He came to me in a silver boat

Posted: August 24, 2013 in Personal, Poetry

I see you, Man in the Moon, in your silver coracle adrift
Me, a speck of conscious dust floating compelled by your magnetism
You’ve visited many of us, in just this way, maybe millions of us over the ages
As we’ve clambered around this wet ball of a planet
Blood coursing to your rhythms whether we will it or not
Man is but a blip, a millisecond in your grand view
Yet here we are, watching each other, mutually entrapped
Small and as temporary as I may be, the universe is encompassed herein
There you are, glowing, partially hidden, compelling and as ever silent
Dust to dust, we commune in our neverending dance
But for this brief, sensual moment, we are entwined
And it is enough


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