I still got it, maybe…..

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Personal

I went shooting on Saturday for the first time in 15 years.  I had forgotten quite a lot about my own weapon.  My father bought it for me way back when I was a Probation Officer.  It’s a Ruger Security Six (see pic below) and it may not look like much but it packs quite a punch.

Ruger Security Six

Ruger Security Six

It fires both .357 and .38.  If I remember correctly, the FL Dept of Corrections approved ammo back in the day was .38 jacketed hollow point and I still had some of those bullets left over.  This weekend though I was shooting .357.  It has a hell of a kick.  I had forgotten that and the fact that the muzzle flash is pretty big too.  It’s not the most accurate weapon but it’s not meant to be shot from long distances.  These particular Ruger’s were made with law enforcement in mind and since the majority of LEO shootings (and self-defense shootings BTW) happen in about a 7 foot radius, so accuracy isn’t high on the priority list.  What is needed is the ability to stop someone with one shot because that’s all your likely to get.  And believe me, regardless of whether I’m firing a .357 or a .38, one shot should do it.

I also got to shoot my sig other’s gun, a Beretta 9mm.  I really liked it and would like to have one of my own some day.  It’s lightweight, nicely balanced, comfortable grips and pretty darn accurate.   The first clip I fired was grouped so nice, I just had to share it (see the silhouette target below).  Not bad for 15 years of not shooting, then again I might have just gotten lucky because I was not nearly as accurate with the other weapons I got to fire that day.

Can you believe it!?

Can you believe it!?

The difference in shooting my revolver versus the Beretta is like night and day or like driving a vintage Mustang versus driving a modern one.  In my early twenties I had for a short time a 1968 Mustang.  It was big, heavy, sturdy, hard to maneuver, slow out of the gate, awkward shifting, but powerful once you got it up to speed.  My sig other now has a much more recent Mustang and it’s infinitely lighter, sleeker, smoother shifting, handles much better, and, of course, very fast.  That’s what it’s like shooting the two weapons.

Anyway, it was good to use it again but more importantly, I was obligated to practice with my weapon.  If I don’t practice with it and get comfortable with it, I shouldn’t continue owning it.  To have a weapon and not upkeep it and practice with it is the height of irresponsibility.  I wish more Americans felt that way.

  1. mhasegawa says:

    Registered, I assume?

    • drangedinaz says:

      Unfortunately AZ doesn’t register them and actually prohibits local jurisdictions from requiring licensing or registration. When I lived in FL it was registered because it had to be and it was my duty weapon. I dont carry it around now either because its a hassle and just begging for trouble. The gun laws in this state are idiotic because there are lots of idiots who think that carrying one makes them “manly” and/or “useful” in case of a shooting. I have no such illusions. I decided this year I was either going to get proficient with it again or sell it.

      • mhasegawa says:

        I guess AZ is still the wild west…

        • drangedinaz says:

          Yeah, unfortunately….they even tried to allow people to carry concealed on college campuses in 2012….which is just plain nuts since that’s one of the locations on which and demographics from which many mass murders have taken place…thankfully, even our very conservative governor vetoed the bill. Sometimes living here is like being the only sane person in an insane asylum.

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