Winter is finally here, Ep. 2

Posted: April 10, 2013 in Entertainment, Personal
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Okay, I suck at posting on my blog lately. I’ve lost a lot of motivation and I’m not sure why. I mean other than I seem to be exhausted all the time lately. Anyway, there are some things I just can’t resist sharing and this is one of them…..another Facebook recap of the 2nd Episode of Season 3, Game of Thrones. It’s even better than the last one!

Huzzah and may the Hodor be with you!

  1. I won’t look – read all the books but keeping away from the show until we can get it here. I missed you!

    • drangedinaz says:

      Bummer on GOT! They don’t have it in Ireland? I was sure they had it in England but I guess that doesn’t mean it would automatically be in Britain. I think the first two seasons are on DVD now and I might purchase them. Hmmmm, plot is forming in my mind…….

      Awww, thanks. I’m so busy and tired but it’s not just that….I’m just not motivated to write anything right now. I have been reading and enjoying your posts though. Always enjoy your blog. 🙂

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