According to CNN reporter, Christian Amanpour, there were an estimated 26,000 rapes in the U.S. Military last year with only 3,000 of them actually being reported.  And even fewer were actually prosecuted.  Remember what I said…the problem isn’t that women shouldn’t be in the ranks….the problem is within Military Command because it is they who do not enforce their own standard of conduct.

Apparently they “get it” in Australia.  Lt. Gen. David Morrison of the Australian Army responds in a video to a story that emails degrading several female service members were being circulated by their male colleagues.   This video demonstrates the kind of attitude that American Military Command should have–zero tolerance.   His message, if you can’t handle women in the Australian Army, “get out”.

The problem isn’t the women, it’s the men and how they react to the women.  They can change if they want to.  Right now, American males (in general) don’t want to.  That’s why leadership actually has to lead the way.  We did it with integrating the armed forces.  We can and should do it again.  So, Officers, it’s time to cowboy up.  “Adapt and overcome” or get the fuck out of the way.

  1. sumofmanycrossroads says:

    I saw this and liked it…he is hardcore….he doesn’t even blink!

  2. alopecia says:

    I can’t imagine any of our service chiefs saying something like that, since they want to keep the hallowed chain of command in place in cases of sexual assault (that’s worked *so* well so far), but I live in hope.

    • drangedinaz says:

      It’s hard for a conservative organization like the military to change, as you well know. The Non-Comms and the Officer Corps are simply not enforcing the rules and they aren’t doing it because 1) they don’t believe in the change (which as I’ve said before I could give a crap what they believe but that lack of support is known among female soldiers so they are less likely to report) and 2) there is not a strong enough push from the Sec of Defense downward. To make this work they need to adopt a no tolerance policy just as they have in Australia. I mean, look at how that Lt. General responded to degrading emails. Can you imagine if they had a rape epidemic like they do in our country?! Of course, the reason they don’t have a rape epidemic is precisely because of that no tolerance attitude. I wonder if Australia has a non-chain of command reporting process for sex crimes and harassment….hmmmmm. So, it’s Leadership, Policy, AND Procedure, of which the reliance on Chain of Command is but a symptom.

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