Death of the Fourth Estate

Posted: September 19, 2013 in Healthcare, Pres. Barack Obama, The Media, Ugliness American Style
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The mainstream media in this country has stopped doing it’s job–basic journalism.  Instead of reporting the truth, they’ve become onscreen personalities serving the function of stenographers.  That’s why Chuck Todd from MSNBC was able to say what he did on Wednesday with a straight face.

During a segment on “Morning Joe,” former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell (D) speculated that most opponents of the Affordable Care Act have been fed erroneous information about the law. Todd said that Republicans “have successfully messaged against it” but he disagrees with those who argue that the media should educate the public on the law. According to Todd, that’s President Barack Obama’s job.

“But more importantly, it would be stuff that Republicans have successfully messaged against it,” Todd told Rendell. “They don’t repeat the other stuff because they haven’t even heard the Democratic message. What I always love is people say, ‘Well, it’s you folks’ fault in the media.’ No, it’s the President of the United States’ fault for not selling it.”

If that isn’t clear enough for you, let’s use a little example from commenter and Daily Kos diary blogger, GrafZeppelin.  He characterizes the current state of our media thusly:

Obama:  The world is round.
GOP:  The world is flat.
Media:  Opinions Differ on Shape of World.
Fox:  Democrats Lying About Shape of World?
O’Reilly:  Dems lie about shape of world to promote far-left agenda.
Malkin:  Liberals spew hate at Americans for disagreeing with Obama on shape of world.
Ron Paul libertarian:  Let free market decide shape of world.
Far-left liberal:  Obama not doing enough to make world more round.
Tea Party:  Round world = socialism.

Chuck Todd:  Not our job to report that world is, in, fact round; Dems’ fault for failing to convince public of world’s roundness.

In summary, major so-called journalists believing and acting based on this horseshite means this country is totally screwed.

  1. I’m happy for the translation – none of that first bit made one lick of sense to me. My mom was a newspaper editor – back when they only reported news, instead of giving opinion and pretending it was fact. I wonder what she would think of the mess that is going on over there today? I find it I i intresting that if I want factual news about the world, I go to AlJazzera’s TV channel.

    • drangedinaz says:

      Yeah, the fact that Al Jazeera does a better job of reporting American news than our domestic news stations is pathetic.

      • I don’t respect Irish news or the BBC either. Irish news always prefaces a story about a person with ‘father of two’ or ‘mother of 18’ as if that immediately garners sympathy. Ah, no. The Beeb is better, but they have a segment where they cover all the newspaper front-page headlines! WHAT! Why the hell would I watch TV to see what is in the papers?!?

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