Ted, I am

Posted: September 25, 2013 in Healthcare, Tea Party
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The latest Tea Party darling, Ted Cruz (R-TX)feigned a filibuster yesterday in order to get some free press coverage while railing against Obamacare–mainly because the early success of the program scares the bejeebus out of him and the conservative clowns.  During his “performance” he read from Dr. Seuss’ famous book, “Green Eggs and Ham”, which he clearly doesn’t understand.  If ever there was an anthem to liberal ideals, this book would be it.  Be that as it may, I thought I would pay homage to his absurd display with my own bit of silliness.  After all, his performance is no more or less worthy of consideration than my little rhyme below.

I do not like him,
I do not like
Ted Cruz, the man

Would you vote for him
in a few years?
Would you vote for him
after a few beers?

Not in a few years.
Not after a few beers.
Not for the White House.
Not even for the White House mouse.
I would not vote for him here or there.
I would not vote for him anywhere.
I would not vote for Ted Cruz, the man
I do not like him, Ted-I-am.

I could not, would not vote
For this man
Not on a boat, not wearing a coat
Not even with conservative hands on my throat

PS:  Does this mean I can run for President now?

PSS:  Update after original post:  Yes, I am aware that at the end of the story, the guy ends up liking green eggs and ham.  My ditty is referring to a person and not food.  I don’t need to “try” Cruz out, he’s already put his ideas out into the public and he’s already in office.

  1. Well done! And no, I wouldn’t like him even well-done 🙂 Do you follow Freethought blogs at all? I see a lot of things there that I KNOW you are following, or should be! Maybe they’d want you on board? I think you’re a good fit…

  2. nicole says:

    hahaha…….love it, IG!

  3. Ben Cisco says:

    I thoroughly approve of this post.

    Also added you to my blogroll.

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