Stop while you’re ahead

Posted: February 11, 2013 in Personal

Here’s a quick rundown of my “night out”.  I got a quick tour of the Gila River Indian Reservation and met one of the BF’s buddies at the San Tan Brewery in Chandler, AZ.  We also went to the Wild Horse Pass Casino and actually played the slots, but not with my money!  Then we went to Raw Hide, a touristy western village/restaurant/shops/horse riding, etc, to meet the BF’s family.  We ate dinner there and explored the shops.  His nieces and nephews are adorable and although I complain about my kids, I really do love all kids.  It’s much easier to love on them when I know I won’t have to change their diaper later.  They seemed to like me too (only the good Lord knows why).

I have to talk about the casino. First of all, they allow smoking in there and I didn’t realize that.  Arizona doesn’t allow smoking inside public buildings any more so it just didn’t occur to me that this was on a Reservation where they make their own rules.  It wasn’t all that bad actually because I guess they have these filters that are constantly cleaning the air.  So the BF gave me $40 to play with and I started at the penny slots, cuz I’m cheap like that, what can I say?!  I actually won a little over $19 in about 5 or 10 minutes.  At that point I wanted redeem the money, set aside the original $40 and just use the $19 to continue. But the BF said come on let’s try the quarter slots (or was it the nickel and then the quarter slots).  Anyway, I blew through the winnings and another $20 and then the last $20 the BF blew.  See, I should always go with my first instinct.  I always screw up when I don’t listen to that little voice inside.  It was still kind of fun, a new first in my life.

I discovered something about myself.  I don’t like to gamble on games of chance.  Now before Saturday night I would have said that I don’t like to gamble but I had never really tried it so I didn’t honestly know if it was true.   However, it’s official-I don’t like spending money on games of chance.  I guess I would have preferred a game of skill because at least my brain gets to work and there’s some satisfaction in earning a win.  But there are a couple of problems with that.  The only card game I know how to play is Black Jack, which would have been fine  I guess.  However, I think the stakes on those tables would be a bit higher than I would want to deal with (regardless of who’s money it is).  So if I ever go again, I will try my hand at Black Jack instead….maybe if the stakes aren’t too high.  I still cringe when I think about that lost money though.  Part of me is pretty frugal–just part of me, because the other part knows how to spend some serious dough on things that I want.  And like any good American, I can consume with the best of them.

I ate too much, laughed a lot and thoroughly enjoyed myself.  And it’s been far too long since I got to do that kind of thing.  Now I’m back at the daily grind, enjoying the quiet of our little office.  I am content.



  1. Am with you on the gambling thing! I just don’t see how it’s fun to pay to watch money disappear. I prefer to have a physical thing to use the money on – and make disappear – like food, drink, or those cheap reservation cigarettes.

    So glad you had a good time 🙂 You deserve more days like this!

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