Getting back in the saddle

Posted: January 22, 2013 in Family, Health, Personal

As I was falling asleep last night I realized I didn’t post to my blog.  So I’ve already missed a day.  Nothing to do but try again.

I had really hoped to do something fun with my daughter (she wanted to go bowling) yesterday but my son was still sick and I didn’t feel it was right to ask someone to watch him like that.   I think he has the Norovirus and it just has to run it’s course.  I thought I might have caught it myself this weekend but it appears I have avoided it (as I haven’t had the symptoms that he has).

I have, however, been experiencing really bad allergy attacks and I really don’t know what is causing them.  Yesterday for instance, I was sitting in the living room reading. Liam and Meghan were watching TV.  I got this tickling sensation in my nose and began to sneeze uncontrollably, my eyes watering so bad it was like I was crying, and I couldn’t keep my eyes open at all.  And the tickling and sneezing would continue until I took a Benedryl and it finally took effect.  While this was happening, I couldn’t do anything.  This happened about two or three times yesterday.  Of course, by the end of the day my head was completely congested, my nose was raw from blowing it, my eyes raw from the tears and my head pounding.  It only happens when I am at home.  I thought at first it was an allergy to the new kitty litter but that only preceded the incident once.    The only consistent thing I have noticed is that I can always hear my neighbor upstairs walking around when it happens.  I suspect that he smokes and it is somehow coming down into my apartment.  I have smelled smoke coming into the kid’s bedroom and into the living room before so I know it is possible.

In any case, it’s making me miserable and there is nothing I can do about it.  Thankfully my neighbor is at work today so I can test my theory out.  I am staying at home with Liam who appears to be doing better and Meghan is at school.  I want to make sure he is fever and diarrhea free before sending him back to daycare.  In the meantime, I can test my theory.  If I don’t have any attacks then I’ll know it is related to him.   Thank goodness I can work from home and speaking of, I’d better get back to it.


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