Delightfully stupid

Posted: August 13, 2013 in Personal, Pet Blogging

So I was over at one of my favorite blogs and the main blogger has a cat who he writes about frequently.  He was bemoaning the fact that he’d bought one of the Cat Trees and his cat was not using it.  It brought to mind my two cats and how much they loved the cat trees that I had for them.

Even my very large, very fat and delightfully stupid Calico loved the darn thing. There was absolutely nothing funnier than watching her try to get on/off it. She acted like she was leaning off the edge of the Grand Canyon.  One portion of it was this platform up on a pole, you know how they make them…..Well, one day she was sitting on top of this platform and started going round and round chasing her tail. Of course, she lost her balance and fell off.

She reacted quickly enough to grab onto the platform with her front paws but her back end was dangling in the air. I will never forget the look of abject horror on her face as if she thought she was going to fall into some bottomless abyss. She swung her bottom legs to push up against the post underneath the platform but the angle was wrong so she just couldn’t make it. After a brief struggle (I did mention that she was fat, right?) she couldn’t hold on any more and her expression was just priceless. You know that look you see people in the movies get as their last fingertip slips off a cliff/rope/hand…when their imminent death sinks in and they eyes widen in terror and their mouth opens to scream? That’s what she did.

She then stretched her body as long as possible, maybe in the hopes of shortening the distance to the ground. And lo and behold, her back paws touched something. She seemed startled and looked down to confirm that she had indeed landed without dying. It was at that moment that she remembered that the platform was only 2 and half feet off the ground and her body was at least that long, if not longer. I started laughing and she stalked away as if to preserve what was left of her dignity. I laughed until I got the hiccups.

I never thought I would know someone ditzier than me but this cat took the prize.  Here’s a picture of her when she was a kitten.  I miss her fuzzy face.

My little Zsa Zsa, "Don't hate me because I am beautiful"

My little Zsa Zsa, “Don’t hate me because I am beautiful”

  1. Wonderful! So glad you have such a giggle-worthy memory of her.

  2. cliff445 says:

    Thank you, I really enjoyed this amusing account! I can picture it all so well from your words! My sweet adorable calico, Skooky was a huge fan of her cat tree, she loved to perch atop the highest platform, and look down upon her realm. Once she was assured that all was as it should be, she would curl herself up in a tight ball, and drift off to sleep. She passed away three years ago this Friday. Skooks was such a loving affectionate little princess, and I miss her dearly. I too am very glad for the wonderful memories!

    • drangedinaz says:

      I know how hard it is to lose our furry companions, so you have my sympathy. Having pets has been one of the most positive and enriching experiences in my life and I think most pet owners feel the same way. Thanks for stopping by.

      • cliff445 says:

        Thanks, drangedinaz, it is very hard saying goodbye, but It felt good looking back and remembering some special moments. Thank you for that. Stopping by was a real pleasure!

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