Derp! Arizona style

Posted: June 19, 2013 in Criminal in AZ, Domestic Terrorism, Humor, Ugliness American Style

Do all the idiots in the world live in AZ? Sometimes it certainly seems so. Thankfully there are enough others with good sense. An Arizona jury convicted a man, Michael David Turley, for perpetrating a terrorism hoax on July 28th of last year.

In a YouTube video that Turley made of the hoax, his young relative was dressed in a sheet, had a scarf wrapped around his head, made erratic movements while in a crosswalk and pointed the fake weapon at vehicles, prompting motorists to call 911.

Do you note where it mentions the young relative? That would be his 16-year-old nephew. Drivers passing by testified that they thought it might be real and considered running him over. It boggles the mind……

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