Your sidewalk is their castle

Posted: July 19, 2013 in Discrimination, Racism, Ugliness American Style
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Okay, it’s been enough time and I’ve calmed down enough to be able to write about the Zimmerman acquittal.  For those of our friends overseas, this is the case where a white guy, George Zimmerman, was charged with 2nd Degree Murder in the State of Florida for the death of an African American teenager, Trayvon Martin.  Basically Zimmerman saw Trayvon walking late at night in a predominantly white neighborhood.  Zimmerman called the police and the dispatcher told him to NOT follow and NOT confront Trayvon.   He followed Trayvon anyway.  Zimmerman confronted him and they began fighting.  Trayvon started to whoop his ass so Zimmerman pulled out his gun and killed Trayvon.

Zimmerman was acquitted because he used the “Stand Your Ground ” defense also known as the “Castle Doctrine”.  A FL law that says a person does not have to retreat or evade an attacker.  It’s usually used for people who are in their homes and confronted by someone breaking in, hence the homeowner would be defending his ‘castle’.  States that have these laws are also called the “Stand and fight” states versus those who don’t, the “Retreat” states that say if you have the option to retreat you have a duty to evade and leave the scene.  These “stand and fight” laws are not typically used for a wannabe cop who picks a fight he shouldn’t have out on the street.  See Trayvon wasn’t breaking any laws.  He was on his way home from a convenience store.  He had ice tea and bag of Skittles in his hand.  Zimmerman was just a fat loser who violated a direct order from the police dispatcher as well as the most important tenet of a neighborhood watch which is to not confront and to not follow the suspect.

I guess John Oliver of The Daily Show said it best, “…what makes this so much worse — that we could get a verdict like this, not because the system is broken down, but because the system worked exactly as it’s designed”.  31 states have “Stand Your Ground” laws now and several more have considered or are currently considering it.  This verdict made me sick to my stomach.  It was never safe to be brown in America but I think it got a whole lot more dangerous.   Apparently a man’s castle now extends to the sidewalks of suburban America.

  1. 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

    It is not a safe world for white people. You need to recheck your facts. Sounds like you got your information from the racist news media. Did you even watch the trail to get the correct evidence? The dispacher told him we don’t need you to follow him. A dispatcher is not a law officer. Their only qualfications needed is to 35 wpm. I was a dispatcher for 25 years. The president and Holder are trying to start a race war instead of pulling this country apart.
    . If you wanted peace you should try and help instead wanting to kill whitey. What about racism againt whites? Check the F.B.I. crime stats for blacks killing whites. I am sick of this racist crap. I am an anger white woman.

    • drangedinaz says:

      Sorry it took me so long to reply. I have a Masters in Criminal Justice and used to be in law enforcement so I can claim some expert status on these matters. You could not possibly be more wrong in regards to your understanding of crime statistics. The majority of crime is intraracial…..Meaning if you’re white, the odds are very, very high that you will be victimized by another white person. Furthermore, the majority of crimes, particularly crimes of violence, are perpetrated by people that you know. In fact, white women are more likely to be assaulted, raped and killed by their white husbands, fathers, uncles, neighbors, etc.

      The President said nothing controversial during the press conference when he addressed the court ruling. If you think he did, you need to have your head examined. And for the record, I don’t want to “kill whitey”, I am as white as a person can get. I, like many law enforcement officers out there, don’t want idiots like Zimmerman or bigots running around with guns shooting anyone they are afraid of. And that’s precisely what this case ruling tells people they can do (at least in FL anyway).

      • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

        Where did you get your Masters Degree? From a mail order mill? And why are you not now in law enforcement? Fired? For someone with a masters degree you are pitifully ignorant. F.B.I. stats show that black americans are 13% of the populations and account for 50% of all violent crime. Figures from 2011 show that 433,934 blacks killed whites as apposed to 55,685 whites kill blacks. 14,000 white women were raped by black men. Not one of white men raping black women. Blacks are 40% more likely to kill whites than whites kill blacks. As for your evidence, it is plain that you didn’t watch the trail or listen to the 911 tape. The DISPATCHER said, “we don’t need you to do that” A dispatcher is not a law enforcement officer. All the quailfications for a dispatcher is to type 35 wmp. The star witness for Trayvon couldn’t speak proper English, couldn’t read the letter she wrote. It seems you got all your information for the new media. As for the “white women being killed by family and friends,, that’s true for any homicide. And if the killer is not among family and friends, then the increase the suspect pool a little wider. Then a little wider again. Please get your facts straight before you show your ignorance on display for all the world to see.

