Health for me but not for thee

Posted: February 18, 2013 in Discrimination, Healthcare, Ugliness American Style, Women's Issues
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The Governor of Virginia is finally acquiescing to the need to form a healthcare exchange (instead of letting the Feds do it) to comply with the 2010 Healthcare Reform law, aka, Obamacare. Only problem is, he has decided that any insurance companies that participate, even private companies, cannot cover abortion–you know that perfectly legal medical procedure that saves the lives of women every day. I think if you don’t want to provide those services for women there should also be a restriction on any companies that provide erectile dysfunction meds like Viagra or better yet a restriction on those that provide prostrate surgery. Just sayin

  1. alopecia says:

    Bob wondered the same thing back in May ( My comment then is my comment now:

    Don’t be silly. Boner pills won’t be banned. They benefit men, who deserve to have sex lives long after their bodies are telling them, “No more, big guy.” The Pill and mifepristone benefit women, who have cooties and whose sex lives must be controlled by their betters.

    And as I said then, just typing that made me feel stupid.

    As for restrictions on prostate surgery, well, I can think of some mighty unpleasant and unnecessary procedures, but they’re not *medical* in the strictest sense of the word …

    • drangedinaz says:

      LOL My thought is always, who do they think these men hyped up (pardon the pun) on Viagra are going to have sex with? Blow up dolls? The gender double standards in this country just irritate the living bejeebers out of me.

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