone knows women are naturally uncomfortable with, into a rape scenario.  They even turn the well known and patriotic symbol of Uncle Sam into this malevolent man-sized puppet rapist.

The organization behind this ad is called “Generation Opportunity”, a non-profit advocacy group formed by Tea Party advocates and funded, once again, by the infamous Koch brothers.   The same guys who are on the board of ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) that writes the blueprints for conservative laws that have been inundating state legislatures across the U.S. in recent years (I just wrote about them in regards to Prison Labor a couple of days ago).

So this ad is from the very same conservatives who fought for and passed, in some states, laws that force women to have undergo transvaginal ultrasounds WITHOUT THEIR PERMISSION.  That’s right, the same people that put into law that a doctor can shove a foot long wand into your vagina without your permission are now telling you that Obamacare wants to and will do the same thing.  Project much, you assholes?

Of course, the entire premise of the ad is a lie.  Here’s the TRUTH about Obamacare:

  • Nurse’s don’t and won’t make comments about the type of insurance you choose.  If you purchase insurance under Obamacare it will be with companies like Blue Cross/Blue Shield, United Health, Cigna, etc–all the same companies that were available before.  Nowhere on your chart will it say “Obamacare–ooga booga!”
  • There will be no literal raping unless it’s at the behest of the asshats that made this stupid ad, since they’re the ones behind the forced transvaginal ultrasound laws.  Under that law a doctor can rape you in the states of Wisconsin and Virginia (and possibly some other states that have proposed it but not sure if they’ve passed it yet…Nebraska, Pennsylvania, Indiana, etc).  So it won’t be Uncle Sam, it will be your doctor as a proxy for the Koch brothers and the Tea Party.
  • There will be no figurative raping in regards to costs.  Obamacare costs are cheaper than existing employer healthcare plans, even in Arizona!  For most people subsidies are available AND you don’t have to wait until you file your taxes next year to get it.  You can request your subsidy ahead of time to pay for your premiums.
  • The government will not force you to change plans.  If you have a plan through your employer you can keep it so long as your employer decides to continue providing that plan–which is how it always worked.  Employers, in the past, could cancel healthcare coverage any damn time they pleased.  Now if they do so, you at least have an option to find something else affordable.  There ARE stories in the news of employers who are cancelling their coverage because of Obamacare BUT what our shitty media isn’t telling you is why.  They are cancelling it because their employees can get cheaper and better coverage using the Obamacare options.  That means that the employer and the employee come out ahead.  That’s how the Free Market should work.  Suck on that libertarians.

*ht to Angry Black Lady, aka ABL.  I heard her use the phrase during her guest appearance on the The Bubble Genius Bob & Chez Show 9/25/2013  


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