        • drangedinaz says:

          You want me bonafides? Here’s a tiny bit of them. My masters is from the University of South Carolina–you know that venerable and accredited institution founded in 1801. My bachelor’s is from Edinboro University of Pennsylvania. I graduated summa cum laude from both universities (3.92 and 4.0 gpa respectively). As an undergraduate, I was the Political Science Department’s Oustanding Graduate (voted as such by all of the Professors and student leadership). I revived the dead Alpha Phi Sigma chapter (don’t know what that is? look it up). I was also the recipient of a 3 year Army ROTC scholarship because I had the highest grades, PT scores, best leadership qualities, interview results, etc, etc within a pool of over 100 ROTC cadets from 5 different regional colleges and universities. I paid my own way through school with cash I’d earned by working since I was 14 years old, loans and scholarships. In grad school I received a fellowship to work in the Dean’s office because of my outstanding scholarship. I did a master thesis that involved regression analysis (you’ll probably have to look that up too).

          I’m at a loss as to why the star witness for Trayvon has to do with our discussion on crime stats. An anecdote about a witness does not disprove decades of verified data, The only thing it does do is illustrate your racism.

          Furthermore, quite a few of your stats do not disprove my original points. Let’s take your claim that “Figures from 2011 show that 433,934 blacks killed whites as opposed to 55,685 whites kill blacks”. 1) Those figures are actually from 2007 (here’s the actual BJS report) and the exact phrasing that you are using is taken from Pat Buchanan’s book entitled “Suicide of a Superpower”. See that thing flying out the window? That was your credibility. 2) That 433,934 and 55,685 numbers don’t refer to killings, they refer to all violent crime. 3) If one were to total those two figures you use as proof, one would come up with a number that represents 88.6% of all violent crime. So you are in essence saying that in 2007 (or 2011, you’re pretty confused aren’t you) 88.6% of all violent crime was perpetrated by African Americans. Which we know without a doubt is not true. That same report shows unequivocally that 68% of all violent crime was perpetrated by white people against other white people. You were just hoping I wouldn’t bother to reply so those bogus stats would go unchallenged. Tsk tsk

          As to your claim that not a single white male perpetrated a rape of a black female has to be one of the stupidest fucking things I have ever read in my entire life. A study by BJS looking at rape and sexual assault from 1995 to 2000 found that the rate of victimization by race breaks down pretty evenly regardless of whether they are black or white. In other words, the likelihood of your getting raped as a white woman wasn’t that much different than that of a black woman. What does make a big difference in the rate? Income. Any woman making less than $25,000 a year was almost twice as likely to be sexually assaulted or raped as those making more than that. So combining race and income, every study done for the last 30+ years shows that a black or mixed race woman is 2 to 3 times more likely to be the victim of rape than a white woman. Since the majority of the US population is white, its statistically impossible for there to have been no rapes of black women by white men. I don’t even have to point to a particular crime stat to prove my point. But I will…only 7% of rapes are interracial–3.4% of those are white offender/black female victim and 3.3% are black offender/white female victim.

          And it bears witness to what I said before….the majority of crimes (around 80%) are perpetrated by nonstrangers. If you average out the reported rates over the 5 year period, approximately 62% of rapes were perpetrated by white offenders (with a high of 70% in 1995) with the remaining average of 38% being by non-whites (and no, you can’t blame this all on African Americans….if you haven’t noticed, we have all kinds of non-whites in this country). Now this doesn’t yet tell us anything about the relationship of offender race and victim race. For a historical perspective look at this report covering 1973 to 1982, which shows that white offenders raped 80% of the black and other race victims and 70% of the white victims. Since you’re an eejit let me explain this to you. You know that a rapist very rarely just rapes once, right? Well, the white offenders reported and/or caught from 1973 to 1982 accounted for 80% of the black and other race victims. So, you’re flat out wrong. White men rape women of other races ALL the time.

          Now if you run the numbers you will see and a lot of bigots on the Internet will say, yes, there are more whites in this country so of course whites will commit the most crimes, regardless of the type of crime. Then they say but the rate at which black offenders rape (kill, etc, etc) white victims is higher because you have to look at the stats on a per capita basis. No, no you don’t. Let’s say my family consisting of 20 people moves to Mars. On Mars there are about 153 martians (my family would be 13% of the population). Who are going to be the most likely offenders? Martians because there’s more of them. Who are likely to be the most likely victims? Martians because there are more of them. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand this.

          My final point is the very wording you use to make your point, is repeated over and over ad nauseum in the comments on tons of websites….I found over 2,990 pages using the same figures and phrases. But no matter how many times you and your KKK loving friends post your lies in comments around the Internet it will never make it true. Take your hate and ignorance and peddle it somewhere else.

          • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

            I hate you! Is that good enough? Zimmerman did not use the stand your ground law in Florida. And what about the numbers from 2011 F.B.I. files??? I don’t care what you have to say for the poor negroes, they still are 13 percent of the population and they still commit 80% of the crime. Don’t blame it on poverty or white people. They do what they choose to do. No one forces them to live in poverty. They make that choice on their own by not educating them selves and 73% of all black babies are born to unwed mothers. Which excludes fathers and the nuclear family. No role models for black youths that then turn to gangs for family. This is the REAL world. Your stats are pulled out of your ass. If your family moved to Mars, it would be the only populations unless you believe Mars is already inhabited. If you do, you need your meds upped. As I said, the black population is making their own bed. Not me. I do Not make the choices for them, they do. Oh and by the way, I am 1/4 Native American myself and I am female so that would make me a minority twice over and I don’t blame anyone for the decision that I have made. Take your NAACP and stick it where the sun doesn’t shine.

