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From the party of “Screw you, I’ve got mine”, aka, the Republican Party, the House voted to cut $40 billion from the food stamp program.  These are the same guys that voted for farm subsidies that they themselves line their pockets with.  Some Representatives get more money from those subsidies than many Americans earn in an entire year.  For example, Agriculture Committee Chairman Frank Lucas (R-OK) received $40,000 in subsidies because he owns “a farm”.  Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) has received about $250,000 for her little farm.  Just imagine, making a quarter of a mill’ just for “owning” a family farm.  Hell, with free money like that who needs to plant crops!  Oh, did I mention that Rep. Lucas gets a daily meal allowance of $127.41.  I could feed my family for a week and a half on that much money.  To justify their votes, many Republicans are actually quoting (actually misquoting) Jesus.  Yep, supposed Christians are using Jesus to defend their willingness to let the poor go hungry.  Is there no low to which they won’t stoop?

Food Stamps is one of the most efficient and fraud-free programs we have in this country.  Serving over 40 million people, 95% of which live at 130% below the poverty line and half of those live below HALF the poverty line–that means a family of four trying to live off of $12,500 a year.  If you can’t wrap your mind around that figure…we’re talking someone who works full-time for $6.50 an hour at a greasy fast food chain or busing tables.  They can’t even afford to eat the crappy food they sell every day.   According to the Republicans, these people need to eat less and work harder.    Here’s some good news.  92% of program funding goes toward actual benefits–that is a tremendous rate of success.  Republican spending on other programs, like the unfunded wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, can’t even come close to that kind of success.  For both wars there were about 260,000 contractors suckling at the government teat.  Of the $60 billion spent, $40 billion was waste.  Pause, let that sink in.  Here’s another interesting stat.  For every full work day we were paying a contracted worker they actually only worked 15% of the time.

So I have to ask, who are the lazy people again?  It ain’t the poor in America.  They work their asses off to make next to nothing and now the House is asking them to tighten their belts because, boo hoo, we have a national debt.  When GWB came into office we had a surplus and that got spent on the most ill-considered war in our nation’s history.  The lower classes sent their young men and women to die in those distant lands.  To top that off wealthy investors gambled with the Middle Class’ retirement funds by investing in bundled mortgages that they KNEW were bad and crashed the world’s economy.  And now, NOW, they want to ask the poor to tighten their belts to fix the deficit?!  The poor aren’t causing the deficit but they’re obviously easy to pick on.

No, the ones who are actually lazy, the ones who get paid for doing nothing are Congress members and their contractor buddies.  If the US is failing economically it’s not the result of laziness on the part of the working public.  It’s because the politicians and their business cronies have become leeches on the system.  The Republican party is willing to starve the hardworking people on the lower rungs of our society in order to feed the greed of the wealthiest and most powerful.  It is as disgusting and immoral as it gets.  Sadly, most of the people on food stamps are white.  And they will vote for Republicans anyway because they’re too afraid a liberal (particularly of the brown or female persuasion)  will get into the White House again.  They believe the lies they are being told–the lies they hear on the FOPGOX 24/7 outrage machine and conspiracy filled talk radio nuts…the lies that say “those people” are coming for their guns, their liberty and their religion.

We’re getting to the point where “let them eat cake” actually sounds generous by comparison.







  1. Keith Rhodes says:

    Go Sis! Many many times over the last 20 years when I’ve seen injustices occur in my work places and nobody responded because they were afraid of losing their job or worst,did not understand what was happening I simply said Let them eat cake. Sadly half thought I was deranged,the Republicans thought I was one of them,and the Democrats kept there mouth shut. You can only say that so many times to human beings before there primal instincts kick in to protect their young. Yes,even in America!

    Date: Mon, 23 Sep 2013 18:37:58 +0000 To: americandream314@msn.com

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