Other People’s Train Wrecks

Posted: September 5, 2013 in Entertainment, Personal, Television
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Certain aspects of my life are awesome (sig other, you know that means you) and others, like work, are driving me crazy. I don’t have any books I want to read right now so I’m catching up on some TV shows that I’ve missed out on. One good thing about these shows….I can honestly say that my life is SOOOO much better than the crap that goes on these shows. So there’s that….

1. Sons of Anarchy – Been watching it on Netflix by myself and am getting to the end of Season 1. A variation on the theme song has become an ear worm for me.

2. Breaking Bad – also on Netflix but watching it with my sig other and am almost to the end of Season 2. On another blog was discussing at what point viewers turned against Walt.

NOTE: Spoilage ahead if you haven’t gotten to the middle or end of Season 2!!!!!!!!!!!!

For me there was a series of breaking points (pardon the pun)…..First was the scene where he comes back home and his wife is standing in the kitchen with the green facial mask on, and he basically sexually assaults her. It wasn’t just because she said No and he didn’t listen. It was that he is getting off on all the danger and he’s so desperate to feel good, that he doesn’t recognize he’s no better than Jesse or any of his drug addict friends. He enjoys the high too much. Add that on top of the fact that it took him WAY too long to realize his wife was saying “stop, no” and the level of force he used on her, that was it for me. I might have wavered a little after, so the second point was in the ep where he is breaking into Jesse’s house to get the 38 lbs of meth from under Jesse’s kitchen sink. I turned to the sig other and said, “At what point does Walt realize that the Universe is telling him to stop this madness?” The third and final nail will probably have something to do with Jesse’s girlfriend, Jane. She’s an obstacle as far as Walt is concerned and I have a bad, bad feeling about what he might do to remove her. My sympathy for Jesse has actually increased. I think he realizes his problems and why he does them. But every time he tries to be a better person, someone or something drags him down, usually Walt. Jesse has shown time and time again that he is actually more redeemable than Walt. It will be interesting to see their journeys.

3. Game of Thronesthey’re shooting season 4 in Croatia, Iceland and Belfast (or at least they were last time I checked)…I can’t WAIT for the next season but it will be many more moons before it’s broadcast…..

4. Outlander – This is a new series on Starz that is shooting now (16 episodes ordered) and set to be aired in 2014. It’s based on one of my most beloved book series, called the Outlander Series by Diane Gabaldon. The story begins in the 1940’s Scotland with a former WWII British Army nurse, Claire, who is on a second honeymoon with her husband, Frank. While traipsing through the bonnie heather she comes across a time portal and is transported back to the 1700’s, where she meets and falls for a young Scotsman by the name of Jamie. It sounds like a cheap dimestore romance but it’s not. It’s a cross of historical fiction, romance, murder mystery, and fantasy. And you’d think it’s a horrible mismash story that can’t make up it’s mind…but it’s not that either. The author is an incredibly smart woman and her historical accuracy is awesome. You REALLY understand the gritty truth about what it means for a modern person to try to live in the 1700’s. You are there, in that time with Claire. Everything from the difference in hygiene practices to sexual politics play a role in what happens. And it’s funny too. Her characters are very real and likeable. I highly recommend it if you’re looking for something to read. I have only three warnings: First, the start of the very first book is slow. Hang in there until you get past the point where she travels through time…it’s worth it and there’s a reason she spends so much time setting up the relationship between Claire and Frank that will reveal itself later. Second, if you don’t like very detailed and precise writing this isn’t the series for you. You have to be the kind of person that enjoys reading the details of what people wear, what they eat, the weather, character backstory, etc…. Third, if you’re offended by sex scenes or violence and sex, this isn’t the book for you. There are some very hot and fairly explicit consensual sex scenes plus some violent non-consenual sex scenes….so you are forewarned. That kind of stuff doesn’t bother me because if you’re writing about human beings….not including those kinds of things seems silly to me….it’s real and it happens…if you want real characters you can’t ignore this side of people.

What are your thoughts on these shows, potential shows and/or books?


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