UPDATE 2:  Angry Black Lady says that the graphic is actually from Think Progress, just FYI.

UPDATE:  a nice little graphic added at bottom and a link here to the post that is its source from the audacious Angry Black Lady Chronicles.

Not too long ago I wrote a post about how the House Republicans killed the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) because ‘them thar women injuns need ta stay on da resuhvashun an shouldna be awtherized to persecute da white man’ in spite of the fact that those white men are rapists scum.  I, and many other women, did not take kindly to this attitude.

Well the issue has come up AGAIN.  Senate Republicans put forward an amendment that would strip the provision of VAWA that focused on increasing protections for Native American Women. Their supposed reason? They say that provision was added by “special interests”. So the vulnerable, the rape victims, they’re a special interest group? Really? What of kind of piece of shit do you have to be to think that way? Seriously.

Thankfully, Senate Democrats defeated this odious amendment so that VAWA remained intact and then passed the Senate easily with some bipartisan support (as it should have).   Now VAWA will go to the House, where who knows what will happen.  I’m not optimistic considering what happened last time (repeating, see my earlier post).   By the way, Marco Rubio, the supposed savior of the GOP who gave the Republican rebuttal to the President’s State of the Union Speech, voted AGAINST VAWA for the second time in a year. So if you hear Rubio talking about how much he cares about women’s rights, he’s lying.   The only thing he cares about is how he can further restrict those rights, not protect them.

PS:  Here’s a great article on Rubio by Bob Cesca, it’s a nice early take on the man who will probably be the GOP Presidential candidate in 2016

Why is it always the same assholes, um, I mean faces, over and over again?





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