          • drangedinaz says:

            I gave you links to the documents from which I quoted my stats. You did not. You said your figures were from 2011 and they weren’t. Minority women have horrible victimization rates and I guaranfuckingtee you they didn’t ask for it. No child born into poverty asks for it, regardless of the color of their skin. You’re being in two minority groups makes your statements all that more horrific. And when did I say anything about the NAACP?! I sincerely hope you are never a victim of a violent crime. And if you are, I sincerely hope you don’t run into someone like you who says “you must have asked for it”. Your lack of empathy for other human beings is incredibly sad.

            And wow, I don’t hate you. I hate what you stand for but what I do feel for you as a person is pity. It must be horrible to live with all that fear and hate inside. Read the New Testament more and racist literature less. Maybe you’ll find some peace.

          • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

            Wow, what a fairy tale education with no means to check it out. I did not say anyone was asking for anything. I said people make their own decision. If they don’t want to educate themselves then that is their little red wagon. If you continue to have babies you can’t afford to take care of, that is Not my decision and the government is not their baby daddy. I chose to educated myself and do not depend on the government to take care of me.. I raised a son by myself and did not take any government assistance. I just worked hard and brought my son up to be an upstanding young man. You said that no baby ask to be born into poverty and I agree. The babies parents made that decision. And their parents keep making the decision to keep the child in poverty. I do not live in fear. I live in disgust of people that refuse to help themselves. I don’t live in hate either. I am just sick of people like you that want to blame anyone or anything for decisions that people make for themselves. Tell me just one thing that blacks are not afforded that white people are. Hiring of people based on the color of their skin was brought for blacks. Being as you are sooo smart, what about the 2012 stats??? Me being in two different minorities groups just proves my point that you make the bed you lay in. You sited things as evidence that was not even in the trial. Don’t you belong to the NAACP?? You are for the advancement of Colored people aren’t you?? Don’t feel pity for me. I feel pity for you. That you can’t wake up to the real world and see what is going on. I would just like to see you and your 20 family members move to Mars.

          • drangedinaz says:

            Ha! As if I would bother to provide proof of my degrees to a woman who engages in racist hate speech. Keep trying honey. Oh, and BTW with every comment you make you are proving that you are the one blaming other people for crimes and poverty and all kinds of ills in this society and taking no responsibility yourself. I support the advancement of the human race to which you are not contributing because your beliefs widen the divide between the races and sow hatred for your fellow man.

          • drangedinaz says:

            Also, here’s a little fact that came out in the news today, 4 out of 5 adults in the US will experience economic uncertainty at some point in their lives, living close to the poverty line, joblessness and dependency on welfare. That stat says nothing about the color of people’s skin. If you have never suffered such things you are truly a lucky individual. My mother raised 6 kids as a single mother and never went on welfare. But she had a decent steady job and my father paid child support. Not everyone is that lucky. And I use luck not because she didn’t work her butt off, because she did. I use the term luck because there are many things in life that could have gone the other way. What if she hadn’t gotten the job right out of high school? What if my dad couldn’t or wouldn’t pay the child support? What if one of us had a major illness and healthcare didn’t cover it all? Do you know that the majority of bankruptcies in the US are the result of a major illness and the cost of treating it? Families of all colors face economic catastrophes every day that have nothing whatsoever to do with their choices in life. Yet you want to blame them for their life choices. My attitude is “there but for the grace of God go I” and your attitude is “oh well it’s their problem, their choices, especially if they’re black”. This hate that you spew only distracts us from the real problems facing this country and it isn’t the non-whites. The problem are the very wealthy who control our country. But you keep on listening to them tell you how superior you are. It sure does seem to answer something inside of you. I will keep on blogging about injustice and calling people like you out.

          • 1wanderingtruthseeker says:

            Go fuck yourself

          • drangedinaz says:

            And there you have it folks, the most pathetic come back ever. Thanks for playing!

  2. Hala J. says:

    I have so much trouble figuring out how this guy was acquitted because it makes no sense at all. He was told not to follow, and he did. A kid finds out he’s being followed by a random stranger and defends himself and gets killed. If Zimmerman left well enough alone, he would have seen that Trayvon—for all intents and purposes—was going home. Period. No mess, no fuss.

    But he got himself into the situation and ended up taking the life of an unarmed kid. And he was let go? I mean…what?

    I’m willing to bet my right arm that if Trayvon was white, the verdict would have come out very differently. (Then again, if he were white, he wouldn’t have been followed at all).

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