Bosses and your lady business

Posted: March 11, 2013 in Culture War, Discrimination, Healthcare, Religion, Women's Issues
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Eighteen companies in the U.S. have gone to Court to avoid having to comply with the ACA’s (Obamacare) required birth control benefit.  They’re reasoning:  1) the benefit covers abortion-inducing drugs and 2) it violates their for-profit company’s religious freedom.  Both reasons are poppycock.

The pill, Plan B, Ella, etc are birth control–not abortifacients–meaning that they prevent an egg from being fertilized-they do NOT cause the body to reject a zygote (fertilized egg).  So their first reason is not true.  Furthermore on this point, the medical definition of pregnancy, which is the legal standard, is that the fertilized egg must implant on the wall of the womb.  Evidently these wealthy and mostly male cadre of entrepreneurs have decided that their individual religious belief that life begins at fertilization trumps the medical and legal one.  Nope, sorry fellas.

Now to the second point…..A company does not have religious freedom–because a company is not a person–no matter what the Supreme Court says.  And even if it did have “religious freedom” then whose religion?  The owner, the majority of the employees’ or the majority the shareholders?  See what a sticky wicket that “corporations are people too” is?  But I digress.

A corporation is both a  thing, an organization, and sometimes it is a group of individuals.  Clearly, the individuals who own it do have religious freedom.  Legal precedence tells us that what matters when considering a violation of religious freedom (and this is true of other “free exercise rights”) is the degree to which the individual is burdened–it has to be a “substantial burden” to constitute a violation.  Therefore, these companies have to show how it is a “substantial burden” to them to provide this benefit.  So far, they have failed to do this.

The courts have said time and time again that providing a “birth control” benefit to female employees is not a substantial burden.  Since employees pay for part or all of the costs of health insurance and therefore “earn” the benefit it isn’t a “substantial burden” on the employer.  Indeed one could argue the opposite.  To deny women birth control IS a substantial burden on female employees.  But who wants to help all those sluts out there, amiright?

One final point…most businesses, indeed even some religious organizations, have been offering the birth control benefit for a long time.  They only just recently decided that their religious freedom was being impinged and it conveniently coincided with the election of the scary Muslim usurper to the White House and passage of healthcare reform.  If a person or a group of persons making up a company feel they cannot provide birth control coverage then don’t run a business with other employees.  Just don’t.  It’s the same point I made when I was discussing the Catholic Church running ER’s and hospitals.  If they can’t provide proper care for pregnant women, which includes the ability to perform D&C’s to REALLY save the life of the mother then they either don’t need to run those hospitals or they don’t need to provide obstetrics.  In the end, the company doesn’t get to impose it’s owners religious rights on it’s employees.  It’s 2012, not 1012 and I’m pretty damn sure my “lady business” is none of their business.

Sarcasm aside….if you think these companies are wrong on this issue go to the Planned Parenthood website and sign their petition.


  1. alopecia says:

    Only reproductive sex within (a presumably cold and loveless) marriage is acceptable to the latest, noisy crop of Social Conservatives. (These are the same Social Conservatives who declare that marriage has *always* been a union of one man and one woman for the sole purpose of having and raising children, thereby ignoring most of history and all of reality.) Having sex but not having children is the moral equivalent of having an abortion every 29.1±7.5 days.

    It’s your own fault, you women, for having ladybits and not using them properly. That’s why the corporation-people have to step in and force you to do the right thing.

    Now you’ll have to excuse me. I have to take a long shower and try to wash the stupid off.

  2. mhasegawa says:

    They can always try holding an aspirin between their knees the way Rush advised.

  3. The same people bemoan paying for pregnancy prevention and then bemoan paying for social programs that aide women to raise the children they do end up having.

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